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Evangelizing Students, Lesson 007

Sharing The Gospel Free Course, Lesson 007
Trinity Graduate School, Evangelism Course

Entering a Relationship

As mentioned earlier, students nowadays are simultaneously bombarded with information, and skeptical of other’s motives. You have just introduced them to several concepts that may be new to them. Certainly those concepts are thought provoking, and hopefully compelling. It is crucial that they understand the vocabulary used so far, as you are about to tie it all together for them.

Remember that the Gospel is all about entering into a relationship with the Living God. It is not merely a set of principles requiring intellectual assent. Emphasize to them that it is about a relationship with God, not about more rules to follow.

Share with them again John 1:12 – “As many as received him, to those who believe in his name, to them he gave the right to become children of God.” Ask them to remember the example you gave earlier of the $1,000,000. Ask them how they receive that gift. You will be surprised by how few people answer, ‘Just take it.’ That is in fact how we receive a gift – we take it. It seems too easy.

Review with them that grace puts the unmerited gift on the table; they have faith and believe that it is real money that will purchase things; their works did not earn that money; and that if they want that gift, they need to take it! Ask them what they have if they see the gift, believe that it is real, but then leave without receiving it. What do they have? Nothing! So it is with Christ. Many see and even believe, but not all receive, and so they have nothing.

Share also Revelation 3:20 – “Behold! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him.” Ask them what ‘door’ is being referred to. Of course it is the door to their life. Ask them what, according to this passage, they must do to have Christ come in to their life. Simply put, they must ‘open the door’ to him, or ask him to come in.

Now ask them if they have any questions about anything you’ve talked about so far. Ask if anything isn’t clear, or if anything stands out to them. Make sure they are in full understanding.

Then, once you are ready to continue, ask them if they are ready to open the door in their life and receive Christ’s free gift of eternal life. Ask if they are ready to begin a life of relationship with God.

If their answer is ‘no’, politely ask why that is. Maybe they have a misunderstanding still to be cleared up, or maybe they just don’t want to or aren’t ready yet. Respect their decision, and let them know that you are always ready to talk more if they’d like to.

If their answer is ‘yes’, then have them pray with you. Explain that prayer is simply talking with God. Lead them in such a manner that they use their own words. Prompt them along the way; first, have them confess they are sinful and in need of a savior; then have them thank God for sending His son; then have them express desire for Jesus to come into their life, forgive them, and lead them; and finally, have them thank God for giving them eternal life and allowing them to have a relationship with Him.

At this point, congratulate them on their decision! Affirm to them that Christ has in fact come in to them, if they meant what they said, even if they don’t feel anything. Immediately show them Hebrews 13:5 – “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you”. Jesus promises us that he is with us always, even if we don’t feel it.

How did you feel after you gave your life to Christ? How can this serve to help others understand their feelings after they invite Christ into their lives?


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Sharing The Gospel Free Course, Lesson 007
Trinity Graduate School, Evangelism Course

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  1. Asa child had learned about Christ but not in a sense of theology .It was more like Christ became my childhood hero of thinks He has done for poor yet we already than have been thought to pray .The story’s which where told to us kids by grandma, where for me a model of goodness.Yet it was at my 21-first year of life that have purchased my first bible.I just come out from Army where have served as army Instructor.At same year I was baptized because in the days of my early childhood we had Communistic rule in the land .And as such, it was forbidden by law of the land to be baptized. After baptism my life started to change and God YHWH has taken care of me trough Christ .Yet when I became ordained minister, my brothers and sisters if you reed this, it is indeed a burning flame of joy in your heart,an experience one to feel and actually fulfilled that life to have a meaning..I thank God in Christ for every second of joy that I am entrusted .Amen

  2. It is good to follow His word,and to pray.
    We got to help the people and animal,and natuur.

  3. Susan C Tikalsky says:

    Acknowledgement and commitment to love Our Creator was never so serious and yet so facilitated by the Holy Spirit, moving and building – banah – His very body, His Church, His Bride.

  4. Benita Paschel says:

    I was raised in church as a child, but did not at the time have a relationship with Christ until I became a born-again Christian. However, I had heard about God and felt His Spirit and knew that I woul some day be used by Him. I completely gave my life over to Jesus September/1989. It felt soooo good. I could totally lean and depend on God for everything. I was faithfully devoted to church, reading my Bible and living holy. My new church family was very helpful in my new walk with the Lord.

    My experience was very helpful to other new Christians, because it will help them to not feel alone in the process to know that you understand their pain and/or hurt that they have gone through while in the world. Also, new born-again Christians can feel the love and joy of knowing that they are not by themselves and that Jesus will be with them every step of the way.

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