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002Potential students, and also our regular supporters of our seminary, often ask why we offer graduate level theology courses for free. They feel that people should be willing to finance their higher education. While that is right, Trinity strongly feels that it ought to make an allowance for people who are unable to pay.

Trinity gets a large number of applications from people who can fully finance a modest fees, but we also get a very large number of applications from pastors from rural areas with very low income, physcially challanged people, those who are unable to work full-time, missionaries, pastors, and Bible teachers from very poor countries, etc. All of them have a great desire to study theology, but they have no capacity to finance their education. They need a program where there is no fees.

Trinity offers no fees programs because we feel that someone has to care for the whole body of Christ. Thus we offer tuition free, or no tuition programs. Our bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs in theology, apologetics, divinity, and ministry are all free. There is no tution fees. There is no hidden fees.  Students from developed countries pay a nominal registration, but they pay no fees. Students from poorest of the poor countries are exempted even from that. They pay no fees at all.

Trinity is proud of its stand that we offer graduate programs in theology totally free of cost. This is a totally free distance bible school and college.

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  1. Anthony W. Chamblin says:

    I am interested in information about your Theology degree?

  2. oscar lusimbo says:

    praise God can i join your collage

  3. Iam pastor Samuel Masungwini of Fire revival christian centre,based at Mavambe village,Limpopo province in South Africa.I would humble ask to be enrolled on the free bible distance training course.As i have started the church because of God’s calling,but didn’t have an opportunity to the bible school,because of financial difficulties.Postal address is Po box 1693 Malamulele 0982 Limpopo province,South Africa.Contact no+27839415530 ,email address firerevivalchristiancentre@yahoo.co.za

  4. otieno okemwa says:

    Let me have information om masters degree in biblical studies
    otieno okemwa-kenya

  5. otieno okemwa says:


  6. I seeking whether Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology offers consideration for life experience, in conjunction with my formal (MA) graduate schooling. This is in regards to my interest in your D.Min in Apologetics program. If so, my website offers an overview of some of my apologetic writings, personal/educational qualifications, and extensive ministry background over the past two decades.

    In Christ,
    James Pannafino

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