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Please fill in this Initial Electronic Application so that the Office might be able to assess whether you are eligible to apply. Once your Initial Application is screened, we will send you a notice asking you to send in the Final Application, if you are found eligible to apply.

Initial Application Form

Your Full Name
Email Address:
Alternate Email Address, If You Have One
Degree/Degrees For Which You Wish To Apply
Your Academic Qualification
What Is Your Religion/Denomination/Church
In Which Country Are You Now

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  1. Cindy Plummer says:

    Greetings would like to the bachelor of theology and the bachelor of ministry course . how Do I get more information about these two courses thank you

  2. Dennis Young says:

    Wondering about my application have not recieved any response yet.

  3. Dave Veluz Presas says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have sent my application to continue my studies online, as it is free it really gives me chance to puruit growing in the Lord by continuing my studies. To introduce, im Dave and working presently in Saudi Arabia, 35 years old (Nov.6,1977) studied @ People’s School of Bible, valenzuela city Philippines on B.Sc.on Partoral Thoelogy but unfortunately did not graduate, what left is 6 units to complete my BD.due to financial problem and opportunity.Im a graduate of Architectural Drafting (2 years course – secular). Presently, Preacher in charge of International Bible Baptist Church congregation Saudi Arabia.

    Hope this opportunity to study again will give God all the glory and will be doing this online studies at my best to finish what i have started in the Philippines.I know i was called by God and even i tried to go away the Lord brings me back to ministry and putting my heart on fire to do his will.

    Looking forward for a response from your side, i’m very excited finish this course and graduate for God’s Glory.

    Thank you for this kind of free studies ministry.

    Pr.Dave V. Presas

  4. Collins Ekpenyong says:

    Sorry just submitted an application for DBS,which a reply had been sent but will trying to save I could not locate all the necessary requirements you have asked me to meet. I will be eternally grateful if this could be sent or forwarded back to am sorry for the inconvence .


    Collins Ekpenyong

  5. Jerry Opoku says:

    i am very grateful at long last have find my heart desire to study with the Trinity college. Whether in u.s.a. or not my dream is to study in School of Trinity. I therefore wish those called by god to attend this School. God bless we all

  6. Jerry opoku says:

    I have not received my reply yet.want to know why?


    I have registered I am awaiting your reply please

  8. Keesha Caswell says:

    I am trying to send in my final application, but that website could be found. Where do I go from here please. Thank you

  9. Jeff Barnhart says:

    I have sent in 2 applications and haven’t heard anything about either one. Is there a problem with the website application process? If not could you let me know if there is another way I can get the initial application to you?

    Thank you

  10. Linda Herron says:

    Can you tell me about the doctoral programs mentioned in the registration fee file?

    4. Registration fees for PhD/DSc/DLitt is $1500 [These three programs are offered in conjunction with SGST, USA]

    Your website does not have a Search capability. I am looking for information on “SGST, USA” programs.


  11. Thabo Manne says:

    The link you have sent me for the final admission cannot be opened.That was for the undeveloped countries.

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Please try on some other computer or seek help from some computer expert

      • Kebei Ivo says:

        Beloved in Christ,
        Most of the applicants do not follow instructions. The most important document you should get is the catalogue.

        Take time to read instructions and when you apply, you have to take time to understand the replies.

        Please, read instructions and follow them. If you don’t, you will suffer the effects even during the course.

        I took time to read instructions and didn’t find much problems. Online courses demand careful understanding of instructions.

        I have finished my DMin courses and waiting final grading.

        Keep up and God bless you as you take a course here at TGSAT.

        Kebei Ivo
        DMin Student
        Cameroon Africa

  12. Moffat Seakonyane says:

    I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.
    I sent an Initial application to your school last week. I have not yet received a reply.

  13. I completed the electronic application and received email advising that it had been received but no contact since. I look so forward to hearing from you in reference to my eligibility. Also rather than the degree in ministry I BELEIVE I would like to work towards a bachelors degree in Theolgy. Hope to here from you soon.
    Best Regards,
    Tony Ashworth

  14. Mark V says:

    I noticed the lack of posts to this comment section and the last date was from 2013. Are we to assume this Free school is no longer offering what it says and is now a defunct website?

  15. D. Ray Meador says:

    I also still receive emails from Dr. Johnson Philip

  16. Erica Hill says:

    I have applied for the bachelors in theology and would like to change it to the bachelors in ministry and masters in ministry but i have not heard from anyone yet. If you could please send an email to to let me know if im accepted i would love to study here it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you God Bless……

  17. UKO UBONG says:

    Greetings, I applied to study Bachelor of Theology on 16th June (12 days ago) but I have not receive any news concerning my admission status. Please, look into it for me. Thanks and God bless.

  18. Festus says:

    Prof Philip, we are truly blessed by this School.

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