Bill Hayden, Music Professor in the USA

Bill I am pleased to write an endorsement of Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology.  Under the leadership of Dr. Johnson C. Philip, it excels it providing a plethora of valuable information for the aspiring student of the Christian faith.  And what  is so remarkable is that Trinity grants access to this higher education for only a  registration fee; there is no tuition charge!  Yet, the resources are incredibly deep and life-transforming.  This is all made possible by the true commitment of the faculty to share with others what God in His great mercy has given to them.

Dr. Philip has been very encouraging to me in my studies.  He has a servant’s heart and a scholar’s mind.  Although Trinity has a particular doctrinal stance, the professors are gracious in respecting the theological views of students who interpret the Scriptures from various denominational perspectives.


William P. Hayden, Associate Professor, University of South Florida in Tampa, USA
D.A. in Music, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA, 1981
D.B.S. in Apologetics and Bible, Trinity Graduate School, Cochin, India, 2008

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  1. Jenny Sidri says:

    Dear Dr.Hayden,

    Do they call you that now? Do you use the “Doctoral” title?

    I am interested also in the DBS degree and haven’t signed up yet. Did it give you a good foundation in Bible knowledge…that is, the Bible itself. I am a Catholic.


  2. Dr. Donald L. Ariail says:

    Dear Dr. Hayden:
    I also am an associate professor at a state institution in the US where I teach Accounting in the Department of Business Administration. I currently hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (finance), a Masters of Professional Accountantancy, and a Doctorate in Business Administration (Accounting)- all from regionally accredited US universities – but have no prior formal training in Bible studies. I am interested in pursuing a personal enrichment program based on an intense study of the Bible and in doing so would like to pursue another doctoral degree. Can Trinity structure a program for me that will give me the basic Biblical foundation I need in Bible studies as a part of the doctoral course or will I first need to work on a Masters degree; or, can I pursue a combined Masters/Doctoral degree? How has you university viewed your doctoral degree from Trinity – is it frowned upon? Do you include this degree in your CV? How much is charged for the registration fee (I couldn’t find the specific amount on the website)? I will appreciate your input.
    Best regards,

  3. By God,s grace I have completed and submitted my assignments and project work on to Trinity and I have applies for Master of Religious Education. You need not to be told you have to experience it, the courses are well structured to stimulate both your spiritual and mental faculties. You can compare Trinity to other theology schools and you will see that Trinity tops them all in terms of content.

  4. Eudene says:

    I wonder why none of the former students seem to respond to these comments. In regard to Donald Ariail’s question, the “registration” fee for the doctorate is $1,500.00. You don’t find that out until you submit an “intial” application. I think that is very steep for a “registration” fee, especially for a country like India. I think it is essentially a way to charge money and it not refundable. It they called it tuition, they would have to return money if a student withdraw. They have found a way to charge money and yet claim their school is free.

    I sense something fishy about the school since I submitted my application late last night, and the “Academic Council” had already reviewed and accepted my application early this morning. Plus, they don’t even request to see a copy of my transcripts to verify if I was telling the truth about me previous education.

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      1. Comments section is no place to ask such questions.

      2. Initial application is not application for admission. Rather it is application for info. It places NO obligation upon you.

      3. The registration fees mentioned is false.

  5. How much is reg fee for a bachelor degree?

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