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One of the biggest questions which people from the poorest among poor countries is whether any theological education is possible free of cost. Our answer is yes! For that you need to understand all what is involved in developing a theological course that is free.

Free textbooks are the first need. The world of internet has now made it possible to offer theological textbooks for free download. This solves the first problem

The second is to find faculty members who will teach theological programs free of cost. By God’s grace we were able to find a group of dedicated people who were fully committed to the idea of offering free theology degree courses. The third need was to develop free online bible theological seminary degree at bachelors, masters, and doctoral level. The voluntary faculty rose to the occasion and a find syllabus was developed.

The third was to find easy way to post the information. This is how Trinity (TGSAT) was born at We have been offering free theology degree by mail and email ever since that time.

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  1. Charles N Robinson says:

    I really want to do these courses, who do I talk to for more information.

  2. Aashish says:

    Dear saint greetings. I want to get theological training kindly let me know how can it’s possible….


    Dear sir/ mam/ brother/ sister,
    Thank you for the course and prayers.
    A few clarifications:
    1. IS the course online or postal and in which shall I join the course
    2. Should I need to pay for the course
    3. How will I receive the certificate
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    William Granee

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      The course takes place via the internet
      You have to pay a small registration fees
      Certificate is sent by post

  4. Justin Jones says:

    I thank God for Trinity Theology so much. I have just started my course work and I am enjoying it. The information is detailed and very informative. I am already learning and my faith is being strengthened by this school.

  5. Mathew says:

    Dear Saints of God This school is the Best school. When you join the school and start your course you will enjoy alot. I welcome you to study Apologetics and Theology in this school

  6. sameh nakhla says:

    Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ
    Please i need to apply for Christian apologetic and Bible Graduate Degree what is the steps and i read the whole site can not find details . i already applied but no response . please advise

  7. TEHE, DOMINICKS R. says:

    please send me your application form for registration as soon as you are able to do so.

  8. CELINA H AGUJI says:

    I shall be most grateful if you can register me for your online courses.


    I would like to enrol free degree theology programme.
    How to about it.

  10. Sheela raja says:

    Sir how to enroll for bth program
    1. Is it Bth sir so that I can do MTH and PhDsir.
    2.sir am an housewife but a phd holder in dept hindi. So iam well interested and moved to do phd in theology. But for that people are asking to do bth and mth. But am founded good in bible by grace of God.kindly help me sie
    3.please reply sir

  11. Richard L Magoti says:

    Could you please send me BTh studies by mail. Richard

  12. Lemon Oluwadotun says:

    I want to enrol in this free online theology degree. Please how can I start. Please help me through

  13. Eric Kwetey says:

    Hello Sir,

    Please I have completed my final application for admission and I have received a mail that asked that I search the top right side of the website to add my email to join the Electronic Group which sends out weekly announcements about free E-books and CDs. But, I cannot find that tab with the inscription “FREE Ebooks and CDs”. Please, I would like to receive assistance in relation to that. I also wish I could get a feedback on my final application.

    Thank you and God bless you for the support you are giving to Christians from underdeveloped countries like mine to advance our knowledge in Christian Apologetics and Theology at no cost.

  14. Stevias Tore says:

    Dear Devine Saints

    In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Trinity Graduate School is best of bests. The course materials are a profound of a well researched, simplified spiritual guides which leaves a rich understanding of the devine will of God. I recommend anyone who wants theological courses, to choose from Trinity School courses. I enrolled in BRE(Bachelor of Biblical Religious Education) and with His Grace, hopefully i will successfully finish this program and proceed to MRE(Master of Biblical Religious Education.

  15. jackline says:

    Very grateful to have found this opportunity to study for free. This is a blessing and answer to prayer. Thank you to all who make this possible.

  16. Peter Agana says:

    I am a student of “Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT)”. Since l join this institution, studies have been very enjoying and refreshing too.

    I encourage all Christian Workers in Africa Churches to take advantage of studying with TGSAT very seriously.

    In Africa continent, especially,in the country (Nigeria) where l am from, no one can boast of finding any standard theological institution (whether Bible College, Seminary, Theological University, from Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate) that is tuition-free like this academically standard and spiritually rich and refreshing theological University called TGSAT; not in any part of Africa continent. And if at all there is any of such caliber compared to this tuition-free TGSAT, then be sure that a Certificate coursework alone will be highly cost-effective such that people in the remotest impoverished region that find it hard to come by at the least $5 dollar (i.e #1,825.00 by Nigeria exchange rate) will find it a herculean task paying this meagre tuition.

    I seriously believe that TGSAT has come from God to bridge this gap – to raise Christian leaders and workers globally (from Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degree) for the work of the ministry. That is why I encourage every serious minded Christian leaders and workers in Africa (despite the Christian religious group one might subscribe to) to take advantage of TGSAT and receive tuition-free training.

  17. I’m a beneficiary of trinity theology school. Before now, I’ve been searching for a theology program as this.I’m so excited to be student of this great institution of learning, may God strengthen,bless and keep Trinity theology. Amen. Benjamin Lawson.

  18. Gamshini Thomas Mayaya says:

    Request for admission into Free degree in theological seminary.
    Gamshini Thomas Mayaya
    Box 364
    +255787943286 WhatsApp

  19. Prosper Cudjoe says:

    Please, enroll me…

  20. Job Reuben Suday says:

    My application is to join in your program course

  21. Reuben says:

    Please send me the application form to study by mail and will prefer to study by post

    My postal is

    P.O.Box 3288
    South Africa

  22. Reuben Mochela says:

    Please send me the application form to study by mail and will prefer to study by post

    My postal is

    P.O.Box 3288
    South Africa

  23. bashir s mndolwa says:

    My application is to join in your program course

  24. Nasilele Namukolo says:

    I want to study theology

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