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006Missions is a modern term used to convey the idea of spreading Christianity but more specifically mission describes the effort to effect passage over the boundary between faith in Jesus Christ and its absence. Mission calls for a personal faith commitment, which grows out of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It begins with God’s mission; what God wants accomplished. It embraces the different dimensions of church life; faith-building, proclamation, worship, compassion, encouragement, and holiness.

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  1. my requste and prayer can you offer bible college online i have no money no mother/father be blessed i hope to hear from your good office,

  2. Registration says:


  3. I really want to take your degree program, please respond to my email and tell me how to get started. I filled out an application and have not heard from anyone as of yet.

  4. Nathan Karangan says:

    I need study in theology, but no money and my English very strckly. what can I do, please help me. No I am pastor in small church in Bekasi, West Java Province, Republic Indonesia.

    Best regards

    Nathan Karangan

  5. Norita sieffert says:

    Sounds interesting!

  6. Innocent Apoma says:

    TGSAT is a great school, I haven’t completed my school yet due to Time for work, but am a able to competently handle all MUSLIM debators and the various CHRISTIAN cults.

    Great resources in the apologetic program as well as the theology course

  7. SAM AYENI says:

    I had done substantial search online for an affordable distant learning graduate school/program. Until I miraculously happened on Trinity Graduate School. Interestingly despite certain public biased reviews regarding accreditation I submitted my application and was admitted. I am truly glad that I did. Correspondence with the academic office has been seamless and prompt.The quality of scholarship is at par and in some cases better of than those other ‘Tuitioned’ online graduate school out there. And the lineup and pedigree of the Faculty is impressive. And to cap it all this is amazingly TUITION FREE.
    I recommend TRINITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS & THEOLOGY to anyone seeking quality CHRISTIAN LIFE TRANSFORMING Undergraduate,Graduate, Post-Graduate training in Apologetics & Theology.

  8. Ministerial training enables a minister to stand and serve competently as the congregations we serve among are enlightened,please take this opportunity to enroll for one of these free online courses and you shall not remain the same.Apply below:

  9. Charles Mabotha says:

    I am ministering in my church and wish to enroll for your ministry courses to enhance my confidence and competence. It is long that I needed sponsorship to help me study for this theology post graduate degrees. Hope my request shall be be given positive consideration.

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