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QualityThough distance education is now at least a hundred years old, many people continue to ask whether it is possible to offer quality instruction and training in theology via distance education. This is a legitimate question and allow me to answer this question first in a general way and then about Trinity Graduate School for Apologetics and Theology.

Distance education in Bible started almost a century ago with the arrival of mass-printing plus cheap postal rates. Christians were some of the pioneers. They launched a very large number of free Bible correspondence courses. It went to every place in the world where the missionary enterprise was flourishing. It was an economical, convenient, and guaranteed method to communicate the message with the masses.

The secular world very soon found that correspondence courses are a good business model, and a very large number of correspondence institutes came up that taught anywhere from beauty techniques up to short-hand.

Very soon Bible schools started offering seminary level courses via distance education. The cost was very low and thus they attracted a large number of students. The arrival of the Internet brought in a quantum change. Now it became possible to offer the best possible bible and theology courses either totally free or near free in no tuition bible correspondence programs.

Trinity started sending out printed free bible and apologetics lessons in 1970, but switched to the Internet as soon as the net became available in India. It very soon started attracting students from around the world. Today Trinity has students from more than 140 countries. As a result, there is great demand for quality and Trinity ensures the highest quality free bible and theology education through multiple committees and reference bodies that keep giving feedback for revision and upgradation of courses.

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  1. LORETTA FOOTE says:

    Wsnt to attend but application wont download

  2. ediaechristopher

  3. Please i applied for Degree in Theology but couldn’t finish, I am now a master degree in Divinity holder from the American Bible University, and currently doing my Doctorate degree in Christian Theology, do i qualify to do a doctorate degree in any of your courses.

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