Free Online Theology Courses: How Do We Manage The Quality

Two decades ago when we felt a need for totally free distance programs in theology, the most important question was how shall we manage the quality of our free distance theology courses. The more we discussed it among ourselves, the more it became clear that net-based theological education programs should use net-based insights about quality and integrity.

Thus the first thing we did was to contact a large number of theologically qualified people worldwide who also had much experience of theological education. We told them we wish to offer Free Online Bible and Theology Classes to Study the Bible for students worldwide and that we want them to work with us as volunteers. Most of them agreed readily because they wanted to see a seminary that came up and offered quality theological education totally free of cost. Thus the first battle to start free Bible and Theology courses was won.

The second step was to develop a syllabus for free bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs in theology. The free theology programs needed to do justice to normal curriculum but had to be innovative at the same time to do justice to the concept of free theological degrees. Several people got down to the task and this step was also realized.

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  1. Meera Devarati says:

    I want to know, which month you start the course for MBS, I have applied for.How much is the registration fee.This will help us to prepare our mind, on case we get selected for the course.

  2. Gina Lynell Smith says:

    I was accepted in March 2018, but I have had some life changes since then. I have moved 600 miles away to a new job, and now have a new address, new email , new phone number. How can I update my information and register ?

  3. Dr Amsalu Belew Zeleke says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am unable to send final application: developing countries. The page is down.
    Best regards,
    Amsalu Belew

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