Babylonian Clay Tablet

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Image from 24-Hour Museum of clay tablet with symbols inscribedThe recent discovery of a cuneiform clay tablet by an Austrian scholar at the site of ancient Babylon confirms the historical accuracy of the book of Jeremiah. The recently deciphered tablet, which dates from 595 BC, refers to an official in the court of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, which is also mentioned by the prophet Jeremiah. The tablet names a Babylonian officer called Nebo-Sarsekim, who, according to Jeremiah (39:3) was present in 586 BC when "Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon and all his army came against Jerusalem, and besieged it" (Jeremiah 39:1).

The clay tablet relates that Nebo-Sarsekim bestowed a gift of gold on the Temple of Esangila in the city of Babylon. It does not mention that he was with Nebuchadnezzar when he laid siege to the city of Jerusalem and then destroyed it. The cuneiform inscription, therefore, just confirms that Jeremiah was accurate when he reported there was an official (Jeremiah refers to him as a prince of the king of Babylon) of the Babylonian government whose name was Nebo-Sarsekim. The dating of the tablet from 595 BC, which was just nine years prior to the event reported by Jeremiah, demonstrates the likelihood that the tablet and Jeremiah were both referring to the same person.

This is just another evidence, along with many others, that the Bible is not just a collection of legends, fables and hand-me-down stories, but that it is a historically accurate document. Believing that the Bible was inspired of God, we would expect it to be historically accurate.

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  1. In fact we believe in The Holy Bible , whither its events were historically fixed,or waiting for more studies to discover it .Thank you for your comment on this discovery.

  2. Warren Alimamy Kargbo says:

    This is wonderful . it clearly show that the Bible is in deed inspired by God .It accurate in all its entirety.

  3. Shadrack Ochuodho says:

    No matter how many times sceptics try to discredit the Bible, God always proves that He is many steps ahead – He has much more up His sleeve!

  4. Adewale Paulmark ADEFIOLA says:

    The infallible Word of God

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