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Objections to the Gospel, Lesson 05

Answering Objections To The Gospel Free Course, Lesson 05
Trinity Graduate School of Theology, Free Course

Ignorance As An Objection

Sometimes the follower of Christ, while seeking out others to tell of the Gospel, will encounter someone who doesn’t have objections as such, but really does not know or understand a key piece of the Gospel picture. This is in reality more common than most Christians realize. It is not in itself a conscious objection, but it does create a barrier which must be dealt with in pursuit of the Gospel.

Those of us submerged in the Christian culture for any length of time develop an intuitive understanding of the ‘language’ of the Gospel. However, for those outside of the Christian community, this can lead to confusion or apathy. It is important that we address for a moment how to speak with those who are ignorant of all or parts of the Gospel.

It is first important to identify which pieces of ‘information’ are essential for someone to come to a point where they can truly know Jesus. Volumes have been written on this, and make for healthy reading for any believer. For sake of space, let a few essential points suffice. A person must know God is real and involved in the lives of men, and that He cares for them. They must know that all mankind has sinned and become separated from God. They must know that Jesus freely provided himself as the sacrifice to reconcile men to God. And they must know that we need to humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness in order to obtain that salvation. These facts make for a good starting place to point someone to Jesus. If understood and believed, a person can truly ask Christ into his or her life.

But what if someone is ignorant of one or more of these points, or of other issues like the Bible and its accuracy and inerrancy? Here are some strategies to deal with a person’s ignorance:

1. Keep it simple. Remember to whom you are speaking. A person with little exposure to the Bible may not know even simple concepts, so don’t try to dazzle them with advanced concepts yet. That will come later, as they mature in the Lord. Do we teach physics to first-graders? No, and there is a reason we don’t! Also, resist the temptation to start in Genesis and work through the whole Bible from the beginning. Use one of the many excellent outlines available to present issues of the Gospel in a simple, direct way, without jumping around.

2. Define the key words used. Do not assume that a non-believer knows what ‘grace’, or ‘faith’, or ‘saved’ means. Again, as we are surrounded by these words and terms, we can take their meanings for granted. But those who are not surrounded by those words often find them confusing, or worse yet think the words mean something else. Asking most non-Christians what ‘faith’ means will in many instances receive ‘blind faith’ as the answer. That is not what faith means, but if we are not careful to define terms, those we communicate with will hear ‘I placed my uneducated assumption backed up with no evidence in Jesus’ instead of ‘I placed my faith in Jesus’.

3. Take care not to use to much ‘Christian-y’ words. When speaking to a non-

Christian, try to use words or terms that he or she will not find foreign. Instead of saying we just ‘spent time in the word’, we should say we read from the Bible. Rather than saying we were out ‘witnessing to the lost’, we should say we were talking about Christianity with other people. There are so many words used in the Christian culture that sound strange to those not familiar. Don’t let those words become a barrier. Make a conscious effort not to use them, or change them so others more easily grasp their meaning.

4. Use Scripture whenever possible, but put it in context. Scripture speaks most powerfully for itself. Use it. Keep in mind the above cautions, and carefully and patiently explain what is meant in the passages being read. God will illuminate people’s hearts though His word.

In the face of ignorance, the Christian should always pursue truth. Truth is on our side, and God will use truth to bring people to Jesus. We must remember that ignorance is not necessarily the opponent of truth, but rather the absence of truth. It falls to us to make the truth known to all who would know it.

Questions to Consider

In what ways has ignorance been a barrier in your life? How have you seen it overcome?

Talk with five non-believing friends about the words ‘grace’, ‘faith’, and ‘saved’. Ask them what they think those words mean, and write two pages about your findings, including what ways you found useful to help your friends understand the words.

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Answering Objections To The Gospel Free Course, Lesson 05
Trinity Graduate School of Theology, Free Course

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  1. Jacques Senat says:

    Any one who does not know something he or she is ignorant on some point. When I was a child 2 or 3 years old I did not know how to read. I was ignorant. But, not only that anything that you do not have knowledgeabout you ignorant on it. I had overcome it by going to school in learn how to read and became reader. I think for non believers is the same when theiy do not know the word of God. they do not have the light to clarify their views. in this case they will question you for everything they do not know. once the holy spirit convince them, give them light that they need, they accept the truth. therefore they need someone to teach and talk to them ablut the gospel.

  2. Objections to the Gospel, Lesson 05

    In what ways has ignorance been a barrier in your life? How have you seen it overcome?

    Ignorance is rejection, yet most of time we see in our life’s people ignore or reject us because of what we are .Ignorance is cozed by most of times trough Culture difference. Through our life’s we learn, adjust and change to adopt our new find understanding given to us by Christ. If the person is treated with ignorance for long time, one start to behave in similar manor showing ignorance to those people who constantly call us names .Due to ignorance or rejection it is an bulling tactic well known trough out the world. Yes, yet ignorance can create in congregation unpleasant arguments and disagreement especially when the priest forgets that he/she is one that should teach and show this meekness .Here I to will recall through my learning how this occurred. Long ago ignorance of one of brothers has made few to leave the faith believing that all are like that “Older Man” of the congregation. This “Older Man “has called the brother names just because he was not from German origin, so one has turned and looked at this man who should knew better as an “Older Man “of congregation. .When we think of this man we recall today the scripture “Wolf in sheep skein”. Yet today I adding a prayer for people like this, and forgiving them their ignorance that thy had practiced in Church of God .
    If I could tell him today ,would quote the scripture that is written.

    “All man and woman are created equal”
    Acts 17:26 (New International Version)

    26From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.
    “He created all the people of the world from one man, Adam.” Acts 17:26
    “Don’t forget to be kind to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it.” Hebrews 13:2
    Talk with five non-believing friends about the words ‘grace’, ‘faith’, and ‘saved’. Ask them what they think those words mean, and write two pages about your findings, including what ways you found useful to help your friends understand the words.
    “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord. “Hebrews 12:14
    Working among young Christians does not guaranty to be understood as a priest and follower of Christ. Yet in a way it is a credit to be there among people because they need guidance and discussion to be better understood. Some do openly speak against Christ, and even if they are brought up as Christian somewhere in their life thy blame God for their mishaps .On one occasion had worked with this man that had no regards for Christ because He was a Jew. I guess people live fleshlier life’s and lot less spiritual and from this reason many do misunderstand our Saviour Jesus Christ . Yes this ex Christian have constantly saying that he joined the Muslim fate, which is his will and free choice . Than one day he come to work all uptiyed .And he told me openly, you have won again Boris, my son has named his first child Israel. You know, it was a tear of joy that come to my eyes, I said on that Alleluia.
    Most of people with whom had a short discussion on this 3 words with deeper meaning of grace ,fate and saved had good understanding ,yet please let us remember some of this people are from different types of workforce .Some was not really shore on this new wave of saved .Thy wanted bit more explanation ,yet job is a job and place for everything in its own time. Our work for which they had expected completion was delayed. So even if we had short conversation on Christ on numerous different occasions sometimes thy are inclined to be morally guided yet on other days thy do not care what they say. In our days young Australian man and woman are inclined to not to follow their parents path in Christianity yet thy looking to Buddhism ,because it looks “Cool” .
    When thy ask me outright what are my views on homosexuality ? I think that have touched on this issue somewhere in one of home works. So I replayed to this young man. ”I do hate the sin but not the people” .I guesses the answer was radar clear .
    To be on that road to Salvation mankind have to continually engage in God Yahweh’s grace trough Christ , this two way communication need to grow in our heart by committing ourselves to good works that satisfies our willingness in all our deeds You know Paul did touched on this by dialog that has given to each generation to guide and serve as an road sign.. ”GO THIS WAY” “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure. Do all things without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain” (Phil. 2:12–16).

  3. In non christian religions there are servile examples of gods and deities sacrificing themselves for the case of man kind.But only in Christianity due we find a god who lay’s his only forgotten son to save not the people of the earth but the sins of the people from damnation so they may be saved from their sins in the after life. All religions show forms of gods and deities that show forms of love to man. but only in the Christianity due we a god who loves his people from Divine incarnation similar to the trinity perspective found in the forms on god,son and holy ghost or spirit. in non christian faiths we find three forms of a goddess or god but as beings of growth through age a maturity. But only Christianity does the three forms of a god show the energy form of the spirit of a gods percence in non physical form touching and healing others through not just his son’s sacrifice but his spirit healing after the son ascended into the heavens. so in mind thought the golden rule it self apply to all religions in a different view. to show love to others and be treated as equal’s . but in Christianity we find a god who not just loves his enimes who have sinned against him but loves all man kind through the sacrifices he made on there behalf.

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