Admission Notice (Students From Developed Countries)

Tentative Admission Has Been Granted To You

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for sending an initial application to Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology. The Academic Council grants you a tentative admission. It is my privilege as Registrar and In-charge of International Affairs to convey this news officially to you.

Remember, Trinity gives you all your textbooks FREE via downloads. Trinity also gives you more than 100 CDs totally free through downloads. These free CDs contain Bibles, Theology books, Audio, and Video and students download them at their convenience.

Admission to Trinity involves several steps on your part. You need to do the following things in the chronological order given below, so as to ensure that everything goes well. Here I give them to you step by step:

Step 1: Join Mailing-list

    1. We would like you to place your email address on our mailing list for sending you free information in future. Thus if you have not already joined our essential mailing-list, then do so immediately. Please send a blank email to the email shown in the next point. Please copy and past it so that you make no mistake
    3. All what is needed is a blank email, and no other matter is needed. About one hour after you send a blank email to this address, you will get a reply asking you to confirm your desire to join. Once you confirm (please read carefully to see how you confirm), your email will be added automatically to our list. You will get all our general announcements, including announcements for our newly introduced ebooks in apologetics, theology and other subjects through this mail-list.
    4. At times students send a blank email to Trinity. This is NOT what we ask you to do. You need to send the blank email to the following email address:

Step 2: Joint Twitter

  • You must also visit  and join it immediately so as to get brief news flashes from Trinity. Missing the news can affect your studies adversely.
  • If you do not have a twitter account, then you need to register at http://www.Twitter.Com first.  Choose a suitable user-name so that we can recognize who you are.  After that you need to visit the above-mentioned page (which is locked for non-Trinity visitors) and place your request to join. We will approve if we are able to recognize your name. Twitter is used by us for sending you  emergency two-sentence notices.

Step 3: Send The Final Application

Step 4: Check The Registration Fees

  • Trinity is happy to offer you an international quality training, free textbooks, personal mentoring, and 100 CDs of resources materials totally free through downloads. In response, we expect all Free-tuition students to demonstrate their commitment to studies by paying a small registration fees before they get the course material downloads. At the end of the course we expect you to pay the cost of printing and airmailing of the diploma and transcripts.
  • In the light of what it costs to run a quality institution like Trinity, and the costs involved in offering you a vast amount of free textbooks and over 100 spiritual-resource CDs through downloads,  you would realize that these two amounts do not pay even a tiny fraction of the cost of your studies. These are only a token amount from your side to demonstrate  that you are seriously interested in joining Trinity.
  • Registration Fees: This is just a token registration-amount, and is non refundable as it does not reflect any kind of tuition fees or course fees. Course downloads are sent after you send in this amount.
  • You can see the Registration Fees at the Trinity website. If you missed it, check for it at the following page:
  • If you register for two diplomas at the same time, you need to send the combined registration fees for both the programs. For example, for BTh+MTh it will be $290+550.
  • Note: If you register for two programs at the same time, you will have only 24 months to complete them, not double the time. Thus choose a double-degree option only if you have the time to study two programs.
  • The Registration amount listed above DOES NOT represent any type of tuition-fees, and is thus NONREFUNDABLE, even if you fail  to complete your studies.
  • The Cost Of Printed Diploma: Once you complete the assignments based upon the guidelines sent to you, you should send $200 as the cost of printing and mailing your diploma and transcript.
  • Other than the two costs shown above, Trinity does not ever ask you for any payment of any kind if you complete the course within time.


  • Renewal Fees: If you fail to complete your studies within two years, you can renew for up to three years by paying $200 per year of renewal

Step 5: Know The Following

  1. You must send us a note and inform us the amount paid, name of the payee, and the course for which it has been paid, immediately after you send in the registration
    The entire set of textbooks is sent to you by internet  download as soon as we receive  this registration amount. There is no wait period. Information about downloading 100 or more spiritual resource CDs is also given soon after that.
  2. A few students ask their pastor,  Bible teacher, or a theologically qualified person to mentor their studies. This is the best approach, and we strongly recommend it. The Trinity Mentor will always be available in addition to that.
  3. Please remember once again that we wish to keep the course free for you and wish to charge only (Registration fees + graduation fees). Therefore if you can motivate some students to join, it will help us to break even and keep the courses tuition-free.
  4. Academic guidance is always available from Trinity faculty members and Mentors to students.
  5. From the above menu you can reach massive articles (Knols) on various subjects posted by Trinity. You must make it a habit to read AT LEAST two of them every week. After you read, you must post your comment at the bottom and you must rate the article at the right hand side top.
    Please do give a star rating to this menu and also to the items that you visit to make it popular among non Christians.
    Doing this is part of your involvement with Trinity-related public ministries
    Very Cordially Yours

Registrar and In-charge, International Affairs
Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Tehology

PS: For clarifications you can contact us at

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  1. Israel Molina says:

    Answered all my basic questions. In my opinion all the information I need to register, pay fees, and recieve my diploma is all here.

  2. This page is very helpful. I really appreciate the time and resources you have invested in educating Christians about the Good News and helping them to be a strong witness for Christ.

    Thank you,


  3. Two things: Can I make payments for the fees? I am on a limited budget. And, the word Theology at the bottom of this page is mispelled. It is spelled Apologitics and Tehology and should be Apologetics and Theology.

  4. Bettina Jackson says:

    This has answered all my questions regarding fees & how to access e-books & cd’s. Also how I will recieve my diploma at the end of my chosen course

  5. I agree. If everyone would just read through the content, they would find almost all the information they ask for, at least the contact information for where to get it.

  6. Carlos Varela says:

    The information is perfectly understandable and specific with steps and links to follow.

  7. Olaseni Giwa says:

    Having read through the page, the information on this page is quite detailed and subsequently answered all my questions.

  8. David Ovenden says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am currently unemployed and am unable to pay the registration fee etc and was wondering whether it might be within your discretionary power to waive the fee for those who are in financial difficulty and therefore cannot afford to pay the fee.

    Please let me know if there is a possibility of doing so or whether payment of the fee can be met at the end o fthe course of study and/or when my situation changes

    It remains to be said that I am extremely keen to study the course I have applied for and await with enthusiastic interest your reply to this message.

    your brother in Christ Jesus

    David Ovenden

  9. I read through all the information and I find it to contain all the information I need to get started on a timely basis.

  10. Marcia Blyden. says:

    The information provided is straight forward and makes the process of registration very easy. Thank You.

  11. Tammy Filiatreau-Adams says:

    All directions are clear and if not understood the contact information is provided.

  12. I found the information listed above to be very helpful in knowing and understanding the process I need to undertake to get started in any and all online programs. Thank you.

  13. Emmanuel Bamidele says:

    The information on how go through the admission process is simple enough to follow.

  14. romeo manzano says:

    sir, i thank you with your generosity. It is indeed my great desire to take the course but, honestly, the registration fee is almost equivalent to my one month salary. May I request for installment for the fee in 5 equal monthly payment? May our God bless you more and more!

  15. jan quintans says:

    Like what David Ovenden, there are lots of people who wishes to continue their studies but the problem is financial situation especially now a days mostly suffering financial crisis. Why not give a installment plan as they progress in their studies. Like $100 initially then the remaining will be $250 year end progress then $350 course ending including the diploma. This is example for MTH or MDIV – but it will be higher by $50. Fair enough.

  16. Samuel Ofori-Asante says:

    Thanks for the step by step registration process. You have really made it simple and straight forward though it is in great details. God bless and keep up the good work.

  17. Thanks for these information. It’s great to keep me in your list, and it’s fun to deepen our research in His Word.

  18. Thanks for these information. It’s great to keep me in your list, and it’s fun to deepen our research in His Word.

  19. Terry Guilliams says:

    I appreciate the step by step instructions. They are clear and easy to follow. But the registration fee is more than I can do right now. Maybe an installment plan within the month will be possible.

  20. Phyllis Chisala says:

    Instructions very clear and straight forward.

  21. I’m waiting for you to start. I live at Tampa florida.

  22. Graham Patterson says:

    I have received my tentative admission into the MBS program and am anxious to begin my studies. Please advise me of a payment plan that I may use; I have a limited, fixed income.
    I thank my Saviour for this opportunity to serve Him.

  23. Robert A. Edmonds says:

    Thank you for the step by step registration process. It was simple to follow. I’m not able pay the full registration fee right now. Please send info on the installment plan that would be very helpful.

  24. Tony Perez says:

    I think that your course is the right one for me. I am interested in starting, but I can not do so at this time.
    I am a father and have young children and we are at our limit financially,for us we are doing all that we can to maintain our household. God has put your course before me for a reason and I know that he will find a way for me to attend. I would ask if there is any other way beyond paying the total fee up front ( For example small monthly payments ) that you would consider please let me know. Or perhaps a scholarship.
    I appreciate any consideration.

    Your Brother in Christ Jesus,

    Tony Perez

  25. Vernon Rose says:

    The twitter part is a bit confusing. I can’t find you by name, nor cannot I find Trinity Theology.

  26. Lonzie Williams says:

    This page is very helpful. As the questions has been asked before is there a way to pay a monthly fee instead of all of it at once? Look forward to your response.

  27. JohnBrunache says:

    These are very helpful guidelines for freshman who really want to get the most out of a great starting point.I will encourage every new student to carefully read these requirements.

  28. Julian Clarke says:

    I am ready to pay the registration fee, subject to acceptance for the BTh. Details of how to pay would help. I would prefer to make a card payment.

  29. Robin Halbrooks says:

    Very exciting! I completed the final registration form, I need additional options on payments, how to pay and payment plans if available. Thank you in advance.

  30. Praise the LORD.Thanks for the provisional admission for BTh which will help know about the LORD more and more,get more people to harvest in the KOG.AMEN!

  31. Colinb890 says:

    Helpful info. Look forward to starting courses.

  32. Felix F. Flores Carrion says:

    I will glad to study here

  33. Cariann says:

    I will need more time to come up with the registration fee as I don’t currently have a source of income.


    Thank you so much i have gone through the ADMITION NOTICE and have found evrything to be self explanatory!.

  35. Ironia Broyles says:

    Thank you for your response. However, I cannot afford these costs.

  36. Kenny Powell says:

    Really this seems like nice school, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I want books sent to my regular mailing address. Anyway this isn’t my personal computer and I cannot except downloads on this PC.
    Is there anyway possible to send me some books to my mailing address? If not, then I have to withddraw from your school. It is a shame too. I have been looking forward to getting startted.

    Thank You

    Kenny Powell

  37. Robin says:

    Really looking forward to starting the courses. Blessings,

  38. Charles J. Guerra says:

    I am grateful that you have given me temporary status to study with your school. It is in my heart to begin to serve Christ, even at this late stage of my life. I am a senior citizen, 72 years old,and receive only social security as income. I would have to wait until I am able to save or accumulate the fees you are asking. I understand they are not much but to a senior citizen who has to make do with a small social security check, it’s a lot of money.Thanks for allowing me my comment.

  39. Al J. walker says:

    The information here is very helpful.All my questions have been answered. The program offered will be very beneficial to me as well as anyone who disires to develope a meaningful revelation from the Word of God.

  40. Melinda Weller says:

    All of the Instructions are very clear. I would like for you to send me some information about making payments due to my limited income. I look forward in proceeding with my studies. Thank you and God Bless.

  41. JOHN PRESCOD says:

    Thank you for giving me temporary admittance status to study with your Institution. The information provided is very helpful,also the fees are reasonable since they are not course fees. Iam going to try my best to pay the fees so that I can start my Bachelor Of Theology course.May the blessings of Shaddai El Chai be with you and Trinity Graduate School Of Apologetics and Theology.

  42. Terrie Burchett says:

    Everything is easy to understand, but I am unable to pay tuition in full and would be interested in making installments. I would also like to know if books could be sent to mailing address as printing would not be cost effective and time consuming.

  43. Candido Vendrell says:

    Bless you all. Very self explanatory, however I will request of you to allow me three month to get the registration fee together. My present income comes from the Social Security and is very compromise. But I will get it and I will submit as soon as possible.

    C. Vendrell

  44. cyriacus ahamefule says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am currently unemployed and am unable to pay the registration fee etc and was wondering whether it might be within your discretionary power to waive the fee for those who are in financial difficulty and therefore cannot afford to pay the fee.

    Please let me know if there is a possibility of doing so or whether payment of the fee can be met at the end o fthe course of study and/or when my situation changes

    It remains to be said that I am extremely keen to study the course I have applied for and await with enthusiastic interest your reply to this message.

    your brother in Christ Jesus

    cyriacus ahamefule

  45. Saundra Ware says:

    Is there a payment plan it uis (3) in my household that are planninng to take courses Jeremiah Ware, myself Saundra Ware, my son Chad Brown for Master’s and Brittany Brown B.S. Also is this college Accrediated

  46. Andrew Pahwaringira says:

    Very comprehensive arrangement which confers an obvious benefit to anyone who participates in the course.

  47. olatomi araromi says:

    am clear with registration informatio but finacially that is a lot of money for me do you do arrange instalment

  48. olatomi araromi says:

    and also can we see the respond to other people question it might be useful for others too

  49. Fannie Smiths says:

    I think this is a very strong informative course of study. However, I would like to pay in installlments. I am also a senior citizen and would like time to pay this off. Should I wait until I get all of the money in order to be granted permanent student status? What is the next step for me? Do I wait to hear from you before I full out the next part of the application?

  50. I agree to be pay the requirement registrestion fee and i will go until i ernd my Phd

  51. chandran,mallela says:

    Please! keep my initial application open till few months. As soon as I come up with application fee I will join.

  52. In these days of austerity and relative stress about incurring debt, some people balk contrary to the idea of making use of a credit card in order to make purchase of merchandise or perhaps pay for any occasion, preferring, instead only to rely on the tried along with trusted method of making repayment – cash. However, if you have the cash available to make the purchase completely, then, paradoxically, that’s the best time for you to use the credit cards for several good reasons.

  53. P ravi says:

    Dear sir please guide me how download the books and the course details i.e. howmany months

  54. seo says:

    Hey I am so excited I found your webpage, I really found you by accident, while I was browsing on Aol for something else, Nonetheless I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a marvelous post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more, Please do keep up the awesome job.

  55. Robert says:

    Thanks – very helpful

  56. Robert Qaba says:

    I am so impressed with these lessons. It looks we people perish due to lack of wisdom. I will get hold of it until I make my diploma.

  57. I will not be registering at this time. We my family have had some finanical problems that we need to take care of before I can take any classes, but thank you very much fo ryour time.
    In Christ
    Rev. Walter S. Godby

  58. Schnelle Blanco says:

    Everything seems to be well explained. I just can’t find where to send the registration fee?

  59. Thanks for accepting me into your classes, but at the time I’m not doing very well with money, I think I’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the future. Thanks Fernando

  60. M. R. Autry says:

    I am ready to send a registration fee and get started.

  61. Rev. Tammy Wright says:

    Dear Dr. Phillip

    I am currently unemployed and am unable to pay the registration fee etc and was wondering whether it might be within your discretionary power to waive the fee for those who are in financial difficulty and therefore cannot afford to pay the fee.
    Please let me know if there is a possibility of doing so or whether payment of the fee can be met at the end of the course of study and/or when my situation changes
    It remains to be said that I am extremely keen to study the course I have applied for and await with enthusiastic interest your reply to this message.

  62. Jonathan Porter says:

    Everything seems to flow quite easily. Follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong!

  63. Eduardo Pulin says:

    I have send in my final aplicatiom for Bth and for BMin.
    I also remit the registration fees. Could you please tell me my status and next step to follow.
    Thank you
    Eduardo Pulin

  64. John Guino-o says:

    I have just submitted my Final Application and can’t wait to start my studies in the Bachelor of Theology. What better way to start the new year 2013 than to dedicate a life-long learning about God. Thank you Trinity!!!

  65. Cynthia Brown says:

    Dr. Johnson C. Philip, I want to thank you and the school board for taking the time out to review my application. I have started going over some of the material that you have suggested. Unfortunately, and this is a very unfortunate, there will be a delayed in my enrolling at this time. Here in the states rent is always due on the first, I am a part-time employee and my financial obligations are spoken for in the month of September. However, I am hoping that I can begin mid-October or sooner, God willing. Please keep me in your prayers, because I believe that this is the school for me. Thus far, I have love everything that I have seen and appreciate that you do offer a diverse education. Blessing and looking forward to enrolling at Trinity.

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