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A Discipline of Distance Education


This paper examines the grounds for regarding the study of distance education as an emerging academic discipline. The number of studies of various aspects of distance education has increased enormously in the last ten years. This paper categorizes these studies into groups dealing with various larger issues. besides the increasing amount of research, both theoretical and practical, some institutions offer distance education courses on distance education. The paper examines the developing trends in studies of distance education, including the questions of individualization and student autonomy, the amount of support necessary for adult students, a education must also be examined in the ongoing search for a comprehensive theory of distance education. [Creative Commons Source]

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  1. Distance Education has provided open access to anyone wishing to learn more in their chosen discipline. Especially at the graduate level. This is so because most graduate work is self discovery and teaching that which has been learned through professional studies and the laboratory of life experience. With the information age enhancements that are now available with technology, distance education is certain to be the continued wave for now and for the future. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is a leader of the emerging discipline of distant education for which I’m so greatful!

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