Why TGSAT Is a Top 5 Distance Seminary

When TGSAT was conceived three decades ago, everyone agreed that we need to make it the best distance seminary in the world. Those who gathered for planning studied the following programs:

  • Free baptist seminary courses
  • Covenant seminary free courses
  • Free online reformed seminary courses
  • Southern seminary free courses
  • Master’s seminary free courses
  • Reformed theological seminary free courses
  • Westminster theological seminary free courses
  • Free courses at dallas theological seminary

The first thing we did was to check if any of them have free seminary courses online. Some of them had some of them did not. We then downloaded their curriculum to see the common elements as well as the uncommon elements. We then very thoroughly analyzed why these programs are there and then chalked out our own program.

It is gratifying to see that in 3 decades TGSAT has become one of the top 5 seminaries in the world. Most people reckon that within those top 5, TGSAT definitely stands at the very top. All this while the courses are fully free of tuition. No tuition fees is charged and all textbooks are given free via net based downloads.

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