Here is the Single-installment, One-time Registration Fees For Students From Developed Countries.

  1. Registration fees for the bachelors programs (and PGDA) is $200 for each degree
  2. Registration fees for the masters programs is $300  for each degree
  3. Registration fees for all doctoral programs (other than the ones given below) is $400 for each degree
  4. Registration fees for PhD/DSc/DLitt is $1500 [These three programs are offered in conjunction with SGST, USA]

Here is the Multi-installment, One-time Registration Fees For Students From Developed Countries.

  1. Registration fees for the bachelors programs (and PGDA): $100 down payment and $20 each month for 6 months
  2. Registration fees for the masters programs: $150 down payment and $25 each month for 7 months
  3. Registration fees for all doctoral programs (other than the ones given below): $200 down payment and $25 each month for 9 months
  4. Registration fees for PhD/DSc/DLitt: Three installments of $500 each

Kindly note the following:

  • While the down payment can be sent by check, installments should be sent ONLY by paypal as our banks do not accept checks for small amounts
  • Students do not have to pay anything other than registration and graduation fees if they complete the program within 2 years.  Registration fees is for the entire program such as BTh or MTh that you join. There is NO tuition fees.
  • In case you fail to complete the program within 2 years, you can get extension for up to 3 years on paying an extension fees. In the current academic year, the renewal will cost you $200 per year.
  • Registration fees is non refundable first because it is not tuition fees and second because we send you all textbooks (via download) as soon as we get your registration fees.
  • Every Student Will Have To Pay A Graduation fees which is $200 for those who graduate in the current year. This is payable ONLY at the time of graduation. You do not have to pay graduation fees till you graduate.

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  1. HM Soo Ho says:

    I have sent in my final application for MTh and would like to know how to remit the registration fees. Could you advise. My email is above.


  2. Hennie Vermaak says:

    Dr. Johnson Phillips, re:- Graduation courses.
    Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have requested a degree course. But I have to postpone it because of the high rate of exchange between the American dollar and the South African rand. The rate is approximately R7.80 to one dollar. Being a pensionar it will be difficult to reach that amount in a short time. Soon as I can raise that amount I will contact you again to enroll. May the Lord Bless you in the work you are doing.

  3. would like to do bachelor in Theology

  4. how do i get response from you please

  5. Darold L. Redmond says:


    My name is Darold Redmond, can you please send me some information on installment plans for the Master Of Theology Diploma.

    Thank You,
    Darold L. Redmond

  6. kimberly bermudes says:

    I would like more info on the installment plan please.

  7. Lynnette Coffey says:

    I would like more information about the installment plans available for the registration fee. Thank you for your help

  8. Jeff Barnhart says:

    I’m interested in the DMin program which I believe is the DBS/DMin $650. If that is correct what type of installment plans do you have?

    Thank you

    Jeff L. Barnhart

  9. Arnoldus g Venter says:

    I want to pay my reg fee in installments how do i go about arranging that?

  10. Jim Shade says:

    I would like to make installments for this fee. Thank you.

  11. Fernando Felix Dias says:

    How can I proceed the payment of the admission fee of $ 550 for the Master of Theology

  12. Josephus Phillips says:

    Dear Dr. J. C. Phillip,
    I also wish to inform you that I have completed and passed a number of other courses towards my Bachelor’s degree. I would therefore appreciate it, if these courses are considered in arriving at the additional requirements I need to fulfill for completing my degree with your college.

    Yours Respectfully
    Josephus Phillips

  13. John Hammons says:

    could you please email me installment plan information?

  14. Bridgette Fann says:

    Installment plans are available. Can you please send information or requirements for the BMin program. Do USA have to pay $290? if so I need an installment plan.

    God Bless!

  15. Ese says:

    How do i pay instalmentally as i dont have the full registration fee at the moment



  17. Christopher Dunbar says:

    Grace and Peace, I was recently accepted to attend Trinity and would like to know exactly how much my registration fees are….and if possible could I get on an installment plan.

    Thank you

    Christopher Dunbar

  18. sheriff mansaray says:

    dear Sir,

    am almost try to complete my application when i notice that registration fee for developed countries is required.

    but am from Sierra lEONE an under developed country. i cant lie but i cant afford to pay i plead that u waive off fr me the registration fee. i will try to pay the postage fee after completion fo the cours.

    i dont know if u dont make and resurvation for students from under developed countries. like a scholarship basis.
    hope to hear from you

  19. Sarah says:

    I would like to know more about installment payments

  20. Keith says:

    I have not been able to find instructions on how the registration fee should be remitted… by check (made to whom and sent to where?) or by PayPal or by credit card form. Please advise.

  21. Bill Ricks says:

    I would appreciate some information on an installment plan for MBS or MDiv.

  22. Hello, I understand the course is free. Being a humble man and a beliver in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only right for me to pay a free. How would the funds me mailed/credit to you?

  23. Hello, I understand the course is free. Being a humble man and a beliver in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only right for me to pay a fee. How would the funds me mailed/credit to you?

  24. I also wants to know how much will my registration fee be?

  25. Deidre says:

    I would like to enter an installment for the Master in Theology Program. Please advise me what I need to do. God Bless You.

  26. Israel Molina says:

    I understand I live in a developed country, but my current economic situation as well, is going to take me some time for me to save the money and enroll. Could you send me some information on instalments for BMin. God Bless this ministry/college for these efforts. I pray I join soon.

  27. valinceia says:

    i would like the information concerning installment plans for registration fees for the Bachelor of Ministry course.

  28. Apost.sam says:

    Pls how do i send my registration now

  29. Applicants may kindly note that this is not the place to post your inquiries. If you wish to inquire about any official matter, you should sen an email to Trinity.

    Johnson C. Philip

  30. ebenezer sarfo adjei says:

    i applied to study a bachelor in theology and i have not received any response

  31. iam on a fixed income and cant pay the registration fee. iam on disablity. joann i still want to take classes if i can they are interresting.joannostrander

  32. I would like to learn more about master degrees programmes.
    Tank you!


    i want 2 start this course now au do i send the registration fee. pls send me a mail pls



  35. I am very happy for the problem and i know will be bless to study those courses

  36. I am very happy for the program and i know i will be bless to those courses

  37. Norge C. Martínez says:

    I’m interested in the BTh (Bachelor of Theology) program which I believe is theBTh/BMin/PGDA $290. If that is correct what type of installment plans do you have? Besides I need to know how long I have to submit my final application and start the course.
    Thank you
    God Bless!

  38. Zulma Martinez says:

    I am interested in the installment plan.

  39. timothy says:

    I am a missionary in South Africa and I would like to register for BAinTheo, How do I go about it? Looking forward to hearing from you, Timothy O.

  40. Sabrina Henry says:

    please send me information on a payment plann for the Dmin program

  41. Ferris says:

    Installment plans are available. Can you please send information or requirements for the BTh program. Do USA have to pay $290? if so I need an installment plan.

    God Bless!

  42. Jack DeMoney says:

    I need to pay installment for the master of theology degree. Please let me know how much and where to send payments. Thank You. Jack

  43. Shekinah G says:

    Please send me information on the registration fee installment plan. Thank you, Shekinah G.

  44. Yolonda Chatman says:

    Could you send me information about the installment plans, as well as answer a few questions.

  45. Filomena Lameiras Ribeiro says:

    Both my husband and I would like to study with you but we were missionaries for 15 years in Mozambique and South Africa and are now living in Portugal with family due to some health issues we had in the field. We do not have a steady income and are trying to get a social pension. Please let me know if it is possible to waiver the registration fee? Thank you and God bless

  46. Michael F. Preedom says:

    So my comment is above listed for viewing. Thank you for accepting my final application.

  47. Derick says:

    I would like to enter an installment for the Bachelor in Theology Program. Please advise me what I need to do. Thanks

  48. Chad Smith says:

    How do I go about getting set up on an installment plan?

  49. Mark Terwilleger says:

    could you please forward me information regarding the installment plans? thank you


  50. M. Westmoreland says:

    I would like to pay in installments please call me so I can make my first payment.817-437-4822

  51. M. Westmoreland says:

    Give me more info on your installment plan please. 817-437-4822

  52. Carl H says:

    I found what I needed to know here. God Bless!

  53. Please provide with information regarding a payment plan for my registration fee. Thank you and God bless.

  54. Jerome Watkins says:

    I am interested in receiving information on installment plan payments for the BTh Degree program

  55. shirley morris says:

    Where and how do I send the registration for the BA in Theology Course.
    Thanks Shirley

  56. Rashid Abdul-Ghani says:

    Where do I send registration fees?

  57. tania says:

    I would like more information about paying by installments – Bth

  58. Nimi Dan-Jumbo says:

    Please I received the Tentative admission and would like to start my program immediately. Can I be sent an instalment plan? Thank you

  59. Nimi Dan-Jumbo says:

    Oh I intend to be in enrolled for the Mth Programme. I do need the Instalment plan please . Thanks

  60. David Cabrera says:

    How do I go about arranging a payment plan for the Masters of Theology program?

  61. Kristine S Fisher says:

    I would like more information on the installment plan for registration fees. Please respond.

  62. eric addai duodu says:

    thank u for helping oastors

  63. Thank you for taking me as your student,but am stranded.You have given the regitration number,downloaded free ebooks,but do not know how to continue the studies.Thanks.Yiljep,Edmund Luka.Candidate for Bbachelor in Theology.

  64. i have sent you an application for B.TH & want to pay the registration fee by instalment. Please reply. Thanks

  65. Akinbola Idowu Sanuade says:


    I need to know how to go about instalmental paymnet plan.
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    AIO Sanuade

  66. Jerry Dudley says:

    How do i get setup for installment for the Bachelor Program.

  67. Daniel C. Scretching, Sr says:

    I would like a payment plan opion.

    Thanks, Trinity

  68. Daniel Seri says:

    Hello trinity staff. I just sent my final application and I would like to get some more information about the Installment plans. Thank you and may our God bless you.

  69. Michele Wood says:

    Can you please email the installment plan options? Thank you and have a Spirit-filled day!!

  70. ARMANDO AQUINO says:

    dear sir,

    Greetings in Christ name!

    Thanks for informing about my acceptance! How can I avail the installment plan!OPlease reply ASAP so that I can start the program right away!

  71. Jeff Carter says:

    Do you have any information on installment plans?

  72. Dave says:

    I would like to know more about installment plan for Bmin

  73. Mark Renfroe says:

    Who do I contact to make payment arrangements? Sincerely, Rev. Mark Renfroe, Birmingham, Alabama.

  74. Gabriel Popoola says:

    I want to acknowledge with thanks final admission into the Th.D program you granted me. May the Lord meet your needs according to His richness in Christ Jesus.

    I want information about the installment payment. Right now, I am in position to pay half of the registration and pay the rest by installment. So, please response to me as soon as possible. God Bless.

  75. Mercia Karunaratne says:

    Thank you for informing me re acceptance. Re registration can you please email details of installment plan.

  76. Dear Sir,

    Please, I am a Pastor in a developing country, Ghana. What do I pay and how do I start the ThD programme by Jan 2011?

    I also need to know in detail, all requirements for the programme. So I can be sure of completing it in good time.

    Thank you.

  77. Praise God for this education, I would like to know how the payment plan works as well and who would I contact for this. Thank you.

  78. Coral Jones says:

    I came to this website because you advertised a free bible course. I am the wife in a family and the only one working. My husband has no income whatsoever. I work part time in a nursing home. I had no idea your free course advertised many times over was going to cost $450.

  79. Penny Reese says:

    I would like to find out about making installment payments, and also do I have to pay the entire registration fee before I can start.

    Thank You

  80. paul denny says:

    Thank you for accepting me to your program on a tentative basis. I’m grateful for such a wonderful program. But, at the present time, I’m currently unemployed and am not able to pay the total registration fee all at once. Please email me information on your installment payment plan, and include where and who to send it too. Thank you.

  81. Walter Campbell says:

    I need information about installment plans.

  82. Shirl J Green says:

    Dear Dr. J C Philip,

    Please provide me the guide lines on your installment plan for the (BTH) degree major. I am eagerly anxious to start my (BTH) studies with your college. Also, if I am granted permission to do the installment plan, will I be able to start my studies immediately?

    P.S I thank you and thank you for allowing me to experience this wonderful Christian journey with your college.

    God Bless,

  83. EDWIN J DOERR JR says:



    • On January 17, 2011 @ 11:44 PM I sent a request to pay installments for my registration fees, which would be paid through “pay–pal.
      You sent an answer but because of my wife’s health situation, heart surgery and follow-up, I could not successfully fulfill any studies during this episode of health issues.
      I then suffered extensive financial hardships both medical and ministry–wise as the Medical Clinic I set up and was the CEO over was abandoned by our Medical provider–Family Physician as he abandoned (left)his patients without a Doctor. This bankrupted the Clinic and I was stranded with thousands of dollars indebtedness.
      Presently, after 2 heart attacks, I am back on track and desirous about pursuing the advanced doctor of science degree. However, it appears from the INITIAL ADMISSION NOTICE I must pursue a lesser degree as I cannot come up with $500.00 each month (3 months) to pay the REGISTRATION FEES. Since I had been approved for studies in this program, I am inquiring as to the feasibility for studies in the lower level degree program. I am terribly disappointed concerning the inability to pay at this time the required fees for the DSC DEGREE.
      I have given and followed up with 5 men who are interested in pursuing studies with but have obligations, which currently do no allow for studies. Each of these are older men varying in age from 34-55.

  84. Penny Johnson says:

    I too would like to know how your payment plan works for the BTh degree.

    Penny Johnson

  85. Alethea Randle says:

    I would like installment payment information for Bachelor of Theology.

  86. Mark Short says:

    I am considering signing up for the BTh and BMin programs but I am on a tight budget. Can you please send me information regarding installment plans?

    Thank you.

  87. Allen Nuttall says:

    I am interested in applying for the MTh. I have completed all three step requirments in the tentative admission.
    Can you tell me what the payment plan is and how much I need to send initially and what type of payment is required, i.e. personal check, money order, etc.

    Kind regards,
    Allen Nuttall

  88. Lee SL Christina says:

    Hi, I would like to register for the programme but the fee charge is what currency? Can I pay by instalement?When course start?

  89. Grisselle Torres says:

    I am interesting on the payment plan. Can you send the info. God Bless you all!

  90. James Bin says:

    I have submitted my initial application online two weeks ago but have not received the final application form. Do I need to re-submit the application?

  91. Pastor Dee Tramm says:

    Please send registration and payment plan details asas for the MDiv program

  92. I am Herbert F. Carter, Academic Dean of Heritage Bible College. We do not have a graduate program and I find your work very interesting and agreeable. I noted your statement of accreditation. Is your accreditation awarded by one or more of the accreditating agencies that are recognized by the Federal Government? Would you be so kind as to send me an email to let me know about that. Thanks very much in advance. God Bless!

    Herbert Carter

  93. kafisero sunday adeleke says:

    please, I will like to know if we that are from developing country will pay. If we are to pay, how much and how are we going to pay. is it through your embassy in Nigeria or how?
    Please, I really need your reply as i awaits my final registration, please. my e mail is up

  94. Pastor Robert A. Edmonds says:

    I would be greatful to find out about your installment plan as my funds are very limited right now as the church is really struggling right now and I am not recieving a salery…

  95. Barry Burgess (NZ) says:

    Hi – sounz great. Will pass for the moment, on a building project, then I will kick-in. Always love studying the Bible – good for spiritual growth, faith-building and fellowshipping. Hope there is a seat for me in a few months.

    Blessings Barry

  96. Joseph says:

    I would like to know the payment plan for the registration fee for the ThD degree. Also, I would like to know if a PhD is possible for a theology study plan.

    Thank you; God bless you and grant you peace.

  97. Hannelore Tepper says:

    Sorry to bother you again…but were do I find the final application on the web site.
    Also would like to know about how to pay the installments for Master of ministry.

  98. Jayne Williams says:

    Hi I wonder if anyone could advise me regarding costs of courses…I am living in the UK and unemployed due to the scarcity of jobs in my area. Are there any fee remissions for these courses because if not then I cannot afford to study. This is a mean fact of life, but a true one.

    Thank you for your help

    Jayne Williams

  99. Emmanuella S. GNALI says:

    I am very much interested in the available installment plans. Would you please send me details about them so that I can pay the first installment and start my first lesson.

  100. Asuquo Edet Akang says:

    In your registration guidelines there was no mention of people from non developed countries. Please how can interested people from developing country such as Nigeria register? Thyanks

  101. Lonzie Williams says:

    I would like to know more about the installment plan for the DMin Degree.

  102. To whom it may concern;
    Could you please send me information about an installment plan for the Bachelor of Teology degree and do you accept payment throu PayPal? Thank You!

  103. Martha Walden says:

    How do I apply for the installment plan? Please advise. Thank you.

  104. Jorge A. Reyes says:

    Thanks for accepting my application. I am thrilled to know that im finally gonna go to school. I was always mad at myself because I didnt challenge myself in school, but Trinity sounds like some sweat, tears, and hard work are required. Im a man who loves the Word of God, to study, read about, write, teach sounds like a match made in heaven.

  105. Zechariah k.Zachariah says:

    I appreciate God for giving you to me.

  106. Robyne Green says:

    I will like the installment plan.

    Thank you.

  107. David E. McNabb says:

    I have submitted the first application and I am waiting on the finale application. I have chosen the Master’s in Theology program. I will need more information the installment plan for paying the $400 registration fee. I live on a fixed income from Social Security Disability. My income each month is $850 and I would not be able to pay the whole amount at once.

  108. I realy want to study, i.e BTh. i have sent several emails but no reply. I feel am late for that,please give the details concerning the course itself.Plaese respond to this one.

    May God bless you so much!Trinity.


  109. I realy dont know whether am registerd or not,because i havent seen any confirmation on the same. Please let me know!


  110. David E. McNabb says:

    I have not received the final application and I’m writing to request help. I am very eager to get started provided I am able to afford it (see first message above)

    May God Bless You,
    David E. McNabb

  111. Ron Higgins says:

    Are you the same institution as ?

    I was registering for classes at that website and got response from you for this website.

    Please clarify for me.

    God Bless!

    Ron Higgins

  112. Robin says:

    Please send to me the final application. I have applied several times online and have not received anything more from Trinity as of this date. I would like to apply for the installment plan. Thank you.

  113. scott mumdord says:

    would like to know how make payment into the bt progam

  114. Chris Stigall says:

    Thank you for accepting my final application! I will be sending my fee no later than 21 July (hopefully much sooner). I’m excited, and eager to begin.

    God Bless you, and keep you.
    Chris Stigall

  115. I am interested doing a free course with CLI.I am interested in doing Church Ministry and Pa storing. I come from the third country (Zimbabwe). What requirements am I to meet? I will be happy to know.

  116. Rev.Hector Alonzo says:

    I’m intrastate in doing my Dre but need a payment plan for the registration fee. Thank you and God bless.

  117. Rev.Hector Alonzo says:

    Can you please send me information for a payment plan for the registration fee of a doctorate degree. Thank you and God bless

  118. Daniel J. says:

    Please send me registration fee payment plan information for the Masters in Biblical Studies (MBS). Thank you and God bless!

  119. paul says:

    please is only distance learnig because l need to come ver to do the course

  120. Desi brisco says:

    how do i set up installment plan. do u have a 1-800 number. my phone dont call there. thanks

  121. Paul Bradley says:

    Please send me information for the installment plan for the BMin please.

    Thank you.

  122. jason says:

    what kinds of installment plans are available?and how do i go about getting through the process…….thanks in advance

  123. Desi brisco says:


  124. Linda Remer says:

    I would like to earn a Doctorate in Christian Counseling. Which route would take me there if any? And how do I make payments?

  125. Candido Vendrell says:

    Thank you for accepting me in the MDiv degree program. The next step will be submitted via credit card payment with in the next 72 hours. God bless you all, and will be awaiting for the study material to start my program.

    The Lord Bless You.

    C. Vendrell

  126. Richard Jones says:

    I need to make a registration Payment How do I do that and to whom do I pay.

  127. REENI says:

    how much is the registration fee for MBS program for students from india

  128. How do I make installments. I don’t have a credit card. Could I send cheques.

  129. M. R. Autry says:

    I am still awaiting a response about the Masters program in Archeaology

  130. david nc daniel says:

    I am very interested in the BTh but I need some info on any payment plans you may have.

  131. efren abiad says:

    where and how do i pay? I put down 2 courses at the same time but I intended to do it one at a time, how can i revise it?


    I can only pay for my course B.Th in installments. Could you please tell me how much I need to pay each installment and how can i pay,is it possible to pay via western union/moneygram.

  133. REV M.EZHIL MARAN says:

    1. Name of the organization :BRIGHT EDUCATION SOCIAL SERVICE SOCITY. (Bethel prayer house)
    2. Name of the Chief functionary: Rev.Mr.M.Ezhil maran.
    3. Type of the organization and legal states: Economic Educational social.
    i. Nature of the organization: Non-Governmental, Secular
    Non-Profit voluntary organization.
    ii. Registered as: The society is registered under Karnataka societies Act of 1960.
    iii. Society’s Registration No: Reg No.14/98/99
    iV. FCRA Registration No with date: Reg No.094570184
    v. Name and address of the Bank: Vyshya Bank,
    Chickballapur Branch,
    Chickballapur Dist,
    vi. Account No: SB/CA (15189) 109010052604
    Vii Income Tax Registration Registration under section 12(a) of the Income Tax 1961 entered at No PAN:AABTB1704F

    4. Address for communication: Bright Education society-BES
    C/o Bright school, (Bethel prayer house)
    Prashanta Nagar
    North ext, Mustor Road,
    Chickballapur Dist,
    Land Phone No:08156-293041.
    Cell: 09901855486, 9481863304,

  134. BrandyHuff says:

    would like information on ur installment option im interested in taking the bachelor of theology course

  135. M. R. Autry says:

    Thanks for your response with the links in the message. I am arranging my schedule so that I can soon begin course work.

  136. James says:

    I’ve sent in my application, but have heard no word in several months. Could you please get back to me soon?

  137. Pierre Barthelus says:

    DR Johnson,could please send me more information about the installment plans available for the registration fee?.Because at this time, i would like to send my final application for MTH course.Thanks may God bless you all.

  138. Corrie says:

    Hello. Would like the application emailed to me and info on installment plans for registration. Thanks.

  139. Corrie says:

    Sorry…the BTH program…

  140. Miriam Mwanga says:

    I have sent in my application and would like to know how I send my paymnet for registration fee.

    thanks, Miriam

  141. Holly says:

    I was wondering since there are not fees just the registration fee, if your school is accredited. I am working on getting my master in divinity so I can become a chaplain in the military and I have to have a degree from an accredited school. I like the self paced work ethic of your school and that is really what I need since I have a busy school being a full time service member now, a mother and wife. If you could please let me know before I take the leap. Thank you

  142. I would like to continue my master in Theology(MTH).I have BA in Mechanichal Engineering and Diploma in Leadership of missinery from Seminery. I have sent my registration fee.

    Thank you

  143. Kindly furnish me with all necessary informatory pay my registration fees

  144. David J. Noonon Sr, says:

    Continuing my education by pursuing the Masters in Education. Putting together the funds and will procede by the first of the week.

    Thanks – Blessings!

  145. How do I make payment of the registration fee?

  146. Aaron T says:

    Whats the link to pay for Admission? Thank You and God bless.

  147. Salvatore Orlando says:

    I have made out the application for Bth program. Don’t know how to pay fee. please send to my email. God bless you for the work you are doing or I could never afford a chirstian education.

  148. Jordan Knorr says:

    please send me an email of where and how to send payment

  149. suresh babu says:

    how can I pay payment plz send me an information

  150. De Witt Moffatt III says:

    Thank you.

  151. De Witt Moffatt III says:

    Thank you

  152. Marilyn Haynes says:

    I have submitted my final application and my registration fee. Please send my completed course work.

  153. EYOONG AKO says:


  154. S M Pinheiro says:

    I have sent in my final application, but have not received any instructions on how to pay the registration fees. Please send me details to my e.mail.

  155. Ashmead Mullings says:

    I am ready and anxious to begin the course. Please let me know where to send the registration fee.

  156. Eduardo Pulin says:

    I have sent in my final application for BTh and BMin. I remit the registration fees at this moment. Could you advise the next step to follow.
    Eduardo Pulin

  157. PETER NGUGI NG'ANG'A says:

    Hi? it is taking two long without receiving your responds ,these is my second reminder on an application i did on 5-6-2012 for MTh please may i hear from you?

  158. Ndajem King Taboh says:

    I am interested PGD (Apologetics) From the above the registration fee is $100. Can this sum be paid in two installments?

  159. Widdi Yulianto says:

    I have sent my application for BTh. I’m waiting further information if my application accepted or denied. Thank you and God Bless you..

  160. Will God lead us,and give the bless

  161. Thomas Perez says:

    Blessings be unto you!! I have sent my final admissions application, but I don’t see anything as to where I should remit my registration fees. Please get back to me on this
    Thank You

  162. Pauline McKesson says:

    Hello Looking forward to studing. When do classes begin

  163. Linda Knowles says:

    I am a severly disabled epileptic. I cannot afford fees even though I live in the United States. I would be working on a Doctorate in Theology. Is it possible that you help disabled persons? What do I do? How do I contact you?

  164. kouame kouakou pascal says:

    I am happy that we can pay by pray paid. But how is the process.
    I like to tel you I come from cote Ivoire. But I live in Israel with refugee statue. So can you allow me to pay a fee of tier world people?
    Thanks in advance.

  165. Ronald Houston says:

    How do you process the fee for application? Your Admission Notice indicates “You must send us a note and inform us the amount paid,name of payee, and the course for which it has been paid, immediately after you send in the registration. I have just submitted final application for MDiv, so how do I pay the fees?

  166. felix gbeze says:

    I have submitted my application to to persue a masters degree in religious education but could not receive any instruction on what to on next.please i need your help.

  167. home page says:

    Regards for sharing this terrific site

  168. Raylan Jennings says:

    how can I afford this??? I am a disabled navy vet and a minister
    My only income is from my va check.. and I support a family and make house payments..

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Please send an application. On receiving notice from the office, please explain your situation. They will find a solution

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