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Trinity: The First School To Offer Free Apologetics/Theology Graduate Distance Programs

booksTrinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is restructuring its courses and the work is expected to be complete very soon. Thus all the available courses are listed below but the details of some courses will take another three weeks to be updated. You can apply for any of diplomas listed below, even if the details of the syllabus are not listed yet.

There is absolutely no tuition fees, fees for books, or any hidden fees. All textbooks are given to you via net-downloads. There is nothing to buy.  At the same time,  a small one-time registration fees is applicable for students from developed countries, information about which will be sent to you with your initial admission notice. There is no registration fees for students from poor countries.

In addition to the FREE textbooks that are given for each course, Trinity School also offers more than 100 CDs totally FREE via downloads. These FREE CDs contain Bibles, Theological books, Audio and Video. You download them at your convenience. There is no other institution worldwide which gives so much material free to its students.

Please note: If the same topic, say Theology Proper, is seen in more than one diploma program, they are not one and the same. They represent different courses, and their module numbers are therefore different.

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Masters Diplomas Offered

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  1. Joseph Orege says:

    Trinity Courses are truly biblical in nature and they have helped me to a spiritual foundation that has matured me spiritually. However, an area that has not fully been covered but very crucial is biblical / christian counseling.

    Also I would like to propose that area of specialization in the courses should be noted in the certificates e.g. MTh ( Christian Apologetics).

    Otherwise God bless Trinity.

  2. Ceasar Sam Nkhoma says:

    I enrolled for MRE with the trinity school last year in May, 2012. But the things I have studies so far, I have learnt many things. If you have tried school, try one more time. Try trinity. You will never regret.

    • I did course work in the DMIN and learned a great deal. I have recently aplied to upgrade to the Dr of Apologetics. The Apologetics modules are especially practical and have helped me to prepare young people to face the challenges they will see in US Universities where professors will try hard to shake thier faith. I woulf recommend high school graduates to complete a B.A. from Trinity to be better prepared for the challenges of anti Christian atmosphere of American Universities. Trinities Apologetics will prepare you well to thrive in those situations.

  3. how can one tally their courses?

  4. Doug Fowler says:

    I have just sent in a question about Trintiy Seminary and I signed off with the wrong address.

    Doug Fowler

  5. Ngongmbowoh says:

    I belief at the end of every course,exam will be directed to me. Thanking you and looking forward for your response.

  6. Very grateful for the opportunity offered me to have my master course. Thanks once again.

    Rev. Napoleon

  7. APOSTLE M.K. BOAKYE says:

    indeed trinity courses are fantastic. it surely a must studied for those who want to fulfill their ministry. God bless trinity and keep it alive for christian leaders

  8. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    I thank the Lord when I received the course material my life now is totally changed the way Iam seeing things its different indeed this is a wonderful school.

  9. Pastor Israel Abiodun says:

    Trinity course materials are informative and educative for those who wants to equip themselves and for the work of ministry. I have just completed my DBS and will soon start another course in the school. l commend our mentors, for their efforts.

  10. Ceasar Sam Nkhoma says:

    I have learnt and known many things from this school. I am a different person and I have a vast knowledge. Apologetics is rarely taught in many schools. I have gone in Two different colleges before I enrolled at Trinity. But the things I have learnt now are quiet different and challenging as well as practical.

  11. MANURI. RAVI says:

    Respected Sir,
    Greetings in jesus name.
    Thank you wonderful for the good facility for
    B.Th., and B.D. courses through postal correspondence
    System.Really i feel so happy to do up to Doctorate courses.
    I will introduce this courses to my friends.
    Please send me first B.Th. course.
    Plz pray for my ministry and family.I am also praying.
    Thanking you,
    Your’s in KING of KING service,

  12. josh joyner says:

    Im very interested in the 4year theolgy program. I have no additional schooling. How do I get started?

  13. Samuel Bamineu says:

    I am eager to start soon if possible. Iam assistance pastor in alocal church in springfield va. working as acab driver to help family. This free cource will help me very much. with short age of financial i couldn’t go to school. I realy how i appreciate you guys may GOD blesse you abundently.let he bless you the hands of your work. Thank you in advance for your help. your brother in christ.


    I would love to be a part of this programme. I would love to know where to sign up.

  15. yongtimong says:

    Where does one start?

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