Importance Of No Tuition Theology Programs

16The way in which communication and teaching approaches have changed in the twenty-first century has forced many to ask whether there is any more any relevance of teaching Bible and Theology free of cost. Other wish to know whether Bible Schools and Theological Seminaries would survive into the twenty-first century. More so if a a Bible School or Theological seminary offers totally free theology and ministry programs. Our answer is that free bible and theology courses have become all the more important in this century because an increased number of financially weak people would now love to study but they are looking for free theology courses.

The second half of the twentieth century saw the rise of correspondence courses and distance study programs. Those who were unable to leave home or their jobs for the first time found it possible to study courses of their choice. Christians immediately introduced all kinds of free correspondence or distance study programs. Soon these became so popular that there was a demand for affordable or free bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs in bible and theology. We were quick to recognize both the need as well as the opportunity. That is why we started with free bachelors programs in bible and theology and then gradually added no fees masters and doctoral programs. Each level of free study program in bible and theology was warmly welcomed by potential bible students, pastors, and theological students worldwide.

Over the years tens of thousands of people worldwide have received free textbooks downloads in bible and theology from us. Not all of them opt for a formal study or formal degree, but all of them opt for free studies in bible and theology for their spiritual enrichment. Thus no tuition fees theological and biblical courses continue to play an important role in enriching Bible students worldwide and Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is happy to to be able to offer world quality seminary courses free of cost.


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