Free Online Bible and Theology Classes to Study the Bible

There are plenty of potential students worldwide who ask: Where Can I Find Free Online Theology Courses. That is because many of them desire to see something similar to Trinity School’s  Biblical Studies and Tuition Free Online Classes. We became aware of this three decades ago and decided to offer totally Free Distance Learning Theology Degrees.

The first thing was to put together a syllabus that would reflect the best in theological distance program. This was done easily because TGSAT already had access to a number of theologian trainers worldwide who were exerts at offering Theology Degree Programs. Once they put together a world-class theology syllabus, we searched for free textbooks. A large number of writers allowed us to use their writings for this purpose. With that it became possible for Trinity to offer all textbooks totally free of cost via downloads.

With that done, we booked the domain and announced our Study Theology On-line For Free program. Within a short time our emphasis on quality pushed Trinity programs to become the Top Online Courses in Theology. Thus you are welcome to explore this site and then send an online Initial application for Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral program in theology. We respond fast and accommodate almost all applicants for our theology program.

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  1. Alex Awongo says:

    Thanks Trinity for accepting my final application
    I hope I will get best reply in Jesus name

  2. Samuel Nana Amoako Opoku says:

    Am really grateful for TGSAT I was introduced and in the process of becoming a fully admitted student but after downloading the textbooks and just glancing through some of them I know my knowledge will be greatly enhanced in the things of God consequently I want to take this opportunity to recommend TGSAT to anyone who has an interest in theology to also apply thank you

  3. YINKFU NGEYEN says:

    Today the 29th of August 2019 is my best day as I received my registration into MTH/ MDIV. Trinity had been my dream since 2017, I applied but I was not granted the admission, but today the dream has come true. many thanks to the academic board for this offer and, to the Dean Dr. Johnson.
    I strongly recommend Trinity School of Apologetics to any minister of the gospel wishing to fulfill his calling.

  4. Its Such a Joy, delight, great privilege and great honor for me today (29.08.2019) to be amongst the fully admitted on a free but fully sponsored Bachelor of Theology Degree Programme. No sooner was I admitted than I got my Text Books (Free) online which I quickly downloaded. God has answered my prayers today as I struggle to get to know Him and understand the Bible. In my attempt to study the Bible over a number of years I did not know where to start from until now that I have read in the materials provided that for a beginner the first suggested book to read would be the Gospel of John.

    Blessings to the founders of Trinity School of Apologetics for gathering a team of highly trained theological faculty members and volunteers who (am told) are totally committed at devoting their precious time and resources offering bible school level and theological seminary level programs that are totally free of tuition fees. money was to be charged for offering bachelors degree.

    I would greatly encourage anyone to join and its a pity that there are still people out there who may not have heard of this noble institution which stands for a worthy cause. In order for applicants to get a speedy response, I would urge you to thoroughly read their enrollment instructions particularly when offered or granted a Tentative Admission

  5. Rev Emmanuel Nene Abeiku-Daniels says:

    Yes I have received my free course download. Thanks TGSAT for accepting my final application and the opportunity of free tuition study grant to me. I know am really going to discover more and enjoy this very much. I therefore recommend Trinity School of Theology and Apologetic to anyone especial ministers who plan to further their study in Theology to apply now. God bless you.

  6. It is a great honour to be part of the TGSAT family. This is a dream coming true as I can now continue with my theological education. I was not able to continue with my previous seminary because of lack of sponsors. Thanks a lot for admitting me as a free international student.

  7. Unamba Maxwell says:

    I am delighted to be admitted as international student to study at TGSAT. The resources offered for this course is not only quantitative, but qualitative. It is hard to believe that this is offered for free, I mean absolutely free. I bless God for your lives, and pray our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to uphold the TGSAT team .Thank you!

  8. UFOT O. EKPE says:

    I thank the Trinity Family and the volunteers worldwide for the opportunity given to us in the developing world to receive an in depth knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her Tuition Free Graduate Programs.
    Upon printing the TGSAT MDiv Course Modules, I immediately received an Inward Peace and Assurance that my desire for a deeper knowledge of The Word was met.
    I strongly recommend Trinity Graduate School to everyone who really wants to lead Christian Group/Church in the true pathway.
    Thank You once again Trinity Family
    Lagos Nigeria.

  9. Philemon says:

    Christian greetings!
    I have just received info on TRinity from brother Kennedy Kaunda. I am a Kenyan citizen and I would like to to be enrolled for a free MTH program at Trinity. Kindly consider me.
    Thanks in advance

  10. Vincent Dagadu says:
    September 10,2019 at 2.30pm

    I am over excited and could not believe my eyes when I was offered admission as an international student to pursue a two year course for free. This indeed is a dumb founding favor that the Lord God Almighty is using the TGSAT Family to help me achieve my long awaited dream.
    It is my prayer, that, God the Almighty will continue to bless all the hard working TGSAT members.
    Thank you so,so,much and God richly bless you.

  11. I am over excited and could not believe my eyes when I was offered admission as an international student to pursue a two year course for free. This indeed is a dumb founding favor that the Lord God Almighty is using the TGSAT Family to help me achieve my long awaited dream.
    It is my prayer that God the Almighty will continue to bless all the hard working TGSAT members.
    Thank you so, so, much and God richly bless you.

  12. Tawanda Tinago says:

    Thank you for such an inspired institution, Trinity has taken the burden of costly seminary training off my shoulder. It is not just a free seminary but a top 5 online seminary ready to train and release well trained Ministers of The word and Theologians. I am grateful to all who have put in resources, time, research, prayer, materials and passion to see to it that Sound doctrine an training is available to those who need it at no cost. I will diligently make use of this opportunity.

  13. Justin Jones says:

    This is a top of the line school. Please come join us at Trinity. There is a small one time application fee. Once the fee is paid, they send you all your material at once. This school is a work at your own pace school. This works great for me. I have 2 jobs and homeschool our kids. The information covered is very informative and faith building.

  14. One of the things that hinder one’s theological education for us from the underdeveloped countries is the exorbitant cost of acquiring high-quality education. Since 2010, Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology has been my home for learning the undiluted word of God at no cost. This opportunity has not been in vain for I have been able to teach others also. My greatest interest has been in apologetics and theology. The TGSAT course modules are well-chosen, full of content and depth and deserve special recognition.

    The mentorship of Drs. Cherian and Philip are so great. I could not have been to where I am today if it were not of TGSAT. The approach to the studies is quite fascinating and I love the idea of being self-paced. It has made me be a diligent and well-disciplined student. Each year, I am seeing a great improvement in my spiritual life and academic career.

    If you are seriously considering a good high-quality Christian education, I highly recommend TGSAT with zero reservations.

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