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Trinity Graduate School for Apologetics and Theology is the largest such distance seminary in the world. It offers totally tuition-free theological education to tens of thousands of people around the world. The institution has been able to do this ONLY because of volunteers who are spread worldwide. We invite you to join the Trinity Volunteer Force to help take this ministry to an ever larger number of people. We can use the following type of volunteers:

Ambassadors: Christian leaders who undertake to promote Trinity by informing people everywhere about the free education and training that is available through Trinity

International Liaison Officers: People who can approach churches, Christian ministries, and seminaries and tell them about Trinity courses and ask them for endorsement

Faculty Members: People with at least a masters degree in theology or secular subjects that have a bearing on seminary education

Affiliates: Institutions that run their own courses, but who wish to get certificates from Trinity for their students. (Affiliate status is granted after we examine your syllabus and faculty)

Branches: Autonomous branches that can manage all their administration and finances without placing any burden on Trinity

If you are interested in one or more positions above, please contact with the position or positions of your interest. We will immediately rush you full information.


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  2. Danielle Dow says:

    I would love to volunteer

  3. Bola .j. Olorunsaiye says:

    Will like to be a faculty members volunteer after my masters programme

  4. Sam Riney says:

    This school has a good program, at least in apologetics which I am familiar with. If you can volunteer , your time would be well spent.

  5. Rodney Sexton says:

    May God continue to bless you and your mission. While the world moves rapidly towards its conclusion, you are spreading God’s truth to those who will listen. Your method is unusual (free) and a blessing!

    Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)
    Rod Sexton

  6. Perfect says:

    So glad to be faculty members volunteer after am done with post-grad

  7. ted odhiambo ouche says:

    Trinity teaches sound Biblical doctrine, and i would love to volunteer as an ambassador for Trinity,to spread the good news to others who have the passion to serve God,yet lack the basic knowledge.

  8. Chipo Matsilele says:

    I would love to volunteer..

  9. Ram Chand says:

    I would love to Volunteer

  10. sunday wale says:

    i like to and study

  11. Wesley Rose says:

    Dearest in Christ,
    I wish to be considered for a position related to Historical Theology, Applied Apologetics, or Early Christian History. It would be such a great honor to be a formal part of such a wonderful Christian University. I know this school has already changed countless lives and being part of the future efforts would be a great honor. If I could contribute, even the smallest amount, it would be such a blessing.

  12. Chris Anderson says:

    I would like to volunteer by opening up a branch here in the United States.

  13. Sukalp chowdhury says:

    I would like to volunteer…

  14. Rev Eric says:

    I have liked your college and what you teach. I would like to enrol for a PhD in Theology and ethics. could youn please send me your application form to fill.
    Rev Eric from Uganda

  15. Solomon Akinlua says:

    God is using TGSAT to advance the gospel! I’m proud to be a student here.

  16. Good morning
    I am a PhD student in Theology at TGSAT. Thank you for your prestigious College. I have discovered that the teachings taught are profound and very edifying for the transformation of lives in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. In my opinion, your College is the best place to mold the ministers of God and make them capable of effectively defending the Christian faith and rightly dispensing the Word of God. I would like to be part of the teaching staff as a volunteer in the French language to help French speakers in my country Cameroon and possibly in other countries. May God richly bless you!

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