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booksDistance education is totally different from classroom studies. More so in the field of Bible and Theology, which has both theoretical as well as practical aspects. Therefore students will have many questions in mind when they join Trinity. They will also want to know a good number of things. We have found that many of these questions are common and have tried to include them all here.

Since have tried to cover all the important questions here, please go through these Frequently Asked Questions before you dash a question to Trinity. Please make it a point to check here first and then contact us.

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  1. Sandra Massie says:

    I neglected to tell you on my application that I am at the present time doing mission work for Global Mission online. I have been with them for about 3 or 4 months and I thoroughly enjoy telling others about the Saving power of Jesus Christ through the shed blood at Calvary. There are so many people that don’t know who Jesus is, and I know that because I have had a few persons to ask me the question “Who is Jesus?” I told them. I have won souls to Christ through a Gospel presentation. I want to take these classes to learn all I can so that I have more material in my mind to tell my contacts. I am telling you this with the hope that you will accept me into the Bible college quick so that I can start with my studies. Sincerely yours Sandy Massie

  2. Kingsley says:

    Please I have submitted my final application letter but for two weeks now I have not head from you. Please any reasons

  3. Dear Sir, I thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity to enroll in the free courses at Trinity. I’ve completed the Final Application forms and also managed my three friends wanting to learn from Trinity. They have already filled the Initial form as well as Final Application Form. So, I need the courses. Please kindly send me the courses to my email that I can go deep in the knowledge of God’s Word.

    Thanks for your love,
    In the Grace of God,
    Mr. Prem K. Bhattarai

  4. ALBERT ASARE says:


  5. Mohan says:

    I have done my B.D 20 yrs ago I wish to upgrade like M.Div would you able to advise me to how to go about it.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon

    With His Mission,

  6. Mesfin H.giorgis says:

    Many Thanks Dr.Philip
    I have got tentative admission months now I have invited many friends.can I start from where i was or to apply again as new?
    is there problem to invite more than 3 people to get my downloads?

  7. Ismael says:

    Help: I could not get the “FREE Ebooks and CDs” box in the website to add my email addressand join the electronic group.


  8. Solomon says:

    Looking forward to study with this Seminary. Please I’ve submitted my application for long, as far back as two years ago and with no reply from the school

  9. Simbarashe Kandagonah says:

    I am almost halfway in my BTh studies. Since I started the course, I am seeing changes both in my spiritual and my relationships that I have with my church.Thank you very much for the rock solid theological material

  10. Jomi says:

    I am doing my BTh course now. I am so much grateful to TGSAT for developing my spiritual growth. I started learning many things about apologetics and Bible thoughts. As a beginner it helped me a lot for withstanding with true faith and fight for it. Thank you

  11. Kwesi Nkrumah Andam says:

    Please I need your assistance,

    Isaac was about 35 years old when the father wanted to scarified him, Please where can I see the supporting bible quotation or any document to proved.

  12. Pastor Michael M Sherrod says:

    I RESTERERD BUT COULD I take the course by mail ?

  13. Pastor Reuben Jinega says:

    Help me please: I could not get the “FREE Ebooks and CDs” box in the website as directed to add my email address and join the electronic group.


    Pastor Reuben Jinega – Tanzania

  14. James Nicholas Chembe says:

    Powerful books indeed


    I want to enroll for MTh. How do l go about it sir?

  16. Joe Obaro Avwomakpa says:

    I had been trying to download my course materials through prescribed procedures in my handbook but had been finding it so difficult to do so, please will be grateful if you can email me the directory of how to download my remaining course materials.

  17. Dr. Larry Frisby says:

    I need an “OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT” for employment verification. What are the steps to get it?

    Dr. Larry Frisby


    Please, how can I get in touch trinity? I applied for admission and am yet to get any feedback except the auto-response email. I have sent an email twice but no response.
    I am really passionate about studying with Trinity

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Everyone gets a reply in about a week. The total number of applicants from developing countries is very high

  19. Michael says:

    I sent in an application and got in touch after days as the auto response suggested but I haven’t still received a reply. I even sent a second application and there still is no reply, except an auto response. Could you tell me what to do, sir?

  20. Morgan Kanjolo says:

    I am very much interested in studying with the school.

  21. curtis campbell says:

    In researching the topic of Christian apologetics I discovered a gap in the current literature on the topic so far. The gap does not address the question of the societal history of a person/group having an impact on a christian’s willingness to be an apologist. The social aspect of being an apologist or a polemist deserves more research I think.

  22. Stephen House says:

    I find the texts from TGSAT engrossing and very enjoyable. I look forward to reading them each day. I gain so much perspective about a subject by reading others opinions. TGSAT I thank you for providing these texts in your free apologetic and theology programs.

  23. I sent in an application and got in touch after days as the auto response suggested but I haven’t still received a reply.Presently I am still waiting for the reply and receive an access to download the learning material.
    Could you please assist in this regard, Sir.

  24. SE Flowers says:

    On the “Student Handbook” page the link at the bottom of the page, “Free Biblical Archeology Courses”, now leads to a psychic website. Just thought you would like to know as links do change.

  25. I sent in an application last 3weeks,rather than the auto response suggested but I haven’t still received a reply. Honestly, I am still waiting for the reply and receive an access to download the learning material.
    Could you please assist in this regard, Sir.

  26. Pascal Silungwe says:

    I have been applying to study with you. I have masters in theology and I have applied but have not received any reply. Is there any where I have been making mistakes? please advise.

  27. A. SAMUEL, KAYODE says:

    Tgsat I appreciate your efforts and Patience. Thank you.

  28. Chris says:

    What is the background of the school? Reformed? Calvinism? Does it suitable for Anglican or Catholic?

  29. Wellington says:

    I posted my online application sometime in May, still haven’t received any feedback. I have checked for emails even on the spam folder, i got nothing.

  30. Pastor Moses Adisenu says:

    please am a pastor from Ghana with a first degree and wish to study for masters.kindly direct me as to what to do. thank you

  31. ISUH ERICK AKAH says:

    Dear Sir, I am writing from Cameroon. It has been many months now since I apply for the MTH and TH.D studies but has not yet receive any response from you. please can you help me out for I am anxiously waiting to start my studies.

  32. ISUH ERICK AKAH says:

    Calvary greetings in the name of Jesus. I am writing from Cameroon. It has been many months since I apply for the MTH and the TH.D studies but have gotten no response from TGSAT authorities. Please I will like to find out if my application was received. Please I am anxiously waiting to start my course work.
    Thanks, God bless you.

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