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Theologically trained academics (priests, teachers, deacons) will need to find something new and innovative to teach. Especially after they graduate from the FREE program of Trinity.  We will not be able to obtain an accurate survey, let alone execute a survey correctly, when we have not kept up to date with the resources we have. This will require that we open minds and eyes to the new methods of theology and that we begin to implement such methods at church life! As a seminary teacher, I can attest to the fact that each seminary and each institute needs to look beyond the collection of canons and discipline manuals. The time has come for us (the seminary teachers and the institute teachers) to discuss distance learning from a scholarly and creative standpoint. Theologically trained academics looking for a seminary meant for professional disciples need a new pedagogical tool set and a visionary guide. They need a new entre into the world for theologically trained, intermediate-level students to bring to the seminary or institute a body that is able to take such a form and revive such a spirit. If we, the seminary and institute leadership, don’t start this work now, we will have our work cut out for us in the future. Please pray for us and grant us the vision and vision to achieve this envisioning and to make it happen! Thank you for all that. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for being here today. We are very blessed to have you here with us. I’ll now turn the meeting over to you.

The seminary and the institute have so many demands and so many resources that cannot be adequately funded by an annual budget. TGSAT previewed a three-pronged approach that I admire very much:

  1. We need to look for ways to create both high quality seminary education and TGSAT accessible education that can be self-supporting in the traditional sense. We need high quality theological schools and TGSAT accessible schools that can both boost seminary education and be a socioeconomic lifeline for community in our societies.
  2. We need to broaden the theological language we use-to stimulate thinking and to provide higher level theological training for applied academic and life contexts. The seminary has a big role in the church’s social life, but it is also very limited in terms of autonomous theological formation.
  3. We Need to Look for Ways to Create High Quality Seminary Education and TGSAT Accessible Education That Can Be Self-Supporting in the Traditional sense. The initiative started with the recognition that the traditional seminary training designed by seminaries needs to be replaced now with free distance education programs in seminaries like Trinity.
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