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The moment Internet became widely available, many of us who had to struggle much to get higher theological education started thinking in terms of starting a free online bible college and seminary. The idea was to offer a totally tuition free online bible college and seminary where people from the poorest among the poor countries can come and get their bible school or theological seminary degrees free of cost.

Some of us were highly motivated by dallas theological seminary free online bible studies which were a model for everyone though those courses were not as free as we really wanted. Our question was, can we create a system where it is totally free theological education for the poorest among poor.

We started doing various experiments. Even if the bible school were free, we had to recover our investment and running costs. After much sifting and sorting we decided that the world of internet does offer us the facility to create a bible school where bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs in theology can indeed be offered free of cost. This was the beginning of Trinity (TGSAT) in the nineteen nineties. I will explain more about it in the next editorial.

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