Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (Review)

9Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology was founded several decades ago when distance education had just entered the college level education in a big way.

At that time many theological students and faculty members felt a need for the following:

  • Free online Bible school
  • Free online Bible college
  • Free online Bible seminary

The expectation was that these would allow busy pastors, missionaries in the field, and professionals to study theological programs without having to leave their field. The arrival of the net made communication cheaper, and another expectation was added to distance education, and it was ‘free online theological courses’.

The moment internet became available, TGSAT was launched to offer totally free theological courses. Soon it became possible to register one’s own domains very cheap and this led us to establish a full fledge free online bible school at bachelors level. There was such a great demand for our programs that within an year we established a full fledged free online bible college/seminary that offered the full range of programs from bachelors up to doctoral programs.

We at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology look back with a grateful heart at what the Lord wrought through His children. We have already trained tens of thousands of missionaries, pastors, and busy professionals in the poorest among the poor countries and look forward to doing it with greater commitment in the coming days.

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  1. Bis.Daniel Wambua says:

    It is exciting to hear what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing through the Trinity Graduate School of Bible and Theology.The way you have continued to equip the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ with the sound doctrine and the right skills in ministry will make you shine like the stars for ever and ever(Dan.12:3).
    Equal of importance and worth noting is your willingness to set yourself aside for such a noble task(2Tim.2:20-21).

    May our Lord God increase the TGSBT abundantly.


    • Bis.Daniel Wambua says:

      Just a correction of the name to Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology(TGSAT)instead of TGSBT as indicated on my comment.

  2. Wesley Rose says:

    I cannot express my excitement to be enrolled in Biblical Archaeology. I trust this is where I will get updates…

  3. I am really hungry for the words of God, therefore I can wait to see me enrolled at the (TGSAT) says:

    I will highly appreciate if you could send me every details information about the TGSAT online program.I am from the poorest country like, Liberia.

  4. Sir, I must commend you guys for the level of work you guys carrying out to propogate the gospel, may the Lord continues to bless and enhance your work in Jesus’name.

  5. Sir, I must commend you guys for the level of work you guys carrying out to propogate the gospel, may the Lord continues to bless and enhance your work in Jes

  6. I have obtained a bachelor degree in BRE since 2008 from AME ZION University College.
    Presently I am a principal for a high school, therefore I interested in achieving my ma
    ster in this area.
    Please send me all necessary information. Thanks

  7. Justus Nzwili says:

    Trinity school program are the best, quality and attractive

  8. Elijah Yalumo says:

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity created for poor students who desired to know more about God and His son Jesus Christ and to develop in their professional field of studies. I pray God to continue providing for the need of this great Institution. God bless you.

  9. Jonathan says:

    How does one apply

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