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Parenting Free Course 003

Christian Parenting, Free Course Lesson 003


The parents fail to perform their parenting work as it has already been shown in the life of Aaron, Eli and Samuel above. In this case their parents were not a model for them to emulate the sinful behavior.

Children become evil because they imitate their parents. Scripture say, “As is the mother, so is her daughter” (Ezek. 16:44). Isaac told a lie told king Abimelech of Gerar that Rebekah was his sister. He told a lie because he was afraid that he would be killed (Gen. 26:7). This was a repetition of the lie of his father Abraham (Gen. 20:2). The last kings of Judah did evil according to their fathers (2 Kings 23:31-32; 36-37; 24:9). This shows how influential parents become in the life of children. A parent reproduces himself in the life of the parent.

They become evil because of peer pressure. Rehoboam in the Bible is a good example. He took the advice of the fellow young men and discarded the advice of the elders (1 Kings 12:8). Some young people have great influence in the lives of the other young people. Young people are surrounded with others who have decayed with moral behaviors.

Children adopt the lifestyles of people whom they consider to be heroes in their life. Each tribe, nation, society has its own heroes. These heroes have great influences of children. Some of the heroes may be church leaders such as powerful leaders, political leaders etc. the ideas of the heroes influence the minds of the young people. They have their own values in life. Some of the ideas of heroes and values may contradict the biblical values. Some of the heroes values influence sin such as premarital sex, drinking, smoking etc. there is a saying which becomes a greatest trap which is used to win the young people. They may say “you are behind time.” “Everybody is doing it!” “You are frigid.” “If you really love me prove it!”

Political leaders can become a source of sin. King Jeroboam of Israel was the hero of many kings of Israel. He established the idol worship for Israel and forbade Israel to go to Jerusalem for worship. He made Israel to sin against God (2 Kings 13:11). He made the golden calf worship and Dan and Bethel. He was imitated by the other kings who later followed him in Israel such as Jehoahaz, Joash, Jeroboan 11 etc (2 Kings 13:2-3, 11; 14:23). He was imitated by the nation of Israel (2 Kings 13:6). Political, organizational, etc leaders such as Jeroboam still exist till today. The Israelites had missed the teaching of the Lord and they did not know what to do. They were destroyed because of the lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6).

Each child is surrounded with such above evil behaviors which pose great threats to his behavior. A parent need to do a thorough good work is parenting to see that the training of child preserves him from the many evil that have engulfed our modern societies.

The Television is one of the great blessings to the modern age. It is used is a variety of ways which are more helpful to mankind. However, it could also become a dangerous property to your children. Some of the programs watched on the Television teach children unchristian behavior. It is important that parents should monitor the use of the Television by the children. It is necessary that it should be put on public viewing area so that the parent can see what programs are being watched. Allowing children to have a Television in their room may allow them to watch some programs which will be destructive to their behavior.

The internet is another source that teaches pornography, teaching of the suicide, drug addicts’ etc. parents could ask computer specialists who could help to hide sites on the internet not to be viewed by children or avoid them from being downloaded.

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  1. Lucia Harry says:

    also some of the radio programs can lead chi;dren astray
    especialy some songs

  2. There is an old saying “The apple does not foul too far from the tree.” Meaning what kind are the parents so the children will be as well.Yet this new wave of computer games actually makes young children and young adults teach violets.


    NIV© Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

  3. In the world there live children,who life in the
    prostition,and on the street.Some people are caring
    for them.

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