Which Is The Best Free Theological Seminary

002Not all bible colleges or bible seminaries are made equal. Nor are the programs they offer equal. What is more, this difference in quality becomes more pronounced when it comes to bible schools or theological seminaries that offer their programs free of cost.

Bible Colleges are organizations that require office, manpower, and equipment. All of it requires finances. A good amount of this money comes in the form of tuition fees paid by students. Thus if a Theological Seminary offers its programs free of cost, it has only a few choices: water down the content and quality, raise money from other sources and offer quality, use technology so as to reduce costs and give the highest quality of theological education.  Trinity uses the third approach.

We at Trinity used the  power of internet to offer the best possible theological programs both in depth as well as in quality. This ranges from bachelors in theology up to doctoral programs in various branches of theology and apologetics.  It is this approach that makes Trinity the best free Theological Seminary and Bible School in the world. There is absolutely no tuition-fees for any of our programs, but the education and training that we offer is at par, and even better than, the best distance education programs in theology anywhere in the world.

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  1. Bibin says:

    Wow nice!

  2. dhanpatibhatra says:

    sir is the online courses valuable for christian job.can I get job in bible colleges.please reply urgently

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Trinity School (this website) offers totally tuition-free programs. You pay only a small one-time registration fees!! Please go to the horizontal menu-bar at top and use it it to check our programs, application procedure, etc.