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Question: Is Trinity accredited by U.S. Department of Education and the Council on Higher education Accreditation (CHEA)?

Answer: Accreditation is a national phenomenon, not international, with private accrediting institutions accrediting schools within the country in which they are situated. Since the U.S. Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) are American agencies, they are related to accreditation of ONLY educational institutions in USA. They have NO legal jurisdiction over educational institutions such as Trinity which are situated outside the USA. Theological schools in India are accredited by private Indian accreditors such as ICAATE.

Students often ask us if we are government-recognized and whether we are accredited in their country so that they might be able to get a job in USA or be able to transfer credits to another institution in the USA. Often these questions represent a misunderstanding about Theological Schools and their standing with the government. Kindly notice the following about this:

  • 1. Accreditation is not equivalent to direct “Government Recognition”. To the best of our knowledge, the US government does not get into recognizing/accrediting Theological Schools.
  • 2. According the CHEA website (∞)   “In the U.S., the accreditors are private, nongovernmental organizations created for the specific purpose of reviewing higher education institutions and programs for quality.”
  • 3. The same is the case with Theological Schools in India, where the secular government does not get involved in accrediting Bible/Theology Degrees. Accreditation has to take place through private accrediting agencies meant for Theological Education.
  • 4. There are several private accrediting agencies for Theological Schools in India. These are BTESS [Theologically Radical], ATA [Loosely Evangelical], NAPTI [Pentecostal], ICAATE [Theologically Conservative]

5. Trinity School syllabus is fully accredited by ICAATE [International Council for Accrediting Alternate and Theological Education] which is a private Christian agency.

6. This guarantees that the syllabus/courses offered by Trinity School meet exceptionally high standards.

7. Accreditation by any agency anywhere only guarantees the quality of education, and nothing more. It does not guarantee admission to all schools, nor does it guarantee job placement in government agencies. Nor does it mean government endorsement.

8. If your primary concern is a government job or admission in another school, after you study with Trinity,  you should approach those institutions first to see if they accept ICAATE accredited degrees. Please remember that we are not responsible to do your homework for you and we possibility cannot go all over the world asking people a million questions.

9. Trinity is not based in the USA, nor is it under control of the US laws. Therefore, before they apply, applicants from America and developed countries should ensure that Trinity programs are fit for their needs and local situation.

11. Trinity can guarantee only an international quality education, and nothing else.  There is no accrediting agency that is accepted by educational institutions or employers uniformly throughout the world. Each educational institution and employer sets their own criteria for these things.


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  1. wayne roper says:

    I registered with the college in 2007, during this time period I quit my job and went into business for myself, I was then left with no time persue my studies, I would like to resume my studies and would like to know if this is possible, I am already in possession of some course material and have submitted my request via e-mail to Dr Johnson Phillip but as yet have not received a response.
    Please let me know whether I can resume my studies and what the requirements would be

    Wayne Roper

  2. candice barnett says:

    I desire to enroll so that I can be an effective Pastor. I believe in the scripture which say that we should study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman needing not to be ashamed, but rightly dividing the word of truth. I want to be an effective Pastor winning the world for Christ one soul at a time.

  3. Hannah says:

    I have recently submitted an application to Trinity. I have a desire to study here so that I can stregnthen my relationship with the lord and hopefully become a better mother for my son. I would also like to use my education if I am excepted to spread the work to others and be a better servent. The world is becoming such an ugly place now days but in the arms of Jesus at least I know that I am safe. I hope to hear from someone soon.
    Thank you,

  4. fikre says:

    studying the word of God is not about getting a job or not, i think. it is all about knowing more about our calling and the caller, God. so i advice my christian brothers, please do not bother exchanging your knowledge of God by money. just study the word of God for the sake of knowing his true love. God bless you,through his son Christ. Amen….

  5. Francis Fabregas says:

    First of all,we must understand that God’s calling is not about money and popularity.He called for a “high calling” which is to preache the Word (2Tim.4). If we are worrying about the financial thing,God has said in His word that He will provide (Phil.4).Don’t look for a comfortable job,but learn to serve God even in a humble means.God uses little things to provide big ones.Study the Bible for the production of your own soul. God bless dear beloved…

  6. Dare Samson says:

    Hun, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you. From my practical experience as a student pastor, if you are sincerely doing the work of God and offer solutions to people’s problem through the Word of God, you can never lack. Never trade your faith for the love of money, this is end time. Trust and Obey

  7. Ministering says:

    My question is about ministering in the US…Once I have completed the course work will I be able to minister in the US legally? I guess I’m not sure what the legal requirements are. Thanks for any info.

  8. Dr. T. Jenkins says:

    Trinity has explained the accreditation of the school very well. Accreditation of a school or courses does not automatically assure one that work done will be accepted at another school or for a job in the market place. What it does is assure the one studying that the quality of education received will be at a high level of competency. Even studying with a school in the same country does not guarantee one that another school of that country will accept across the board credits. I think my question would be, “What is the primary reason for my stdying a particular course or series of courses?” If that is answered truthfully, then I think our studies will take on a different perspective and we will enjoy the studies so much the more. Keep up the good work, Dr. Johnson and Trinity.

  9. Daniel says:

    To answer the question about legality to preach in the USA. Having a Bible and or Theology Degree does by no means help you with that. To be licensed to preach is a right of the denomination or group you are working under. If you are with the “Assemblies of God” as an example, you have to do certain course work and an exam on doctrine and ethics to qualify. A degree will be helpful but it would not be considered a license to preach.

    If you are not a USA citizen and want to be a preacher in the USA you will have to apply for a work VISA or a religeous VISA, but in my opinion, you should then seek credentials with your local church group and share your vision with them to see if they can help you reach this goal.

    There could be a lot of requirements and it might take a long time to get though such a process.
    Make sure that this is what the Lord wants you to do, and ask for His guidance. Ministy in the USA is just as hard if not harder than being in the mission field in some other country…
    God Bless

  10. Pastor Peterson Kamu says:

    Your purpose in life must be very clear as you join any school. Having a clear direction as to what the LORD wants you to do and accomplish in this short life is what counts as one decides on what studies to undertake. I think for me accreditation is not a big thing. what is crucial to me is whether I am in God’s will- whether preaching or working as a nurse, doctor , teacher etc. Good study then is that which will help enhance my effectiveness in my field for God’s glory.

  11. Roger D. Munson, Sr. says:

    I am a student and have completed courses and during the time I had went into poor health with renal failure and went through a double heart bypass. Upon regaining my health I email te trinity school. Dr. Phillip and asked if I could again come back to continue my study to get my master degree. It took nearly two years and never received a reply and would like to start my studies again.
    I loved studying and the trinity school is awesome and serving God with all that is given to them and I am honored to be pat of their work.
    I need to know of I can start back and what I need to do and need to know where I stand. Please email me and let me know.
    God Vless you and your work.

  12. It has taken me sometime to locate the link on accreditation and how Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology views and explains it. Could you kindly post this link on the pages? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  13. Edwin Ruiz says:

    In the USA no Theology degree in valid with the Goverment, becuause the Separation of Church and State Law. Seminaries charge thousands of dollars to students becuase they are in the plan of making money for their directors and teachers, a Dr. in Theology is equeal to nothing for the Goverment. Thanks God Trinity is there doing the work of God in this area ad obviously not for profit, their reward comes from God not from selling theology classes. We study theology just to learn more about Bible and to serve God and His people better. And we should receive our financial prosperity by using our faith which is fully capable of bringing ANY THING of God to our hands supernaturally, IF we know how to use it.

  14. henry Ololo says:

    Hello friends,
    I am living in United States.Ihave a small growing church. I want to assure you that christian doctrine is almost anathema. Theological Degrees bother nobody in the united states. Even just a sign of a cross is an abomination. I found it much easier to witness to muslims than Americans.They dont want anything to do with God in their offices on. Use your degree to preach the Kingdom of God and not to get job in The US.God bless

  15. henry Ololo says:

    Hello friends,
    I am living in United States.Ihave a small growing church. I want to assure you that christian doctrine is almost anathema. Theological Degrees bother nobody in the united states. Even just a sign of a cross is an abomination. I found it much easier to witness to muslims than Americans.They dont want anything to do with God in their offices. Use your degree to preach the Kingdom of God and not to get job in The US.God bless

  16. Sithon Thipphavong says:

    i think it is good to use our degree to serve brothers and sisters in the Lord effectively, to teach and preach the right doctrines, if any one wants to use a degree from Trinity to make money i think it is better to earn degree from other field, I think the purpose of Trinity is not producing students to make money, but i teach and preach the word of the Lord to brothers and sisters effectively. and to share our faith others non-believers.

  17. ODUSOGA AKEEM says:

    Accreditation or no accreditation, what i need is the superb knowledge of God that would inspire me to spread the Good News,all over the world.

    Stay Bless.

  18. Nathainel Godslean says:

    We should bear in mind that our calling is “high Calling” not a Certificate or Accreditation matter. All that matter most is to be inform so you can also impart what you have learn. Our Accreditation is of the Lord.

  19. Jerry Van Aken says:

    There seems to be a serious misconception. CHEA does not accredit any Theological schools. This is accomplished by the ATS, . They are called The Association of Theological Schools, The Commission on Accediting. They accredit all seminaries who seek accreditation. You can start your own church without accreditation or even an appropriate degree, because as one responder stated in the US there is a seperation of state and church.

  20. Trinity is real,I have compared your course materials with what we have in Nigeria and indeed,your materials are equal to non in almost the whole world.please, Iam yiljep,edmund luka,registration number has been given to me.Please I need more details on how to go about the courses in Barchelor in theology.I studied courses like bible science,christian ethics,but don’t know how to answer the tests below.Please put me through.Thanks

  21. I would like to state my thinking on the subject. It is important to know, having a degree in any field is a presentation of professionalism. For example a Dr. degree in Theology is a highly respected degree, and by this means one can be positioned to influence the world, in the broader spectrum. This is the ultimate power a degree can assign to any person. The same appy for any theology degree, it attach proffesionalism to ones ministry. Whether it is accedited or not. But thank God i’m doing my degree with Trinity that is accredit in all appropriate ways and that delivers the highest standard of Theological Education in the world.

  22. Gregory N. Chase says:


    Several years ago I enrolled in the DBS program and paid the registration fee’s. I was unable to begin my studies due to work conflicts. I am now able to give time to my studies. Is there a way to reinstate my participation in the DBS program?

    Thank you…..

  23. does not matter much about accreditation.having been a student of theology by distance learning in kenya, i have noted that TRINITY study packs are far more advanced.if one needs real training then this is the place to be.if one is looking for work, then there are other options.

  24. Pervez says:

    please accept my course request.

  25. Wayne Jones says:

    I’ve noted some of the comments above mine referencing the salvation of others as their priority; not getting a job. I agree. You can reach people wherever you work. I recently finished a class at (highly recommended) and I’ve been blessed to welcome 2 people to Christ within two weeks. I am very excited to join all of you at Trinity to take the next step in my education.

  26. Yee Meng Wah says:

    How much is the registration fee and renewal fees for Doctorate in Theology

  27. ml apparao says:

    i did MA MPhil from jnu new delhi.while doing phd programme,igot a job and working in govt organisation for the last 22 years. I tried to do secular phd but lost interest due to preoccupied with work assignment.i am from christian family desires to have good theological understanding and enrich my spiritual life. since this is distant learning process,i dont need to neglect my official work. no need for availing long leave etc,. can assist me with full details to do phd/thd progrmme from ur institute. love in christ. . mla rao

  28. I am a former atheist. I have come to realize that God is truly real and has, all along, desired a relationship with me. By way of Trinity, I feel as if I can know Him deeper on a personal level, and simultaneously, strengthen my faith against the argumentation that has kept me away from Him for so long. So, it may not be recognized by the US government, however, I am reinforcing my mind and strengthening my soul for what ever journey which may be before me.

    God Bless!


  29. Rev. Colin Carvell says:

    I am awaiting for confirmation of my course. I give thanks to God and to Trinity for the chance to study without fees. Here in El Salvador education is very expensive. to receive a decent education one needs to pay A LOT!! all schools and education providers here are only in for the money, thereis little care or thought for te needs of the student.
    Once again hank you Trinity.
    “Accreditation” is from Go wen one studies His Word. God bless all personally and in your studies.

  30. Rev. Colin Carvell says:

    I am awaiting for confirmation of my course. I give thanks to God and to Trinity for the chance to study without fees. Here in El Salvador education is very expensive. to receive a decent education one needs to pay A LOT!! all schools and education providers here are only in it for the money, there is little care or thought for the needs of the student.
    Once again thank you Trinity.
    “Accreditation” is from God when one studies His Word. God bless all personally and in your studies.

  31. Don Myers says:

    I want to pursue a Decorate Degree but the cost is overwhemling. I am willing to put in time and effort to accomplish the task I just cannot afford the amount of expense it has accrued over the years of going to university. I want to share that the bible is the final word in all matters of doctrine and practice. Bring other to Christ showing them grace alone is the means of salvation, and works play no role in it. I know that Christ alone is the Savior, and there is no other mediator between God and man. I want to share with others worth glorifying God is a joyful experience. Having love for one another no matter what cultural background or ethnicity, you come from.

  32. Adriaan Rossouw says:

    I would like more information on enrolling in the Bachelor of Ministry curriculum. I have felt God’s call and now need the education to carry it out. I would like to know if this degree is universally recognized before proceeding. Thank you for your response and God bless!

  33. Jorgie Saguidec says:

    We have discipleship trainings and bible studies in our church. I’ve been in the ministry for almost five years yet I feel the need to really know more of the word of God, to know Him more. I think online study would really prepare me for future progressive ministry as a teacher and a missionary. It will push me more to desire for maturity. As we are changed from glory to glory. Learning never ends and so does knowing who God is never ends, but it is progressive. Praise God for this online Theological Seminary Program!

  34. Daisy Matos says:

    Just finish submitting my application over a week ago and have not heard since. Looking forward to the approval of my application to get started on my degree. Even though I live in the United States it is very difficult to do my degree because of lack of finances. I live on a disability check and do not have enough to pay to earn my Bachelor Degree in Theology. Looking forward to teaching God’s word to others and being the vessel that God intended me to be.

  35. S. P. Manullang says:

    Accreditation is always needed to those who need job but to those who need “Knowledge and Understanding” from God’s word then it becomes nothing but only serving and ministering God alone… Gbu all

  36. Christopher Michael says:

    I hope joining trinity will make more equiped to serve thev people of God better as a teacher of Christian Education in Kenyan schools and colleges

  37. Luvin Areas says:

    Thanks for your information…is very helpfull


    I am totally grateful for this college, i have been a bible teacher for twelve years and have taught many of which some are pastor of different churches yet many of us eagerly seek a bible institute to advance our calling. I saw this is TRINITY. many of them can not operate the computer so they ask for a branch or an affiliation . i appeal for the directors of this great institute for consideration to create a room for this zealous God called servants.

  39. Ashmead Mullings says:

    I have completed the application, and was accepted in the program, however I have not heard from the school as yet. They have ask for a registration fee. Please provide information as to the location to send the registation fee. Please send it to the email stated above. waiting anxiouly to start.

  40. Susan Cu Tikalsky says:

    Dear Sir:
    I hope to aspire to a Doctorate in Biblical Archeology! The website seems too old to access for the 20 or so free courses.
    I obtained a Postgraduate diploma in Christian Journalism and Communication, from which I created a book, Daddy! Letters to the Editor, that has be accepted into the USA and international market. Truly a wonderful experience, with creativity and distinction this learning experience with Trinity to tell everybody about it! God bless the aspirant that comes from Trinity!
    God bless you all, very much! I’m back after the Masters for a Doctorate! I love you!

    Sunny California says “Hi!”,

    Susan C Tikalsky BA,BS, MD-PhD (incomplete-good standing), PostGrd, and someday PhD; 8 books under contract (3 to be in production)

  41. Susan Cu Tikalsky says:

    Dear Sir:

    There is life everywhere God blooms. And, the help in social status your school offers me reminds me, niece Jaylynne, how wonderful your marriage this week. God bless us all, to celebrate and love!

    To abundance in life, for we try,

  42. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    This Trinity school is providing rich and appropriate course material my reasoning to the word of God is developing day and night.A person can experience this only if you are registered student so come and be part of this school.
    DrApologetics student

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