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CommitteeTrinity School of Apologetics has an international faculty, and also committees and representatives in numerous countries to represent and promote Trinity and also to encourage potential and present students. These committees made up of faculty members, mentors, students, and others play a role through their advise and involvement in the functioning and management of Trinity.

International Faculty Members: Trinity has over 40 international, highly qualified, and highly experienced faculty members and mentors. You can see the listing by going to “Faculty” in the top menu.

List Of International Committee Members:

Bangladesh Committee
Simon Sony Mazumder

Benin Republic Committee
Egerton John Otumu
Franck Houètèhou C. Hounsa

Brazil Committee
Marcio Soares da Rocha

Cayman Islands Committee
Charlotte Chung

Cameroon Committee
Arthur Martial Bright
Fai Felix Ngwayi

Canada Committee
Richard Gagnon
Michael Anastasiou

Chile Committee
Franklin Iriarte

China Committee
Ziwei Wu
Munteh Gerald Chiafuke
George Lawrence Gallant

Congo Committee
Kiatezua L. Luyaluka

Czech Republic Committee
Jiri Lemer

England Committee
David Aherne

Ethiopia Committee
Ashenafi Birru Dereje
Bekele Haile
Getachew Woldemichael Biru
Tesfahun Hatia

France Committee
Romaric Nganga

Germany Committee
Geert Franzenburg

Ghana Committee
Nelson Swedstrup Ahlijah
William Ofori-Nyantakyi
Samuel Adu-Gyamfi

Haiti Committee
Alix Thimotée

Hong Kong Committee
Ching Shu Man
Lam Hung On Thomas
Wong Ki Fai

India Committee
Dr. Anand John
Ranjit Kumar Bagh
Dr. Stephen Ramesh
Dr. Regie Koshy

Indonesia Committee
Eric Venden
Giddalti Hartsteen
Yan Sudarmo
Diaz Yonadie

Ireland Committee
Mark Hamblen

Italy Committee
Ani .C. David

Jamica Committee
Richard Rodney Smith

Kenya Committee
Dr. K M Samuel
Rev Vincent Mutua
Gideon Kufanga Banda

Liberia Committee
Rev.Emmanuel W. Chea

Malawi Committee
Philip Kampepule Beza

Malta Committee
Glen Farrugia

Namibia Committee
Basilius M. Kasera

Nepal Committee
Dipak Raj Rai

Nigeria Committee
Dr. Abraham Gaga
Flourish Itulua Abumere
Musa Philip Mukasa Zekeri

Norway Committee
Neda Maria Kaizumi

Panama Committee
Wilfredo Torres

Papua New Guinea Committee
Guna Yogomul

Philippines Committee
Rev. Victor Odesola Adweale Oladipo
Zigfred Diaz

Singapore Committee
John Chua Hoo Huat

South Africa Committee
Dr. Dr. Godfrey Harold
Dr. Gerrit Rademeyer
Dr. Cornelia Wissing

Switzerland Committee
Patrick Obioma Amadiegwu

South Korea Committee
Dr. Francis Jickhong Yun
Dr. Wayne Bottiger

Spain Committee
Galo Sánchez
John K Quaye
Ronald Saunders

Tanzania Committee
Bishop Elisha Suleiman
Pastor Zakayo Nzogere
Kalebu Hussein Mezza

Thailand Committee
Rev.Sritone Yaothanee
Somsak Pattapat

UK Committee
Dr. Emmanuel Kormi
Ericcson Mapfumo
Sue Bellworthy
Tendae Edith Amanda Manda
Donald Olakunle Folami

USA Committee
Dr. Michael Rudolph
Dr. Kenny Rhodes
Yon Renée Woodson Awoonor Renner

Vietnam Committee
Kieu Cong Hien

Zambia Committee
Moffat Zulu

Zimbwabwe Committee
Hamandishe Leonard
Dr. Ernest Musekiwa
Godfrey Penduka


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  1. If you are interested, I will be one of the Trinity International committee member from Norway.

    God bless Trinity

    Rev. Temesgen D.Birru

  2. Pastor Jeffrey Appiah - Ghana says:

    Greetings Dr. Philip
    I’m also interested in joining the Ghana committee. The reason is to help promote Trinity in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
    Thank you and God bless you and Trinity

  3. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    Praise God this is very encouraging my prayer is that God should continue using you with His mighty power, stay blessed.

  4. I am interesting in Joining the Cameroon Committee. As a Cameroonian here in Bamenda I will like to know where Fai Felix Ngwayi is resided in Cameroon so as to linked up with him.

    My joining the Cameroon committee will help me to make Trinity School of Theology and Apologetic readily available to those need admission. God be blessed and I praise God for the Trinity.

  5. I wish to apply for your online partoral and leadership training program. I am a Liberian.

  6. Rev. Edmund Benedict Amara says:

    If it is the will of God for you to appoint me a committee member in Sierra Leone, I will appreciate such an appointment. I love the good effort of trinity from testimonies on-line. Trinity is equipping a generation to pass on the Word of God to others. In the name of Jesus, I pray that Sierra Leone be represented. I am thereby registering my intention to be a committee member to spread the vision of trinity in Sierra Leone. Your approval will be appreciated.

  7. Mark Maravilla says:

    Hi, i’m a student and my thesis is about Christian Apologetics.. I really hope I could contact and have a partnership with you.. I can’t find the contact link .hehe. Godbless!

  8. Patrick Brosnan says:

    I am a theology student in apologetics and want to comment that Trinity is a wonderful institution and should be utilized by all aspects of Christian leadership from the theologian to the small group leader.

  9. I’m here to also give some form of counseling for those that may want to take up courses with Trinity Graduate School of Theology and Apologetic. You will be glad you did.
    Remain Blessed.
    Rev’d. Dr. Solomon Ediriverere Esomu.

  10. Rev. Joseph Turkson says:

    I will very happy if am allowed to run the programmes in Kumasi as well.
    Thank you and God bless you so much.

  11. Rev. Joseph Turkson says:

    I would like to know if there is a committee in Ghana and in Kumasi to be precised and if not I will be very I form one here so peolpe can be trained with the international syllabus of Trinity School of Theology and Apologetics.
    Thank you and God bless you so much.

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Kindly contact the office directly

      • Michael Rosko says:

        Sir, I have emailed all of my School transcripts to your school but I have not gotten a reply from Trinity. Also, I have not received an official transcript. It is hard to get a reply from your school.

        Thank you,

      • johnesha grant says:

        Hi i have emailed your school and i have not gotten a response. I am very interested in taking courses with you all.

  12. Ken Miller says:

    Sir, I have tried twice to fill out the pre-aplication form. I then press submit and a screen comes up saying I did not fill out something called ” from “. But when I go back to the pre-application form, there is nothing asking anything related to ‘From”. What could I be doing wrong. I fill out e-mail address, but not internet ID. I do not know what this internet ID could be. Help Ken. Thnx

  13. Kirby Merritt says:

    Hello there! I filled out an application online to persue my theological education at Triniry. I have not heard any word from the staff on whether or not my information has been received, nor have I been told how much the registration fee is. Is there a way to directly contact Trinity staff to obtain the status of my application, as well as find out the cost of the registration fee? Thank you so much and may God abundantly bless you!

  14. Wilfred Bengnwi says:

    I am interested in setting up a committee in Kenya.


  15. Eric says:

    I submitted an application for acceptance. I may be impatient and for that I apologize, in just very excited to begin this experience. It has now been almost 5 days and I’m just hoping I applied correctly. Thank you

  16. Synthia Mcclure says:

    I received the admission procedure but the link does not work. This is the link I received.

  17. Thank you for your prestigious college. I am a doctoral student in theology at TGSAT. I would like to join the teaching staff as a French language volunteer to help French speakers in my country, Cameroon, and possibly in other countries. May God bless you richly!

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