Why Go To Online Bible Theology School

002People often ask me, why go to Online Bible Theology School and why look for a Free Theology School. Good questions. More so in relation to Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology. The reason is not far to see.

Traditional education prevailed in theological seminaries and bible schools worldwide till about 1980. Then came distance bible schools around 1980. This liberated students for the first time. Those in full-time jobs could have a theological seminary at home via distance education. And then came the disruptive technology known as the Internet which changed the equation totally.

Internet brought with it free online bible and free online theological seminaries. These online schools started offering degrees online and everyone was initially skeptical about what these online theology seminaries would do and what quality of theological education they would be able to offer. People also wondered whether these would turn to be mere Sunday Schools or whether they would be able to produce theology graduates who are on par with graduates from regular theological institutions.

It is now the second decade of (mostly) free online theological education. There are enough graduates worldwide for an accurate assessment of their quality, production, and contribution. The results are gratifying to say the least. So if you are a potential student, our suggestion is, then join this distance program in theology immediately.

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  1. Mbali says:

    Hi my name is Mbali, I would like to know how do I go about registering for the theology degree.

  2. jose roberto carranza says:

    I did study in my country Guatemala, Guatemala, Theología y Sagrada Escritura (Holy Scriptures and Theology), in 1958. Ia am a Bussiness Adminstrator and a Professional Journalist. I got some biblical studies. I founded the Congregación Bíblica “Elohim” in 2009. I am a Gospel Ministry. No denomination. Only Christian. The reason I am requesting a free studies, is because I am a Ministry WITHOUT SALARY. I DON’T LIKE MERCHANTS OF THE GOSPEL. I live FOR the Gospel, not FROM the Gospel. If you can help me, I will appreciate it very much. I am not a rich person. I am retired; so I have enough time to study. Blessings in Jesus Christ.

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