AnchorAccreditation is a totally voluntary process, and it is not compulsory or mandatory for Bible Colleges and Seminaries that operate without government or federal funds. Since we have chosen not to seek or receive any government funds, we have taken a totally independent and biblical stand in these matters which is explained below.

TGSAT has been established by an international group of committed, theologically conservative, Bible believing, Christians to impart high quality spiritual, bible-based, theological education and training to Christians worldwide. The purpose of such training in Bible and theology is personal spiritual enrichment and also equipping of born-again Christians for spiritual ministry.

The group that established the free theology training programs at TGSAT strongly feels that no external agency (private or government) should be allowed to regulate or control Bible-based spiritual activities. Thus, we have never sought accreditation by private or government agencies.

Contrary to popular belief, Accreditation of a theological institution is not based upon quality of spiritual instruction alone. Rather, a large number of other factors are also taken into consideration. Most people who examine such things  (for granting accreditation) may not be conservative Christians. Many of them may not even be born-again. Thus they often may demand that the syllabus conform to their policies and doctrinal position.

As a result TGSAT might have to compromise on its theological stand in many areas if we opt for accreditation. Moreover, we firmly believe that secular governments have NO jurisdiction to examine/accredit bible-based theological programs. That is the reason why we wish to operate without accreditation.

Many people think that studying an accredited program will increase their job-prospects. Such people should notice that TGSAT is not meant for theological training for the sake of getting jobs. Applicants whose primary purpose is to seek a job after their studies should look elsewhere for a Bible Seminary that trains people for jobs and should not look to TGSAT to meet such a requirement. That is simply not part of our mission or vision.

TGSAT is here to train people who are looking for spiritual self-enrichment and also for those who wish to use such a formal training in Bible and Theology for Christian ministry-related purposes. Such people look for spiritual quality of instruction and not for government accreditation of biblical and theological training programs.

What is more, it is a wrong notion that all accredited institutions maintain spiritual quality. On the contrary, you need to know that ALL theologically radical and liberal Bible seminaries worldwide tend to be accredited. This means that accreditation is not the same as spiritual quality. With that made clear, let us took at how TGSAT maintains its quality.

We have built a system of multiple checks-and-balances to ensure that TGSAT maintains the highest possible spiritual, theological, and academic quality. This includes a strong Statement of Doctrine, regular review of the syllabus, and also a very large international group made up of faculty members and graduates who keep assessing TGSAT quality on a periodic basis. This feedback is analyzed periodically by the core group so as to ensure that quality is maintained.  Thus you can be assured that we will always maintain the highest spiritual, biblical, and academic quality at any cost. What is more, all TGSAT programs shall remain totally free of tuition fees.

Summary: Join TGSAT only if your primary interest is in theological/biblical instruction. If you wish anything more than that [such as a government job, any other kind of job, government scholarship] then Trinity is not the right institution. Bear this clearly in mind before you apply. What is more, since no institution can unconditionally guarantee acceptance of their degree by other institutions worldwide, Trinity offers no such guarantee. We guarantee only an international-quality theological/biblical training.

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  1. meenakshi says:

    Praise the Lord,

    I want to do bible theology course. Please help me with in it.


    • Pastor Jeffrey Appiah - Ghana says:

      Just go to the Application tab and start the process of admission – that is all, nothing more nothing else. But let me tell you Trinity is real. I did my Bachelor of Theology with them and I have received my Degree certificate and transcript right in my country Ghana in Africa – Just go for it. Trinity is quality.


    I am glad to come across this great Biblical institution.I am happy to tell all that would come across this message that this accreditation is valid. Please each country accredits its institutions in its own way. India does it that way to religious institutions. VETERANS, young men and women, enroll now.THIS EDUCATION IS VALID IN ITS OWN WAY.JOIN NOW AND YOU WILL NEVER REGRET. ENCOURAGE THOSE PASTORS< BISHOPS,PROFESSORS AND UNIVERSITY LECTURERS TO KNOW THIS GREAT INSTITUTION WITH ITS HEADQUARTERS IN INDIA. IT IS WORThY IT.


  4. Clement Swarnappa says:

    I just came across this website and I am keen to take up a programme. I am currently a pastoral ministry student in new zealand. I work and serve under the wider umbrella of Assemblies of God in new zealand. I would like to know, if there is a particular denomination or faith belief that “Trinity College of Theology” comes under. Kindly email your reply to It would be very helpful to make a choice.

    • Pastor Jeffrey Appiah - Ghana says:

      Trinity is a conservative theological institution. They believe in Bible alone, Christ alone, grace alone, faith alone etc. So any Church that believes in the above will accept Trinity.

  5. Pastor Jeffrey Appiah - Ghana says:

    I joined Trinity about three or four years ago and by God’s grace I have completed my Bachelor of Theology with them and I have received my transcript and Degree certificate – so I can tell you of a fact that Trinity is real and I’m now doing my Masters in Religious Education, which I’m almost done by God’s grace. My aim is to get my Doctorate with them and God willing I will surely get there.

    In terms of the curriculum, Trinity is second to none in the world, if you doubt go the courses tab above and check out the courses and compare them to any theological institution in the world and you will agree with me that Trinity is second to none.

    In fact, I will recommend Trinity to all and sundry, especially to my African fellows and friends, to join Trinity and your life will never be the same again. In fact, Trinity has had tremendous impact on my ministry and my teaching life to the extent that I have began to attract serious eyes but I trust God to protect me and my ministry in the name of Jesus.

    All I can say is that God bless the Man of God the founder of this great institution Dr. Johnson Philip and the Dean of the School Dr. Cherian Saneesh and all Trinity volunteers all over the world – I say God bless you all.

  6. Rev. Ken Luseni says:

    I thank God for this Theological Institution and pray that the good Lord will continue to bless the Founder and all their tutors world wide. I wish to be part of the Seminary and will tell many people here in Sierra Leone to pick up programs with you. I wish to be raising students for you in Africa

  7. Cass Bensberg says:

    Does Trinity provide a graduate with a diploma upon successful completion of a degree program?




  9. Isaac fiakye mensah says:

    Join TGSAT only if your primary interest is in theological/biblical instruction. If you wish anything more than that [such as a government job, any other kind of job, government scholarship] then Trinity is not the right institution. Bear this clearly in mind before you apply. What is more, since no institution can unconditionally guarantee acceptance of their degree by other institutions worldwide, Trinity offers no such guarantee. We guarantee only an international-quality theological/biblical training.
    please,i want to suggest that you explanation about the accreditation is clear but my concern is summary in quote. ‘Join TGSAT only if your primary interest is in theological/biblical instruction. If you wish anything more than that [such as a government job, any other kind of job, government scholarship] then Trinity is not the right institution” please i suggest that you take out government job from all that you said because there are a lot of government school who would like to employ some our student to teach religious education which your course has fully equip them to that standard.if you change it i would be much happy.THANK YOU

  10. Jon M.Eltringham says:

    I wish to very much to take your free theology course please help

  11. Rev.Muriithi P.Kingori says:

     Its programmes are wholly Bible based. They have great teaching, nourishing and motivating courses that can touch the world readers/leaders, who may desire to grow in the Biblical understanding of what God expects of them, as they register for a course or programme.
     Anybody wherever he/she may be,can easily expound the word of God at ease as he/she compares whatever he/she may be reading from various relevant theological books and periodicals, other texts from great Christian authors and institutions of higher learning, i.e. from reknown seminaries and universities, e.g. Capital Seminary; Trinity Divinity School; Acts Seminaries of Trinity Western University; United Theological Seminary of Ohio; Regent University; Luther Rice Bible College and Seminary; Daystar University; Cornerstone University, etc.
     TGSAT is one of the Biblical theological colleges and seminaries in the Republic of India, that is touching the lives of God’s people, from all corners of the world. TGSAT well wishers should allow God, to teach them as they study with the seminary. Probably, in all the years, that you have always wanted to join a good theological institution, but due to your geographical position, negative political environment, economic hardship, opposition of Christianity in your country, e.t.c. you have not been able to JOIN A SEMINARY that you may have liked to join in order to study God’s word, in depth, then TGSAT is there for you. Friends in Russia, China, India, Africa, Middle East, e.g. Syria, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates,etc, join TGSAT. Friends in Moroco, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan,Algeria, Egypt and other nations hither and thither in North Africa,should see need of enrolling with TGSAT as they continue with their employment.
     1ST world nations, even though there are great institutions of higher learning in your countries, try other recognized and balanced Bible colleges and seminaries in the 3rd world countries, e.g. try TGSAT to study God’s word for a change of environment as you remain faithful to Christ. Christians should see need of thanking God for such GREAT ONLINE INSTITUTION, {TGSAT}, in a third world nation. Indeed, the Indian sub-continent has a few Bible grounded theological institutions that are well grounded in the Biblical faith, even though Christians are only 2.5% or slightly more in the entire country. Nevertheless, TGSAT is one of these great seminaries in the Indian sub-continent, an institution of higher learning that will touch your life, if you choose to register as a student wherever you may be globally, as you continue on with your daily job.
     There may be many bishops, moderators, pastors, evangelists, who have founded Christian denominations/ministries. Due to the needs of employment, age or even pastoral obligations, they cannot leave whatever they may be doing for the seminary education. Therefore, TGSAT is suitable for such leader wherever he/she may be globally.
     Probably, you are a leaned man/woman, e.g. with Bachelors; Masters or even doctorate, probably even teaching in an institution of higher learning and you want to know more about the Biblical faith in a deeper way, then TGSAT is there for you.
     Possibly, you are not a Christian and you want to find out more about that God that Christians believe in; then register for a TGSAT relevant programme.
     Please, disregard the critics that would attempt to persuade you otherwise, since what you may be after is to be better grounded in the Biblical faith. N.B. TGSAT is ACCREDITED by ICAATS, an accrediting agency in the Republic of India, that is dully recognized the government of India. PLEASE NOTE!!!! India accredits its institutions in its own way. Each country does its own things in its own way. Therefore, all the other people from other parts of the globe should respect the way INDIA governs its own institutions, public and private ones. If the Government of India tells you that ALL IS WELL, then it is well because the people in the Republic of India have said. ONE SHOULD GO BY THE WORD OF THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT AND ITS PEOPLE AND THAT SHOULD BE FINAL WHEN THEY CONLUDE THEIR OWN THINGS.
     N.B. Indian education from its recognized institutions, is highly respected hither and thither. However, when you join an accredited Indian institution, you must be ready to ACADEMICALLY ACHIEVE, with reading critically, many relevant volumes hither and thither. This is because every institution wants to upkeep its high academic standards. TGSAT just like any other institution of higher learning, any good theological institution with sound doctrine in India is timely and it is respected. Thus, enroll with TGSAT now.
    I am glad to have a moment of encouraging you.
    Rev. Muriithi P.Kingori

  12. George Meilahn says:

    To clarify what was said in the above description, the TGSAT degree will NOT be accepted for those who want to serve in the Military or a Sate Prison as a Chaplain. Yet private employers (hospitals, school, church) may accept the degree. Many denominations list which schools they will accept graduates as candidates for ministry. This institution hasn’t made any of those lists (to the best of my knowledge). In spite of that, any theological education is valuable and can better equip one to serve in God’s kingdom. Many who earn a traditional degree from a recognized institution end up with no employment in ministry and much debt to show for it. This is why TGSAT is needed.

  13. Michael DuVernay says:

    Is it all online or are there actual textbooks to read?

  14. kenneth kandoje says:

    I have my friends who did there theology in the colleges and universities when we meet in the meetings sometimes they wonder where I learnt all what I say I told them that its from TGSAT.They do appreciate because its just the same to what they learnt.Iam proud to be a student of this school.
    DrApologetics student

  15. This school is AWESOME…..It has Help me spiritually with my walk with Christ….AMEN!

    Peace in the valley…

  16. Pastor Ernest Ayewoh says:

    I would like to know, if there is a particular denomination or faith belief that “Trinity College of Theology” comes under. What are there theological views in terms of the following;
    (1) Total Depravity. (2) Limited Atonement. (3) Unconditional Election. (4) Irresistable Grace . (5) The Perseverance of the Saints

    Kindly email ur reply to “”

    It would be very helpful to make a choice.

  17. Maundrey Wilton Kock says:

    I have registered for my B.Th with trinity in 2010… But due to the fact that I had to go back to full-time studies at university I wasn’t able to continue and complete my Degree.

    I have now decided to continue my Theological Degree. I’m currently busy with my Creation module and its awesome, the module is on a high standard scientifically accurate in content. I personally doubt that there is any other Bible College that can give this high value of Formal Biblical Training.

    Maundrey Wilton Kock (South Africa, Cape Town)

  18. I so appreciate and agree with your views on, and approach to “affiliation”. My interest in pursuing my masters with Trinity is precisely in line with your stated reasons for the student who would choose Trinity for their continuing Christian educational needs.

  19. morgan says:

    Can you help me do my free diploma with you am currently a youth pastor in uccsa Botswana church

  20. TGSAT is a great school and I have greatly benefited from my Master of Biblical Studies (MBS), Master of Religious Education (MRE), Doctor of Apologetics (DrApol) programs. I am glad to recommend the work of Drs. Johnson C. Philip and Saneesh Cherian as of international quality. My previous understanding of the Bible changed greatly when I went through the courses with their rigorous assignments but yet spiritually nourishing and educative. It’s a great school indeed and I owe much of my academic and spiritual growth to TGSAT!!!!

  21. Vincentte Kofi-Ackam says:

    After reviewing all the testimonies, my question is “How long does it take to get started after filling out the electronic forms

  22. I plan to be a Theology student in the master program soon.
    God bless Pastor Blackman

  23. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    The more Iam studying the textbooks the more Iam experiencing the love of God.For those who want to register with TGSAT do not delay,God is speaking in a special way.God should continue guiding the leadership of this school.
    DrApol student

  24. Dear Registrar Kindly advise if certificates and diplomas in Theology are also offered to carter for beginners, and whether credit hours are transferable; if so how? Please shed more light.
    TGSAT is incredibly amazing. There are millions of reasons why more of us Christians should train at the God-given institution.God bless TGSAT more and more!

  25. Ken McKinley says:

    As a pastor, I am always looking for good, theologically sound education materials to offer to members of my congregation. I came across your site and I was wondering what positions Trinity holds as far as their eschatology lessons go. Are you Amillennial, Post Millennial, Pre-Millennial, or are you dispensationalist? Theologically speaking are you Calvinist or Arminian? It would be helpful to know these things rather than begin a program and find out half way through you hold a position differing than that of the students denomination.
    thank you.

  26. Amen!! I need Bible knowledge alone nothing else!

  27. Julius Ochungo says:

    Amen!! I needed Bible knowledge alone Nothing else!!
    May YHWH bless the propriators.

  28. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is an awesome school. As a full time minister and college professor, I always seek for opportunities to expand my theological horizon through study and research. With thousands of free theological courses found on the internet, usually, one has to look for the best school with best academic practices and that is suitable for you in matters of time and convenience.

    Over the years, I have learned that the heart and passion of TGSAT faculty and leaders has people like me in mind. When the curriculum was designed, they knew there would be beginners and advanced students. I am glad to report that my studies at TGSAT has been paying dividends spiritually and academically. I have learned a lot and I desire to continue with TGSAT until I have exhausted all the free resources that are made available to me.

    I am well informed and stay up-to-date in my teaching and ministry because of the studies which are relevant to me, and my ministry context. In most in theological institutions, you are bombarded with doctrines that are irrelevant to your context and the institutions dictate to you what to believe or not. TGSAT is bible centered and I love the balance that is found in the studies.

    I can’t wait to start a new degree program with them. I highly recommend this school with zero reservations to anyone willing and seriously contemplating on studying theology and apologetics.


    Ernest Musekiwa, MBS, MRE, MBArch, DrAPol Graduate
    Current Student TGSAT Student DBS

  29. Sule Gideon Ambuwa says:

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our LORD and Saviour. please can I use Trinity awarded degree for further studies in another institution? thanks

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      You need to ask the institution in which you are interested. It is THEY who control their admission, not us.

  30. Brighton says:

    Trinity is advancing the word. The train wont stop

  31. I have been motivated to joining in your institute for studying your theology course.

    Can I study by mail?

    I am Pastor Mjema from Tanzania.

  32. Sam Shavers says:

    I am glad to have received tentative admission into the DMin program

  33. Pastor Sam Shavers Jr says:

    I am glad to have received tentative admission into the DMin program

  34. Sam Shavers says:

    My admission into the Doctor Ministry program has been confirmed. Hallelujah!

  35. Kindly, consider me BA ministry course which iam hoping to start early next year 2019. Ihold 4 advanced Diplomas in Christian ministry, pastoral counseling, theology, Bible studies etc. Post mail me PO.Box. 117, Busia, Uganda, East Africa. Iprefer distance learning programs. Thax. God bless you.

  36. Paul Judea Banda says:

    Well all l can say is its not possible! Free courses for students from third world countries. But am a beneficiary doing double major doctorate in Theology/Apologetic and Polemics. The courses are so sound second only to the Bible itself. If this offer was secular, millions would have enrolled. But am glad to be counted among the tens of thousands of students armed to contend for the faith!

  37. Gboladuro ogundowole says:

    I am glad to have completed my Doctor of Theology at TGSAT. TGSAT is a TOP theological institution as far as the contemporary world is concerned. The truth is that the secular world does not know the mind of God, so they cannot accredit Bible related theological courses. Theological courses are best accredited by those trained in the knowledge of the Kingdom. TGSAT is blessed with the best theological minds.

  38. Biniyam Fikadu Geleta says:

    Tinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT)

    TGSAT is the best place for the best for sound theological education. I have completed my Bachelor of Theology (BTh) and Masters of Theology (MTh) in TGSAT. The courses are strongly grounded on Scripture.

    After studying in TGSAT my perspective and view point toward things completely changed. I became a good writter and even completed one commentary and critical summary of a book in Amharic (my native language). I’m currently writing two books one in English another in Amaric. This is all because of a qualified education of TGSAT. In addition, TGSAT offers courses all with self-pace and writing apologeics and theology courses; this upgrades the critical thinking and writing skill of any one who study deligently in TGSAT. Finally, I would like to write about something the richness of the course materials: the arrangement, content, lingustical simplicity, reasonable and scientifically guided arguments, …. Beside all it is free and accessible for everyone.

    Hey! What are you waiting for? Join TGSAT and become a theologian and a good writer.

    God bless TGSAT!

  39. Moses George says:

    The quality of the theological education that I recieved as a ThD candidate at TGSAT is second to none!Trinity’s courses are well structured in such a way that it prepares a student for a robust ministry after graduation. I am grateful for the opportunity to study here FREE OF CHARGE!

  40. Murombeka Question says:

    TGSAT is really a God-sent ministry. You have got excellent modules. I am happy to be a student of Apologetics.

  41. Rev Cephas Simfukwe says:

    I am a Zambian Minister of the Gospel and a TGSAT MTh / MRE student.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this online bible school to everyone out there.

    It is the best!

    May God bless all the members of stuff.

  42. Kebei Ivo says:

    Many people quickly conclude that free education means less valuable and simple education. This is false and misleading. TGSAT offers very valuable and life-changing courses. Though free but seemingly the most intense theological seminary you will come across.

    Feel confident to take a course. Your life and ministry will change.

    Kebei Ivo
    DMin Student

  43. One of the things that I love about TGSAT is the carefully selected course material from a number of scholars. The academic books are fully packed with depth and content and are very helpful to my professional and spiritual life. I can clearly testify that TGSAT is not a diploma mill. You earn and sweat for your degree and you become a better person. Above all, your critical thinking skills are shaped and sharpened to become a competent and effective apologist, theologian, and an informed soul-winner. If you are still contemplatig on whether you could become part of the TGSAT family, then I encourage you to taste the deep wells of knowledge found here.


  44. Rabi says:


    I would like to know much about Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program to study. How shall i have to study for D.Min? I wanna study D.Min under post graduate if possible in this following year. Could you instruct me that program?

  45. Please how do I register my college with this Accreditation agency?

  46. Paul Judea Banda says:

    TGSAT is an amazing divine gift to many Christians across the globe, enroll.

  47. Obibuaku says:

    Please, has Trinity theological school now open to start accepting addmissio of students after the COVID19 break?

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      We have started to admit and are clearing the backlog now

      • Albert says:

        Greetings, Sir.
        Please I sent my final application to Trinity and have be replied that my application was received.

        But it’s been a month now and have sent enquires (as directed to do if I haven’t heard from the school after 72hrs) concerning my application but haven’t received any response since then.

        Please what more can or should I do ?

      • Albert Adopler, from Ghana says:

        Please I understand that admissions has started again.
        But I don’t know whether you have gotten to December, 2020 applicants.
        Because I sent my final application since December 8,2020 and I received a response indicating that my application was received and that the academic board is looking into my application.
        After some days I sent an enquiry(to concerning my application. I heard nothing and after some weeks I sent another enquiry but till I haven’t received any reply.
        So I applied with a new email altogether(on 4th January, 2021) in case my first email wasn’t helping. But I haven’t heard anything apart from the normal response after sending a final application.

        Four days have passed and am still waiting to hear from the academic board.

        Please I need help.

        God bless you.

  48. Edward Moore says:

    I have sent two or three applications in the two years. I have no received a reply. Please reply by email. I am very eager to begin studies in the Dr. In Biblical Studies and/or the Dr.Theology. I have 15 or 20 hours per to devote to studies. Please let me hear you so I will know if I am accepted to study God’s Word at Trinity. Thanks very much!

  49. MATHEW says:

    I am a student of TGSAT from Tanzania. I am doing Bachelor of Apologetic and Theology. For sure this online collage have very valuable materials. I suggest any one who wish to study while at home enroll in this school.

  50. Adam K Gondwe says:

    Officially completed Master of Theology. This is a great school with so much information to learn and master. I recommend those who have not yet started to get enrolled now.

  51. Pastor Adam K Gondwe - Malawi says:

    Officially completed Master of Theology. This is a great school with so much information to learn and master. I recommend those who have not yet started to get enrolled now. I am impressed with this learning institution.

  52. Gboladuro Ogundowole Emmanuel says:

    With Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology, the best of biblical and theological virtues await those that apply their minds for sincere study of the bible and theology. Great is TGSAT.

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