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Trinity: The First School To Offer Free Apologetics/Theology Graduate Distance Programs


Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology offers several high quality masters and doctoral diplomas in theology through free distance education. Being the oldest school of its kind, TGSAT has great insight into how distance education needs to go, what the quality ought to be, and what the students expect from Trinity. Over the years this had lead Trinity on a path of developing and imparting high-quality biblical, theological, apologetics and ministry-related education and training that is unique. All Trinity programs are offered on a no tuition fees basis. Read the testimony of students from around the world to see what kind of quality we have been able to offer them.

Here is what some of our students say:





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  1. SETH ABOTSI says:

    I am really blessed to join this wonderful institution of higher learning.The course materials are very timely and appropriate.It’s helping me in the ministry.Continue the good work and I recommend anyone who want to study pure and unadulterated word of God to join Trinity.

  2. SETH ABOTSI says:

    Trinity is a must university every bible believer must attend.I am really a lot of things which has improved my service for God and mankind.I recommend this noble institution to anyone who want to grow spiritual.God bless our tutors and enlarge their territories.Amen.

  3. Mark Anderson says:

    Could you please check on the status of my graduation in the MDiv program? I sent in my final assignment back in April. Thank you. God bless, Mark

  4. Fikru Worku says:

    I thank God for permeating me to join you. I do have MA in leadership therefore I need further study in Phd. program especially in theology. I live in Ethiopia. I need further study especially corresponding courses. please help me in facilitating distance education.I am waiting for your response God bless you all
    Fikru Worku

  5. Pastor Jeffrey Appiah - Ghana says:

    Trinity is second to none in the world of theology. The courses
    are there for all to see.
    To me its a dream come true to study the word of God deeper in a reputable school like Trinity.

    Through this I founded this organisation that provides mentorship and monitorship for young people by the use of theology and Biblical worldview. Through this many young people are being saved for Christ.

    Our aim is to promote Spirituality and Intellectuality.

  6. AKLILU TEFERA says:

    Dear Dean,Dear the man of God,my name is Aklilu Tefera I’m from Ethiopia.I have morthan sixteen years exprience as pastor,Chairman of team leadership, Teacher,Preacher & Administrator.I was lincensed in April 2000 at Batea Full Gosple Bilvers Cherch.I am a fouder & sineor pastor in this church.I serving continue the holy father by righteousness,by grace of gift,by brayer,by fath by love,by knowledge and wisdom of church leadership and mangement by organizing and coordinating.Therefor,still now i am not learn theology or bible school.pleas the man of God help me,I needed your suport.God blessyou each of you.

  7. Pastor Jeffrey Appiah says:

    In fact I will recommend Trinity to all and sundry. Trinity is real, I completed my Bachelor of Theology last year 2012 and my Degree Certificate and Transcript have been mailed to me and by God’s grace I’m pursuing my Masters with them in Religious Education.

    Time will fail me to talk about how Studying with Trinity has impacted my life and ministry positively.

    I can only say, God bless Dr. Philip and his team for this opportunity to enhannce our lives.

    I recommend Trinity to all, especially my African friends because in Africa, especially in Ghana quality theological education is very expensive and they are no where close to the standard of Trinity in terms of curricular.
    god bless you all

  8. Greetings in the name of the Lord. I have just completed my ThM, and have received my transcripts and diploma. The courses offered by Trinity require more work than the average seminary course; however, the work required allows the student to possess a firm understanding of the material.

    While many seminaries now teach false doctrines concerning God’s Word, sin, atonement, the person of Christ, and Haven/Hell; Trinity continues to teach from a fundamental perspective of the Word of God and Christian Doctrines.

    If you are interested in studying God’s Word, I would highly recommend studying at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology

    Grace and Peace

  9. I have completed the Masters of Theology (MTh) from Trinity Graduate school of Apologetics and Theology, but I can say with much emphasis that Trinity Graduate School of Theology and Apologetics, is a center of academic excellence. I received all my course by the help of materials which I took through my E-mail addresses in downloads form. In my opinion, the course materials that the school provides are second to none in terms of quality. They are so inspiring that anyone who read them will certainly be transformed.
    When I first began my distance education, I did not realize how much self-discipline and effort it was going to take. I have spent the last two years in this educational setting, and I must say that I believe that Trinity is one of the most solid distance learning programs in the world.
    To me the registration and graduation fees charged at Trinity is peanut comparing to cost of studies in other institutions. In a country where I’m living private study costs are too much. I cannot enroll, my explanation is; the Trinity Theology School is the true free school offers. And I can boldly say Trinity is student friendly and one of the best gives free fee offers
    .Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology really excels in the ‘internet correspondence’ model of education. Allowing students to remain at home, so that they may study at their own pace, while also getting ‘hands on’ training in their local church; I am convinced, this is the wave of the future. This has certainly worked well for me.
    Trinity is as well as a non-traditional school. It operates in the “Distant Online Education”, method, as a computer enhanced program, where you work with an individual mentor in achieving your goals. Therefore, Trinity’s mentors and professors will be happy in their duty.
    I am so excited enjoying all the free materials and lessons on this website. Actually that day I named it a day of God, because I got what was in my vision and exactly what I need for preparation of grow in spiritual way. Trinity’s approach is a combination of text, audio Mp3, and video; all materials which is interested
    I recommend Trinity School to all my Christian friends because I know it can help them to explain their faith more clearly in a more powerful way to the ones who are honestly seeking truth.
    I translated two free lessons of Trinity School into Norwegians, they are Does God Exist and Bible and Science. The Norwegians version has been proved to be quite sharp to cut off the pride of well-educated people in their Churches and families
    Finally , I would like to thank Trinity for having the vision and the desire to develop such a program and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my professors and mentors for their guidance
    God bless your service again

    Rev. Temesgen Dabessa Birru
    Graduated MTh

    • Ediae christopher I. says:

      You are right.Everything you said about Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is very true.

      One needs strong self-discipline,self-encouragements,ability to balance personal commitments with studies, critical thinker,time managements amongs others to excel in a an online/distance serminary education.

      I once had Trinity admission sometime around
      2011 and didn’t make the most of it because balancing personal/life commitments and challenges with studies was very challenging.

      Am most greatful to Trinity Academic Council for granting me admissions this time to fulfill Gods purpose for my life.having learnt some of these challenges associated with distance/online education,am ready to finish my studies in record time!

      All Trinity students (old/ potential) should learn from this…..

      Advice: Trinity programs are very very indept and richly loaded! so I would advice you don’t just apply for two integrated program if you are not mentally up to it.Kindly consider your strengths and weakness.

      Remain blessed in your studies.

  10. Cass Bensberg says:

    Does Trinity provide a graduate a diploma after successful completion of one of the degree programs?

  11. andreas martin pelapelapon says:

    pastor phillips,

    i am longing to be a doctor in christian apologetics, i was a graduate mechanical and electrical engineer from a well known university in the US, now living in indonesia
    please guide me step by step to gain that degree sooner, as of now sometimes i spoke in full gospel businessman fellowship international… next month i am invited for some gospel speech in 5 churches in china main land
    will appreciate your immediate response, Jesus bless you,

  12. Ceasar Sam Nkhoma says:

    I am a student of Trinity. Right now I am studying Doctor of Religious Education. I have attended several school before I registered with Trinity. But the things that I have learnt from trinity are quiet different. Trinity is not an ordinary school. I like everything I have learnt so far.

  13. Ediae christopher I. says:

    You are right.Everything you said about Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is very true.

    One needs strong self-discipline.In addition-self-encouragements,ability to balance personal commitments with studies, critical thinker,time managements amongs others to excel in a an online/distance serminary education.

    I once had Trinity admission sometime around
    2011 and didn’t make the most of it because balancing personal/life commitments and challenges with studies was very challenging.

    Am most greatful to Trinity Academic Council for granting me admissions this time to fulfill Gods purpose for my life.having learnt some of these challenges associated with distance/online education,am ready to finish my studies in record time!

    All Trinity students (old/ potential) should learn from this…..

    Advice: Trinity programs are very very indept and richly loaded! so I would advice you don’t just apply for two integrated program if you are not mentally up to it.Kindly consider your strengths and weakness.

    Remain blessed in your studies.

  14. Seth Abotsi says:

    God richly bless our wonderful tutors and all volunteers who are making everything possible for some of us to learn and impact this knowledge to others.I am doing my Masters in Theology with Trinity I must say my perception and understanding of some of the scriptures as changed drastically.I recommend this noble institution to any serious student.


    You are doing a very great job and I congratulate the great impact I achieved since I have registered in the school, so congratulations to all the staff of this wonderful school.
    But I find it difficult to know my standard in my course relation,and how our learning materials are being graded, for that matter, I don’t know if I am still a student of trinity college.
    Secondly, I want to propose to our lecturers to kindly inform the students about the requirement involved. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  16. Pastor Mbibui clement chiambah says:

    Dear sir,
    I am a cameroonian serving the Lord in the Hospital setting. Keep on indeed my world view and biblical impart has being of use thanks to Trinity; Keep on i am in the DBS just completed the MBS;God blessed you all.

  17. Dennis Bailey says:

    Dear Everyone

    I have completed 2 degrees from Trinity. I studied archeology and did doctorate work in theology. I was worried that it would be too much of a commitment and that I could not do this while working. I was wrong. It is do able. Do not miss this opportunity to receive excellent education and resources. At many schools, you would be paying thousands of dollars for your education. Here, at Trinity, one pays a small application fee. All the people that work at Trinity to provide this education, are honest, sincere dedicated men and women of God. Do not hesitate. There are also many free resources available. I know that Dr. Philip has an impressive degree in Physics and rather than pursue only science and worldly academics, he has dedicated himself to a much greater cause, to provide biblical and spiritual education and edification to anyone who desires it, at give away prices. I have followed his activities since 2006 when I first enrolled, and let me tell you, so many times, he had gone out of his way to help and feed so many needy people in India. He travels and speaks to others about our Savior, and fills so much of his time in the service of his Heavenly Father, and probably 99% of his work and efforts go unrecognized or even noticed. He is not a believer of Gods word, but a DOER. He serves as a great example of a Christian Soldier in a country that hardly recognizes Christianity. He has written so many articles and put together many courses, out of pure experience, not just academics. Please if you do join, consider some donations once or twice a year, either to Trinity or to an appeal for help to some individuals. You will make a difference. In fact, if every student made a donation of a few dollars, it will have a tremendous impact, and your money will not be misused. It will help others, maintain the website, and provide office space for Trinity. It will also go to missionary work.

    If you have applied to Trinity, and are waiting for a response, please be patient. These good men have many responsibilities but I know they will get to you as their time permits.

    When I wrote my thesis, and did the research, it was time consuming and I did much reading. Yet, to me, every second was not wasted. I grew much, and was surprised at how little research is actually being done in many areas of the Bible and Bible Theology.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this short testimony of Trinity, and my experience. The use of email, websites, etc, has provided a vast new opportunity for anyone to receive excellent education part time or full time. Do not pass up this opportunity. Don’t just think about it, DO IT!!

    God Bless You All


    I remind you of the degree course I applied for

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Official inquiries are to be sent to office, not via comments on the website.

      Thank you very much for your comment about TGSAT. Trinity Graduate school of Apologetics aims to be the best free Bible Seminary in the world.

      • Ben-Zion says:

        Hi Dr. Philip.
        I want to know if Trinity College has room for Pentecostals.
        For people who believe in the supernatural power and occurances in the Bible and also below in their existence and workings in today’s world, does Trinity accommodate them?

        Thank You.

  19. Hallo readers!

    Trinity is as well as a non-traditional school. It operates in the “Distant Online Education”, best method, as a computer enhanced program, where you work with an individual mentor in achieving your goals. Therefore, Trinity’s mentors and professors will be happy in their duty. I had complited my MTh degrees (Masters in Apologetics and Theology) at Trinity graduated school in last year. I was sactisfied in there mentor system. In my studying with Trinity has impacted my life and ministry positively and gaing acheavely. I would like to continue my Phd soon.

    May God bless Trinity graduated school.

    Rev. Temesgen Dabessa Birru

  20. Distance learning can be challenging but I can truly say Trinity Theology has taken the challenge out of distance learning while keeping the education level top notch. Don’t hesitate but take that step to get on board. You will not regret it.

  21. Donald L. Ruch BTh says:

    Afodable Quality Tehological Education is hard to come by and thank God for TSDET graduate training. I have learned so much and I have just finished my first assignment!

  22. Donald L. Ruch says:

    Quality Theological education at a price that cannot be beat. I am very pleased with the course and enjoy the assignments.

  23. Nabagereka Racheal says:

    Quality Theological education at no cost for Students in developing Countries.It has helped me grow spiritually in knowledge.

  24. Rhodes Sithole says:

    Answered prayer. You know for years I have been searching for a way to upgrade myself from a Diploma in Religious Studies to a Bachelors with no avail. The problem was always the fees. However as I stayed connected to Paul’s advice according to Philippians 4:6, The Lord answered me through TGSAT. I do not understand why I searched the way I did on Google but the results are amazing. I have now enrolled for BTh Degree for free. I know I can never repay this gracious gift with material things but I have pledged myself to reach the lost souls for my Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am praying for Trinity Theological College and the staff who are so selfless patient in their work for the Lord.
    I say God Bless you all.





  26. Hany sameih says:

    Dr:johnson c.philip

    I am very interested to learn Master of Biblical Studies(MBS)WITH
    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology.

    I listened about Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology and you from Dr,Rev.Joseph Elmenshaoi.(a student in the past to Dr:johnson c.philip).

    I am a student to Dr,Rev.Joseph Elmenshaoi in Hebrew corse and i do my duties in excellent way as Dr,Rev.Joseph Elmenshaoi said.
    He advices and helps me to contact with the Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology web site.

    Dr,Rev.Joseph Elmenshaoi E-mail is
    Hany Sameih
    April 5 2015
    Beni suif- Egypt

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Please send an application and you will be admitted!

      • Hany sameih says:

        A private message for Dr. Johnson .C.Philip
        I have sent to you an Electronic Application.and I have received an email since April 8th. from Dr. Anand Philip. and I’ve waited more than 4 working days in order to get a reply. I receive no reply yet.

        Hany Sameih
        April 14th 2015
        Beni suif- Egypt

      • Angel Reuben Ng'ambi says:

        I would really love to study and learn more, please accept me by enrolling me

  27. Leonard says:

    Trinity is a tool for academical and ministirial training.Am not the same after studying
    Leonard Sunguma,Malawi

  28. This College “Rocks”….I Thank God for allowing me to earn my Bachelor in Ministry Degree in August 2014.

    The classes are full of spirit!!!

    Now, working on my Masters in Divinity…Praise God!!!

    Peace in the valley…

  29. Wetpus Dawap says:

    Greeting in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. This is a wonderful school which is well recommended to our contemporary generation to train men and women to contents with this perverse teaching that is spreading everywhere. I really believe in the school and what God will use it to do. Pls I want to know, am been trying to join the Twitter and facebook it was difficult . pls help me to do so

  30. Gideon Adeku Mawuli says:

    i just got my modules and i have started going thruogh them. Infact, the materials are very good. I just cant put them down. I sincerely recommend Trinity to everyone who really wants to study the bible.

  31. Wesley Rose says:

    I am neck deep in study and it is just great. Learning about the Bible and sharing my faith are so very important to me. Any time one can study at such a level there must always be huge benefits. Although I have essentially just started on this degree program the benefits have already began to show. One could say that even at this early stage the vine is being nourished and fruit is already beginning to grow. Truly, it is just amazing how focused and captivating the materials are. But then, what greater area could there ever be to study than the Bible – God’s love letter to mankind.

  32. mina s. osting says:

    thanking God for this opportunity to learn more about God and His Word which is really my passion. Thanking Trinity Theological School in advance for this great help and may God Almighty bless me finish the course. God bless everyone!

  33. Alex Fares says:

    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I continually thank God for this college, it is a huge blessing to the world at large. One can never be the same after quality theological training at Trinty Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology

  34. Eddy Tan says:

    Thanks God for this great opportunity to study in TGSAT.
    I really appreciate it & it will support me to serve our Lord effectively, because the courses are helpfull learning for me to serve Lord Jesus.
    May God in Lord Jesus bless me to finish the course. God bless TGSAT, make it blessings for more believers/ministers in all fields of ministries, for the glory of the Lord!

  35. Raphael Oye. Taiwo says:

    I have been studying at TGSAT now for a long time, aiming for a doctorate degree in theology. So I am in a good

    position to make, without being guilty of dishonesty, the following comment: Studying with TGSAT is a wonderful

    experience. the task of learning at the College is a pleasant one; and will give you pleasure. The modules and

    textbooks are written by highly qualified, knowledgeable, clear-headed men of God. A fear that often bothers some

    people about distance learning is that they may not be able to understand the text books and written instructions

    without a teacher standing physically by their side explaining things vocally. In my experience at TGSAT you don’t

    have to give in to this fear if you possess an average knowledge of English language because the TGSAT lectures and

    textbooks are not hard to understand. No cumbersome jargons and phrases to give you headache while reading. They

    are written in clear and lucid style and so are easy to understand. The instruction methods and materials of the TGSAT

    are carefully and knowledgeably designed and arranged to open the gateway to the treasure house of divine

    knowledge. The learned study textbooks of TGSAT will strengthen you spiritually and improve your intellectual ability.

    What’s more all these spiritually enabling and highly educative course free of charge! Raphael Oye. Taiwo

  36. Rodney Sexton says:

    My goal when applying to Trinity for acceptance as a student in their
    Bachelor of Theology program was to learn as much about Biblical theology as possible. Now six months into the program, I have found it very challenging. For example, the 19 Essential Apologetics lessons including another 19 additional readings opened a whole new world of material and skills needed to successfully defend the faith, something God calls every Christian to do in 1 Peter 3:15. It is true that Trinity’s programs are not easy, believe me. For those looking to buy a degree while doing little or nothing to earn it, Trinity isn’t the seminary for you. But if you want to truly learn about the Bible and all subjects related, maybe for the ministry or teaching or just to understand what the “experts” are preaching from the pulpit, then Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is the place to study.

  37. Joe Muthoka says:

    I have already enrolled for my BTH and doing fine. I must that say that the text books are really rich with content and easy to understand. I would recommend my fellow Kenyans to this online college and stress that the information given is VERY true. God bless this school and you as you consider joining.

  38. kenneth kandoje says:

    God is good all the time let me appreciate the leaders of this school, indeed what Iam learning now as a student of DrAPologetics is so wonderful I’m seeing clear future for the growth of Christianity.

  39. hany sameihا says:

    I Am A Proud Student of TGSAT. You Too Can
    Join This Tuition-free Seminary at http://www.TrinityTheology.org

  40. I am a student of TGSAT and love the experience. The staff and the lessons are excellent and I would recommend this school for anyone wanting to learn more about the Bible and the Lord’s word. Please check out the courses and see if you would like more information on them.

  41. Chris Shultz says:

    I have been a student at TGSAT for several months now and I am very pleased with the materials and training. Though the costs are minimal, the quality is excellent. I would recommend Trinity to anyone seeking to grow in their ability to minister.

  42. George Meilahn says:

    The apologetics courses are outstanding in that they offer each point of view and its emphasis. The authors of the MDIV program are also diverse and will be offer me practical help for my current and future work in ministry.

  43. Grace Goh says:

    Dear Dr. Philip,

    I would like to seek your kind assistance. I have sent in my final application to enroll in Master of Biblical Studies since 31 August 2015 and have yet to receive any reply from the TGSAT. Kindly advise me what I need to do. Thank you. God bless you richly!

  44. Rodney Sexton says:

    The Bachelor of Theology courses are not only interesting but are also challenging. They force you to think about what you believe and why you believe it. Whether your goal is to bring depth to your Christian faith or plan to preach or teach the Word, you will find no better place to learn than at Trinity.

  45. Wesley Rose says:






    I have to say that no other experience, academically, has challenged me more than this degree program. In almost 40 years of formal education, research, field work, and ministry no program or course of study has bee a greater challenge than the Masters in Biblical Archeology program here at Trinity. I has allowed me to use much of my accumulated experiences and field work and permitted me to integrate it into a steadily growing foundation of Biblical knowledge – a foundation that makes my faith grow even greater. I am so enjoying the steady and challenging research for my thesis – and it is as exciting and invigorating as the very first paper I wrote as a freshman in 1977 at Appalachian State University.

  46. Hany Sameih Gaued says:

    I’m really very proud to be joining TGSAT
    I had been studied in many faculties of theology. But TGSAT is the deepest and best study I do now.
    And I am confident that God will use me through the study in the service of better and deeper in my area and perhaps not only in the regions but the entire world.
    I pray for every team in the TGSAT and especially Dr:johnson c.philip
    and Dr. Saneesh Cherian
    I encourage every believer in the Middle East but also in all the world to join TGSAT for even qualify to work in the service of the Lord and breadth of his kingdom.

  47. ALEXANDER Benedict T. says:

    Good morning Sir. I applied for a masters programme in theology with your noble school in December 2015. I got a reply that my application was received and that the academic council will consider my application and send me a reply within four working days, but I am yet to get any reply. I have sent several reminders but I did not get any response. Please Sir, kindly help me to turn my dream of having a masters in theology into a reality. My present frustration of not getting a reply is eating me up. Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

  48. Emmanuel Ibu says:

    I have just finished my Doctor of theology and apologetic from this school and I find it most rewarding. I as a
    student from Nigeria wish to recommend the School to all serious minsters of God who want to be effective in his or her ministry to have this experience, you will not regret if you do so.

  49. Ian Naidoo says:

    I want to say a big thank you to Dr Johnson Philip and Dr Sameesh Cherrian for their undoubted support since my first email in 2006. May God contunue to bless this college. I am a visually impaired man living in south africa. I managed to complete my Bth diploma in September 2015. Dr Philip is a real dad to many of us. May Jesus bless you sir with good health and travelling mercies.

    Continue to be a blessing to those around and in need

    Missionary Ian Naidoo
    PO Box 302
    South Africa

  50. Cal Washington says:


    I’m just reaching out to let you know that we’ve placed our domain, Theology.tv on sale if you’re interested!


  51. Hany Sameih Gaued says:

    I am Hany Sameih Gaued from Egypt
    Although, I got a Master’s degree of Divinity; but I’m really very proud to study in TGSAT for MBS. TGSAT is the deepest and best academic theological studies. Although, I am at the beginning of studying MBS, but I have studied in better way and deeper way through TGSAT. I encourage every believer in the Middle East and also all over the world to join TGSAT for qualify to work in the service of the Lord and breadth of his kingdom. I pray for every team in the TGSAT , especially Dr:johnson c.philip and Dr. Saneesh Cherian and I am honored to be your student; and that the Lord prepares me through your prestigious college, that Lord uses me in order to teach other people.
    Finally, pray to the Lord that applies to the words of the Bible when Paul said:” And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2Ti 2: 2).

  52. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    Trinity course is helping me to develop my christian perspective that is necessary to succeed in today’s world Iam able to put my learning into practice immediately,allowing me to serve the souls well.
    DrApologetic student

  53. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    Iam extremely grateful to Trinity school and its entire administration .
    To my delight I’m discovering the course materials very detailed and well explanatory.To those who wish to study do not delay you will learn more.
    DrApologetic Student

  54. Praise the Lord
    I give my thanks to the almighty God to give me an opportunity to Join with TGSAT to pursue a Master of Theology, I am A graduate with Doctor of Theology from Great Commission Bible College, God led me to this School so as to enrich my education for effective ministry, Since I stated to study the Studies from this studies I have God the Insights and My knowledge has expanded in deep, When I started to read the Materials from the Module of Essentials Apologetics God revealed to me the truth concerning the Christian Faith

    Also My special thanks go to Dr. Johnson C Philip and Dr. Saneech Cherian for their commitment to mentor and train men and women of God Free of Charge. Their Contribution to the Kingdom of God is unforgettable
    I am doing the Master of Theology it is very Interested and Attractive. I would like to invite all people who want to be prepared for effective ministry to join to TGSAT for better training yours in Spiritual Harvest
    Rev.Dr.Erick L Mponzi

  55. Paul J. Banda says:

    Training with Trinity simply entails importing truths from the Bible.

  56. Rev. Ann Heculuck says:

    July 07, 2018
    I cannot express how much I appreciated this course. Although I have been in full time Ministry for 25 years, this proved to be a time of refreshing and renewing for me. If we are new in our Lord, or seasoned in our Lord, we all need to keep studying, keep connecting with other Christians. I so appreciate what they are doing at this School, providing free Christian Education to all who desire. My time of study stirred up my spirit and gave me a desire to continue, so I have applied for the ThD course. There is a work load, and so there should be, it will help their students to strive for excellence. I know God will bless these men for their faithfulness, it is a great example of the Grand Commission, go and make disciples. I encourage all who are reading this to take advantage of this opportunity. Rev. Ann Heculuck, Director, Open Arms of Jesus Outreach Ministry, Canada

  57. George F. Meilahn says:

    Trinity’s Master of Divinity degree program gave me a complete spectrum of experts weighing in on matters vital to ministry, theology, and apologetics. It has assisted me greatly.

  58. David Keeling says:

    Since commencing my studies with TGSAT three plus years ago, I have grown in my knowledge of theology, apologetics, and related disciplines-thank you TGSAT.

  59. David Keeling says:

    The Doctor of Theology program is completely free with regard to tuition fees, which is true of all TGSAT programs.

  60. Stephen House says:

    This is a great site to get high-quality graduate education in the ology/apologetics.

  61. Paul Bruning says:

    TGSAT offers great study materials covering a plethora of religious subjects. All the courses are FREE. When I say free, it is not synonymous with inferior. All studies are written by well-known theologians and academics.

  62. Sam Shavers says:

    TGSAT is a tuition free, theologically conservative and academically rigorous institution that I am proud to be apart of!!! God bless you TGSAT!!

  63. Sam Shavers says:

    I am presently a new DMin student and excited about this opportunity!

  64. Moses George says:

    I am really excited to say that TGSAT offered me a tuition – free opportunity to study for the Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree. TGSAT’s courses are very thorough, and can rival, or even exceed similar courses offered by some of the best seminaries and universities across the world.

    Studying at TGSAT is a great blessing for me. My entire life has been transformed by its well structured and high quality courses. I’ll like to use this opportunity to call upon prospective students to take advantage of this rare opportunity by enrolling into any TGSAT’s tuition – free courses.

    I thank TGSAT for offering me the opportunity to purse my ThD degree (tuition – free). I also want to thank Dr. Johnson C Philip and Dr. Saneech Cherian for their great mentorship.

  65. Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyei says:

    Dear sir,
    You said I should use a way to send or give my e-mail address to you but there is no option at THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of the page of this site. Please you can use this address wwwajunior5gmail.com.
    Thank you.

  66. I am thankful to TGSAT for the rear opportunity to study for no cost! Trinity qualifications are internationally recognised! In this part of The world we have South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) which is a South African body of high education! I sent my Masters degree for on TGSAT! They have accepted it as authentic. They said it meets their standards. One cannot be allowed to study in South Africa unless you are authorised by SAQA. Qualifications accepted by SAQA are recognised Africa Wide. Once you are authorised by SAQA they give you a certificate of membership at a fee of 1200 rands. Thank you Trinity! You are a blessing to the nations!

  67. Byron Pulsifer says:

    TGSAT has been the most beneficial Biblical Studies program I have been associated with. In fact, even now as I am currently completing the last assignment in the Doctorate program, I have been blessed by its mentors and extensive content to the point where I am able to assist and guide class participants in my local church as we explore the major Essentials of the Christian Faith.

    I would strongly encourage anyone, no matter what part of the world in which you live, to seriously consider advancing your Biblical education by investigating Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology.

  68. Moses George says:

    I received my grades chart with much excitment yesterday from TGSAT, and that has brought me lot’s of encouragement.

    I say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Dr Philip, Dr Cherian and to TGSAT for offering me this rare opportunity to study (Tuition – Free) at the prestigious TGSAT.

  69. Sam Shavers says:

    I am almost ready to start on my first critical summary. TGSAT is truly a blessing.

  70. Paul Judea Banda says:

    Too good to be true, especially for third world students like myself as TGSAT offers free courses that are second to none theologically. Am doing PHD, Apologetics / Theology with thanks.


    I’m proud in the LORD to be a student of TGSAT,the richness of the material is wonderful, I have developed the behavior of studying, the ability, skills, attitude towards the ministry the knowledge of God is so amazing all these has been discovered through this school. God should continue guiding the personnel of TGSAT.Those who want to be part of this prestigious school do not delay come and register.
    DrApologetics student

  72. Dr. Jeff L. Barnhart, DMin. says:

    TGSAT is a wonderful graduate school and I would have never been able to get my doctorate without their help. I am now going for my second doctorate in Religious Education.

    If anyone is looking for a great school to get your degree go to TGSAT, you will not regret it

    Dr. jeff

  73. Patrick O'Meley says:

    What a blessing this school is. Happily all my materials were able to be downloaded with little trouble. All the modules of my course look exciting and interesting. The lecturers have made lots of amazing material available.

    I am very grateful for the founders for setting up such a wonderful resource to enable students like me to delve more deeply into the truth of Christianity.

    Registration was easy and quick. If you thirst for the truth, come and join this wonderful school.

  74. George F. Meilahn says:

    Does it seem like free sounds too good to be true? I can attest that TGSAT is well worth the investment of time and pays benefits that will last a lifetime of ministry!

  75. Stephen House says:

    I graduated from TGSAT last year and found the courses to be very challenging and thorough. I highly recommend this school for graduate study.

  76. David Keeling says:

    TGSAT continues to not only meet, but also to exceed my expectations in regard to my apologetic and theological educational requirements. If you require a strong Biblical conservative component in your apologetic and/or theological training, then I would strongly advise you to consider TGSAT.

  77. Sam Shavers says:

    TGSAT is a conservative, academically sound,academically rigorous institution og higher learning for those looking to be properly trained in the areas of Apologetics and Theology. Tuition Free, qualified faculty, theologically conservative, academically sound, is the perfect combination. Enroll today you’ll be glad you did.

    Sam Shavers Jr ThD student

  78. Sam Shavers Jr. says:

    TGSAT is a conservative, academically sound,academically rigorous institution of higher learning for those looking to be properly trained in the areas of Apologetics and Theology. Tuition Free, qualified faculty, theologically conservative, academically sound, is the perfect combination. Enroll today you’ll be glad you did.

    Sam Shavers Jr ThD student

  79. Paul Bruning says:

    TGSAT’s courses are as challenging as any other graduate programs elsewhere, And I have attended many. They maintain the highest possible spiritual, theological, and academic quality. Attending a brick and mortar seminary is priced out of the range for most folks, particularly here in the States. TGSAT’s courses are priced within the means of most worldwide.

    Rev. Paul D. Bruning, Th.D.
    TGSAT graduate

  80. Moses George says:

    Studying at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT) has broaden my perceptions beyond measure, and transforned my entire life!

    Courses offered by TGSAT are thorough and challenging; meeting the highest academic and theological standards!

    I remain grateful to TGSAT for providing me with this unique opportunity to learn, free of charge!

    Moses George,
    ThD Student

  81. Gerson Fumbuka says:

    I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to TGSAT for enabling me to complete my MThD and ThD studies free of charge.
    They do exactly what the Bible says, God gave them free and they also offer Bible studies free of charge. Holy Spirit cannot be bought.
    Please welcome to TGSAT for free biblical education.

  82. Paul Bruning says:

    Several years previously, I had attempted this program. I got lazy and side-tracked; I had allowed myself to become discouraged and let the studies fall to the wayside. But through some life events, I found the Lord nudge me to re-apply to TGSAT and start over from scratch. There were times I took a break and was even tempted to quit it all again. But through the urging of the Lord, I pressed on and overcame the temptations of the carnal mind. Oh, the Spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. (Matt. 24:61) For me, TGSAT was a perfect fit. It exceeded my expectations in every area. I wholeheartedly endorse the school and its programs. – Paul Bruning, TGSAT Grad ’14

  83. Paul Bruning says:

    Orthodoxy- TGSAT is sound theologically from a thoroughly biblical approach. The school is geared toward educating Christians in strong Apologetics, Polemics, and Theology. Most of these were in line with my tradition. There were a few authors with whom I had to question their views, but this only strengthened my beliefs. The challenge of different ideologies is good for the thinking student. One may challenge a view from any of the studies but with the caveat that an explanation from one’s own perspective is given in response that is reasoned carefully in the required paper for each course.
    Rev. Paul D. Bruning, Th.D. ’14 TGSAT Grad.

  84. Dr. Steven Ayule-Milenge (PhD) says:

    My gratitude to TGSAT a best conservative Theological and Apologetics School. The degree of MTh earned with courses offered 2012 have enabled me to complete my PhD’s thesis for two years at Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary Florida USA.God bless all

    +Bishop Dr. Steven Ayule-Milenge (PhD).

  85. Morgan Kanjolo says:

    Thank you for replying to my tutorial application

  86. David Keeling says:

    I am extremely pleased to be a current Th.D. student and potential Ph.D. student with TGSAT. The quality of resources, the high expectations that the TGSAT Principal and Dean have for the students and the potential opportunities for further study/training, is in my opinion a strong incentive for independent minded theological students to consider this particular seminary.

  87. Paul Bruning says:

    I rarely give recommendations for services offered yet I personally find TGSAT offers one of the best & a highly respected biblical teaching/training of any college out there. They offer sound theological teaching for some rather well-known educators from around the world. It is a low-cost alternative to the other high-cost seminaries but offers the best education on equal status. I highly recommend it. Paul Bruning, Th.D.

  88. Justin Jones says:

    Trinity Theology is such a blessing. I have been enrolled for approximately 2 months. I have learned a vast amount of information within that period. This school is very helpful and professional. I love the material. The material is written by very accomplished authors who know their field.

  89. Allan Apdua says:

    I am really thankful to be part of this institution as a student of Doctor in Theology. I encourage everyone to join this institution to widen one’s knowledge and understanding about faith.

  90. Sam Shavers Jr says:

    I continue to appreciate the leadership and quality education at TGSAT.The accountability factors, academic rigor, qualified staff, and tuition free programs are a no brainer when deciding to enroll!!!!

    Doctor of Theology Program Student
    Sam Shavers Jr.

  91. Biniyam Fikadu Geleta says:

    Tinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT)

    TGSAT is the best place for the best for sound theological education. I have completed my Bachelor of Theology (BTh) and Masters of Theology (MTh) in TGSAT. The courses are strongly grounded on Scripture.

    After studying in TGSAT my perspective and view point toward things completely changed. I became a good writter and even completed one commentary and critical summary of a book in Amharic (my native language). I’m currently writing two books one in English another in Amaric. This is all because of a qualified education of TGSAT. In addition, TGSAT offers courses all with self-pace and writing apologeics and theology courses; this upgrades the critical thinking and writing skill of any one who study deligently in TGSAT. Finally, I would like to write about something the richness of the course materials: the arrangement, content, lingustical simplicity, reasonable and scientifically guided arguments, …. Beside all it is free and accessible for everyone.

    Hey! What are you waiting for? Join TGSAT and become a theologian and a good writer.

    God bless TGSAT!

  92. Robert Mugisha says:

    After a longtime looking for a better school that offers Theology, I finally reached here. I am very grateful and blessed.

  93. Sanni Olusegun Ayobami says:

    Thank God for the opportunity given to me to be part of this great movement. TGSAT its a place to be not just to acquire academic knowledge but to be imparted. The materials are made available freely, highly rich in inspiration and enlightenment.

    Why waiting? Join the train today and receive divine impartation

  94. Filani Olubunmi says:

    I am very grateful to TGSAT for the opportunity to study free of charge. I am currently studying BMin and very excited about the opportunity. TGSAT is theologically conservative and academically rigorous institution and I am proud to be part of it. I encourage everyone to enrol today. God bless TGSAT. FILANI OLUBUNMI BMin Candidate.

  95. Joe Lungu says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is an excellent school, with very highly enriched study programmes and tuition materials, responsive staff and professional teachers. I am enjoying my Master of Religious Education study programme through this institution very much. This is truly a prestigious school. Thank you so much for your help, support and understanding, Dr. Johnson C. Philip. I am looking forward to living up to the school’s ideals.

  96. Wilson Marufu says:

    I would want to take this opportunity to thank God the almighty for a school such as TGSAT for according me the chance to study for my master’s degree.
    It was not looking to possible as to fees were beyond my ability but it has been possible by Trinity. Thank you team, may the Lord richly bless you.

  97. Respect Muleya says:

    I’m a new student at TGSAT doing doctor of ministry. TGSAT is a wonderful school and can not be compared to any other school, the course content is very rich,

    I encourage other African ministers of the gospel to enrol here so that they get equipped with the word of God.

    thanks to TGSAT

    Respect Muleya
    Doctor of ministry student

  98. TGSAT is a blessing to me.I love the course material which gives new understanding of biblical concepts. Iam blessed to be a TGSAT student. Iam also blessed to get the free admission,. I always wanted to do theology but the costs have been difficult to meet. Thank you TGSAT admin and lecturers, thanks to the dedicated mentors. To God be the glory

  99. Biniyam Fikadu Geleta says:

    I’m ThD and DrApol Student. Thanks God for TGSAT and all the devouted staff. I just finished the first one course of DrApol and two courses of ThD. While I’m taking this courses I have learned that my writing and critical thinking skills are highly improved. This is how God used TGSAT to equip people with tuition free quality education.

    God bless TGSAT!

  100. Panshak Gomos says:

    I’ve Just downloaded ALL my MTH textbooks, notes and course materials for FREE. This is simply a Miracle. Thanks to TGSAT, my life long dream to study and apply Gods word and life has finally come to pass.

  101. Sephone Sospeter says:

    TGSAT was & is my dream school. I thank Jesus that now I’m a student of this best school in the world. I love the heart of Dr.Phillip and many other instructors because they do their work with a sincere and loving heart. I love the way lessons have been constructed, I love the fact that the school offers free education but with very highest value in it.

    My God bless TGSAT very much. I now see my visions on the work of the Lord come true via being part of TGSAT. Amen.

  102. Theresia says:

    I want to register my gratitude to TSGAT for giving me an opportunity to study MTh. I have just started and whatever i have discovered is very good and i have found what i was yearning for.This is what every minister of the true gospel needs.Thank you so much TSGAT.

  103. Moses George says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology(TGSAT) has provided me with a unique opportunity to study theology at doctorate level, and at no cost! Having studied at this prestigious institution, I have become a better Christian and a better scholar.

    TGSAT’s world class courses has equipped me beyond measure to become a more proficient Christian apologist, preacher and teacher. I remain grateful to Dr Johnson C. Philip, Dr Saneesh Cherian and the entire TGSAT team for offering me such a rare opportunity.

  104. Solomon Akinlua says:

    I am so excited to be a part of this great opportunity to explore God’s word in great depths! Super awesome to be a Thd and DBS candidate at TGSAT!

    God bless TGSAT!

  105. John Carlo V. Alonzo says:

    Good Morning From Philippines
    First of all I want to express a Gratitude to Our Lord for his Marvelous works second i want to thank Dr.Johnson C. Philip for Giving me this Opportunity to study free in his institution, it is a privilege to be Spiritually equipped without paying anything, i found it fulfilling every time i finished reading my module, the lessons are properly delivered although we know that distance education is hard, but the modules are well written as if it is taught to me in actual and i am Hoping that i will finish my course BTh and BMin inspite of my hectic schedule with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to say to all of you guys whose effort is untiring to be able to give us Spiritual equipping FREELY. i want to say you that You all have pleased our Lord you made your part in the Body of Christ and i declare for you Blessings in the Mighty Name of Jesus please keep up the Work.

  106. David Keeling says:

    I have been a student with TGSAT for nearly five years and my enthusiasm for this seminary, the course materials and the opportunities for academic and spiritual growth provide a constant encouragement for me to press on toward my academic goals and to excel in my calling.

  107. Thomas Newman says:

    Pleased to be a student in the Doctor of Biblical Studies program. I was surprised at the large amount of material they have for the course. It is thorough and so far well structured. Much time is needed to meet all the requirements, so it is wise to follow their suggestion to keep working on it, rather than lag behind. Thank you Dr Johnson C. Philip, Dr Saneesh Cherian and the entire TGSAT team for allowing me this opportunity.

  108. Rodolfo T Azanza Jr. says:

    I continue with my readings for DBS and had been working on my assignments. But I just want to express my thanks to God and to Dr. Philip and other authors of the readings in Apologetics. I have been learning even if I only started with DBS here in TGSAT. May God continue to bless and strengthen the people behind TGSAT!

  109. Alem Mekonnen says:

    After graduated my BTh from EMYS (Ethiopian Evangelical Mekane Yesus Seminary) before six years, I was searching day and night, and knocking many doors of Bible colleges, and seminaries all over the world through internet to find tuition free online or distance educations; I was in despairing condition to stop my searching till I find Trinity Graduate school of Apologetics and Theology. Praise God!! Now no more searching just studying my MDiv. with full, selective, Bible based, and sound doctrinal and theological materials, which are easy reading, understandable materials. All are tuition free only costs time and effort. Thanks God and all staffs and volunteers in Trinity Graduate school of Apologetics and Theology.
    With great Christian Love.
    Alem. Ethiopia,Africa.

  110. Sam Shavers says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology reasons to enroll
    1. Qualified Faculty
    2. Academically Sound
    3. Unapologetically Christian
    4. Tuition Free

    Sam Shavers Jr.,ThD Student


    I will never be grateful enough for this wonderful seminary.I’m learning great things that are changing my life and ministry.

    This school will the world see the great and glorious of Jesus Christ as it gives us sufficient tools to raise us as great defender of the FAITH.

    Thank you Dr Johnson C. Phillip and all the staff for your commitment to establish in the truth.

    Bishop Rodolphe Moussinga DD, PhD


  112. Moses George says:

    Having studied for a ThD degree at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology(TGSAT), I can state categorically and without fear of contradiction that this institution offer tuition – free academic programs that are second none!

    TGSAT’s courses are well structured to enhance and carefully prepare the student to excel in various christian ministries, and real life situations through the application of the timeless principles of the scriptures.

    Moses George,
    Kaduna, Nigeria

  113. Stephen House says:

    TGSAT is a quality educational institutions. I received my Doctor in Biblical Studies last year after completing a very thorough and disciplined program. TGSAT is well worth the investment of time and discipline.

  114. Sam Shavers says:

    Trinity is an academically sound, theologically conservative, tuition free graduate school of Apologetics and Theology.You will not be sacrificing quality for affordability, at Trinity you get both. I am pleased with the quality programs that TGSAT offers.

    Sam Shavers Jr.,ThD Student

  115. Sam Shavers says:

    Trinity is an academically sound, theologically conservative, tuition free graduate school of Apologetics and Theology.You will not be sacrificing quality for affordability, at Trinity you get the best of both worlds!

    Sam Shavers Jr.,ThD Student

  116. Shanell Joseph says:

    I was very impressed by the amount and quality of the resources I received for my MDiv. I could not have afforded this if it wasn’t free.

  117. Sam Shavers Jr. says:

    Where else in the world can a person matriculate at such a quality theological institution like TGSAT, tuition free? NO WHERE!

    Thank God for Drs Saneesh Cherian and Johnson C Philip for their great leadership and dedication.

    Sam Shavers Jr, ThD student

  118. Sam Shavers Jr says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology WHERE YOU WON’T HAVE TO SACRIFICE QUALITY FOR AFFORDABILITY!

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology expectations:

    “… the purpose of the tuition-free courses is not to produce theological degree-holders but to develop Christian communicators, leaders, and ideologues for the church.”

    ” … expects students to pick up practical and useful topics for research so that the thesis they submit is of use to others. Each thesis should, preferably, be on a topic that can be used as a textbook by others. Exotic topics, which are of no immediate relevance to the church, are not encouraged…”


  119. I am forever grateful to Drs. Johnson C. Philip and Saneesh Cherian for granting me an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in the Word of God. This could not have been possible if TGSAT was charging hefty fees like other institutions. What I like most about the degree programs that I have been taking at TGSAT is the amount of depth and breadth in the courses. This has widened my research base and increased my understanding of many topics that were once unchartered waters for me. Today, I can easily navigate through numerous topics in Bible, theology, Archaeology, apologetics, and polemics among others.

    I always say I highly recommend TGSAT with zero reservations to anyone who wishes to enroll. Yes, “with zero reservations!” I was once skeptical that TGSAT being an unaccredited institution might be substandard, bu ton, I was proven wrong. As a student who has accredited and unaccredited theological degrees, I have to admit that TGSAT far outshines most of the accredited and unaccredited schools in terms of the quality of resources and depth of authors from various fields.

    I have even gained entrance into some accredited institutions only based on my qualifications and coursework that I have taken at TGSAT. Since 2010, I have been a student of TGSAT and I do not regret doing this. If possible, I want to finish all the programs that are offered by this great institution. They have been very helpful to my personal life, academic career, evangelism, and teaching ministry.

    A great thank you to TGSAT for this wonderful vision.

  120. Moses George says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology(TGSAT) is one institution that stands taller among its peers. TGSAT avails people of different denominations and traditions the opportunity to acquire high quality tuition – free theological education.

    TGSAT’s well formed curriculum is aimed at enhancing sound academic and spiritual growth of its students. The institution’s program is flexible enough, and it allows students to study at their own pace.

    Having studied for the ThD degree at TGSAT, I can state emphatically that I have been greatly blessed beyond measure. My personal, academic and spiritual life has been greatly enhanced. My theological perception has been greatly broadened, and this has made me a better Christian, preacher and teacher!

    I remain very grateful to Dr Johnson C. Philip and Dr Saneesh Cherian for making this great initiative available to me, and to other students who would never have had such unique opportunity!

    Moses George,
    Kaduna, Nigeria

  121. My due honor to Dr. Johnson C. Philip and Dr. Saneesh Cherian for the wonderful work they are doing to the body of Christ in such a time like this when so much contrary to God’s word is happening worldwide.TGSAT and ISDET are really an answer not just to apologists but to every child of God with a hunger to know the truth.I use to joke with my friends that pastors love to be spiritual deep while their knowledge of the things of the spirit are shallow due to ignorance or lack of information.With TGSAT / ISDET academic and spiritual shallowness has come to its end.Ever since i started my studies , my life has never been the same.If there is anyone out there who is looking for a place to do theological studies TGSAT and ISDET are the right place for you.Once you enrol , you will never regret it.The courses are excellent and of a high quality.May the good God bless TGSAT /ISDET with long life and abundant grace

  122. Rhonda Noctor says:

    The courses have been such an inspiration to us in Tonga. It is so eye opening to read about the Apologetics and all the courses have been great!
    THE UNCHANGING PURPOSES OF APOLOGETICS: The methods and priorities of Christian Apologetics keep changing with time, but the main aim remains the same, To refute all the accusations that are brought against the Bible and the Christian faith. While Apologetics deals with objections and attacks originating from people within the Christian faith, Polemics deals with attacks originating from outside the Church. But no more ! All kinds of attacks against the Christian faith now borrow insights from each other, so that today every apologist must be an expert in polemics, and every polemicist must be an expert in apologetics. In other words, the purpose of Christian Apologetics is not to defend the Bible with the attitude as though it is a helpless book. Thus the Bible furnishes ample examples to indicate the necessity and the important role played by apologetics for the Christians as well as non- Christian hearers of God’s message. A person who has some background in the Christian apologetics can help this person to see the answers to the problems and questions which he is facing. The History of Christian Apologetics shows that many people have this misunderstanding. Though Christian Apologetics and Polemics was strong in the first five centuries, misunderstanding about Christian Apologetics and Polemics are subjects of recent origin.
    God bless!

    • Bill Bonifacio says:

      TGSAT provides quality apologetic and theology distance education. They give rich and meaningful non-traditional online education. I currently study MBArch and I highly recommended studying in TGSAT.

  123. Kojo Agbenor-Efunam says:

    My goal when applying to Trinity for acceptance as a student in Masters of Theology program was to learn and understand as much about Biblical theology as possible and be effective in ministry. Getting close to the end of my course work, I have found it very interesting and challenging. It is true that Trinity’s programs are not easy, It’s hard work, particularly when you can see that time is racing against you. For those looking for ways to get a degree doing little or nothing to earn it, I can confidently say to you that Trinity isn’t the seminary for you. Even the recommended two hours a day, you’ll find that it is not enough. But anyone who is truly interested in learning to become effective in the ministry or teaching or just to understand Biblical concepts and professional views, Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is the place to study. I’ll recommend the school again and again. It’s a school of hard work and smiles, especially when you are applying the lessons learnt.

  124. Solomon says:

    The more I study the materials I received for my Thd and DBS, the more I realize how blessed I am. God bless TGSAT

  125. Stephen House says:

    I graduated from TGSAT after receiving quality, and thorough, apologetic and theology courses. That is why I am re-enrolling in TGSAT for another degree. I currently have a Doctors in Biblical Studies and am now studying for a Doctor in Theology.

  126. Paul Bruning says:

    The Th.D. program, the one which I engaged in, is an advanced level theological diploma course where one goes deeper into topics related to Bible and Theology. The course is suitable for people who already have a good background in theology. After several brick & mortar schools, I questioned whether an extension program could offer quality to a student. I found that the TGSAT education matched or exceeded previous studies that I had taken in the past. I endorse any of the programs offered by this seminary program. – Rev. Paul D. Bruning, Th.D. ’14 TGSAT Grad.

  127. Sam Shavers says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics provides tuition free graduate level theological education. Dr Johnson C Philip and Dr Saneesh Cherian and the rest of the faculty and staff are well qualified to train men and women for Christian service.

  128. Rev. Joe Obaro Avwomakpa says:

    I had been trying to download my study materials for B.TH programs but to avail, I need your help concerning this matter so that I can continue with my studies as soon as possible.

  129. Justin Jones says:

    Trinity Theology is an awesome school. If you are looking for a great seminary please join us here at Trinity. The masters program is extensive and informative.

  130. What an opportunity i have got,tried to look for ministerial training for free but i could get none, TGSAT has offered me one now-MTH.Feeling honored but also my life is changing in regards to christian apologetics-before i thought that i would stand and begin challenging the radical Muslim faith in my family but all efforts were futile.With my TGSAT i believe my approach is going to change and i hope that one day my family members will confess Christ.
    Glory to God for TGSAT for the vision on supporting christian ministers for free but also providing the most relevant information for the era now.
    God bless you!

  131. Frederic K. Buford II, USA says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology has been a Godsend. I’ve completed programs at several Bible colleges and seminaries, but this program combined in depth biblical teaching with academic rigor in a way that increased my knowledge of the Word. Some of the material stretched my thinking and my faith. Some things I believed were true were shown to be false. I would recommend anyone who wants a real biblical education to enroll. I want to caution you. This is not a diploma mill or something you can complete overnight. It will take hard work and discipline, but will be well worth it in the end.

  132. Stephen House says:

    It is wonderful going to TGSAT to get my THD. They have such stupendous texts to read and report on. I love this institution.

  133. Sam Shavers says:

    I am thoroughly satisfied with TGSAT. The institution is academically and Biblically sound!!!

  134. Sam Shavers Jr. says:

    As a Doctor of Theology candidate I can attest to the quality of the leadership and course materials here at TGSAT. Dr Johnson C Philip and Dr Saneesh Cherian are more than qualified holding all the necessary degrees to lead this great institution.

  135. Kebei Ivo says:

    Many people quickly conclude that free education means less valuable and simple education. This is false and misleading. TGSAT offers very valuable and life-changing courses. Though free but seemingly the most intense theological seminary you will come across.

    Feel confident to take a course. Your life and ministry will change.

    Kebei Ivo
    DMin Student

  136. Sam Shavers Jr. says:

    TGSAT is a tuition free, theologically conservative and academically rigorous institution that I am proud to be apart of!!! God bless you TGSAT!!

  137. Sam ShaversJr.,Th.D (cand) says:

    TGSAT is a tuition free, theologically conservative and academically rigorous institution that I am proud to be apart of!!! God bless you TGSAT!!

  138. Sam Shavers Jr. ThD (cand) says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology WHERE YOU WON’T HAVE TO SACRIFICE QUALITY FOR AFFORDABILITY!

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology expectations:

    “… the purpose of the tuition-free courses is not to produce theological degree-holders but to develop Christian communicators, leaders, and ideologues for the church.”

    ” … expects students to pick up practical and useful topics for research so that the thesis they submit is of use to others. Each thesis should, preferably, be on a topic that can be used as a textbook by others. Exotic topics, which are of no immediate relevance to the church, are not encouraged…”


  139. Billexter Bonifacio says:

    Excellent education and very rich source of Biblical Archeology textbooks.

    More blessings to TGSAT!

  140. Opoki David says:

    it is a wonderful thing to be part of TGSAT. The little materials I have so far read is so rich.
    May God bless TGSAT.

  141. Justin Jones says:

    This school is an answered prayer. I looked for over two years trying to find the right institution. I am Calvinistic in my soteriology and a literalist in my eschatology. This school is everything it says it is in their doctrinal statement. Please come and join us here!

  142. Donald Karl Aldington Stewart says:

    My experience with Trinity Graduate School has been much greater than even my own expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses even though some modules forced me a little outside my comfort zones. Having completed the Doctor of Apologetics, and presently completing the DRE, I can confidently recommend this Graduate School to anyone who seriously desires to engage in any form of authentic Christian ministry. Thanks to the leaders, staff and sponsors for this tremendous learning opportunity.
    Sincerely, Donald K. Stewart, Zambia, Africa.

  143. Danielle Williams says:

    Making the investment to learn Theology and Apologetics at TGSAT is by far one of the best choices a person can make. I am thrilled to have been accepted and pursue my Biblical Studies through this school. I am really enjoying the course in Apologetics! The TGSAT Facebook Family is so encouraging, and the conversations are edifying!

  144. Justin Jones says:

    This is a wonderful school to attend. The teachers are knowledgeable and compassionate. The classes are very well structured and allow you to learn at your own pace.

  145. Donald Karl Aldington Stewart says:

    I am Jamaican missionary in Zambia, presently completing the Doctor of Religious Education program with TGSAT. I can confidently declare that God has been using these challenging modules to enrich my own spiritual life and to make me a more competent and productive servant of Jesus Christ. My only lament is that more of my fellow missionaries and associates are not taking advantage of this blessed opportunity for life and ministerial transformation. We will continue to pray, encourage and mobilize to this end. Sincerely, Donald K. Stewart

  146. Emiru Mulatu says:

    This is Emiru Mulatu from Ethiopia.
    I applied to TGSAT for Doctor of Theology four days ago, and the server notified me that the Academic Council will discuss my application and give me a response within 72 hours.
    I checked the possible reasons you provided and found no problem with my email and still waiting for your response.
    I can’t wait to be one of your students so that I will be able to equip myself with Theological truths that will help me realize my dreams.
    Thus, would you let me ask you for the response, please?

  147. I started studying with TGSAT some 10years ago, and each time, i always find the course load and materials to be above board. The quality of the study material, the dedication, passion and love of the TGSAT staff. I am still working on a number of courses and I am always enjoying my spiritual and academic growth here. I have found the ideas of the courses to be sound truth and I have turned most of my course assignments into books, and all thanks to TGSAT.

  148. Dear Dr. Philip,

    I am so impressed with the course! I have been learning so much through the lectures and textbooks. In the trinity Papers, “In the beginning was Logic…” that has been so great, to notice that the Bible is not just words, but logic.
    God bless!

  149. Ciza Bonne says:

    I am so deeply humbled to be part of this best Theological school where am doing a BTh. I am very thankful for all the efforts invested by our faculty and the quality of the education materials which are very inspiring and thoughtful. With COVID-19 and closing down of business i have encountered issues to continue with my studies since i get admitted but as now we have resumed to normalcy i am determined to pursue my goal within the few remaining months. Many thanks to Dr Phillips and team of the good work done. May GOD almighty bless you.

  150. Asive Bekezulu says:

    I have a PROBLEM subscribing to google groups every time I try I receive error delivery message.

  151. Charles Ikechukwu Udeagu says:

    Please how can find the books to read and do assignments since over two months you gave temporary admission for DRE. I have not seen the outcome of final application and platform to read or do assignments. You can write me through second email charlesudeagu6@gmail.com

  152. Carpetnrg says:

    From many manuscripts of Antiquity

  153. SONYA LUGO says:

    I am interested in the study of Theology to continue educating myself and be there to answer questions that bible study children/teens have. When a child/teen is hungry to learn about Christianity and the differences of other religions and being able to carry on a discussion with children/teens is the most fulfilling feeling one can have. I am very eager to get started with your program.

  154. Joseph orare ombasa says:

    Just waiting for your answer am new,hope to study with you God bless you Amen. I like the ebooks you have produced good work.

  155. Blessing Ozioma Iwuchukwu says:

    Hello everyone. Pls I have two questions:

    1. Can I run two degrees simultaneously, like BTh and BMin?

    2. Will I be issued a certificate at the end of my study?

    Thanks a lot.

  156. Godfrey Ochieng says:

    Kindly assist with the appropriate email address to use while making application.

  157. Dr SILAS, PhD says:

    We are the Vision Africa Biblical and Theological Institute. We have been in existence since August 24, 2009 and had trained up to today more than 1672 students of all nationalities. We had a Certificate, Diploma, Master 1, 2 and Doctorate program but did not have a Doctorate degree. We have doctoral courses, Doctorate Professors who teach the Doctorate cycle, but we did not have doctoral degrees. We are writing to you so that you can help us deliver doctoral degrees to our students. We give face-to-face lessons and also lessons by videoconference. In this sense, we want to sign a partnership with you in order to work together in this area. Thank you for your kind understanding and also for your contribution to the advancement of God’s work. Dr SILAS.T.B, PhD. Chancellor of IBT-VA Ambassador for Peace

  158. Solomon Msa Tarfa says:

    I can’t find your email address to send my details of Application for admission. I will like to apply for a Masters Degree in theology, and a Doctorate degree in apologetics and theology.

    Your full name: Solomon Musa Tarfa

    Trinity Course/Courses that you want to join (up to two are allowed at a time): Masters of Theology and Doctor of apologetics and theology.

    Your qualification: Bachelor of theology and Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development

    Will you be able to devote at least one hour a day for these studies: Yes, I will sacrifice more days and hours.

    The country where you are based now: Nigeria.

    Date of application: 05/11/2021

  159. Quiahe k Itoka says:

    How can I apply to enroll as a student

  160. Robert Mwanza says:


    Just writing to enquire on the final application status I submitted late in 2020, till date there has been no feedback on the same.

    Warmest regards.

  161. I applied for MDiv program since 7th Augus,2023, but yet to receive response from the central administration. I made a follow up on the application a month later specifically on the 7th September but still no response from the liaison office of the School. Counting on response.

  162. Garminzdmt says:

    One of the most skilled calligraphers

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