Application Procedure

Since CRG schools enroll and teach students from around the world, and since there are always more applicants than available seats, it is always better for potential students to apply as early as possible. Follow the steps given below.

Initial Application: All our Schools offer the facility for an Initial Electronic Application. An Initial Application does not cost you anything, but helps you to know if you are eligible for admission. It also ensures that a seat is reserved for you when you send in your Final Application. Here are the steps.

  • Go to the site and fill in the application form. Furnish as much detail as possible. This will help the Office to evaluate your eligibility.
  • The Office usually communicates the decision within 3 days, but during rush season you might have to wait for 7 days.
  • If you do not get an acceptance or rejection notice even after 7days, do send a reminder. Though electronic communication is highly reliable, one among hundred of emails might be lost because of server malfunction, unexpected bounces, and unknown filters. Thus your application, or our reply might not have reached the intended destination.
  • If you are eligible for admission, the Office will send you a notice and would offer you a Tentative Admission. This ensures that a seat is guaranteed to you if you send in the Final Application within the stipulated time.
  • The notice of Tentative Admission will also tell you the location of the Final Application.
  • Save the Final Application to your computer Open the Final Application in a World Processor such as MS Word, Open Office, or Word Perfect and fill it. [follow this instruction carefully. Just double-clicking on the form may open it, but you will NOT be able to fill it].
  • Send us a copy of this Final Application immediately. Do not send any money at this stage. DO NOT send the scanned copies of any of your certificates. [We do not want our inbox loaded with scanned pictures which are often megabytes in size].
  • Once the Academic Council examines and approves the Final Application, the Office will send you the Notice of Confirmed Admission.
  • You should then send the Registration fees as soon as possible.
  • You should also send the print-copy along with photocopies of all relevant documents.

Documents To Be Furnished: You should attach the following documents with your print-application:

  • Send two passport-size photographs. These are used to prepare your student ID card so no other size is accepted.
  • Photocopies of all relevant documents should be attached. Photocopies of Transcripts [if any] are sufficient at this stage. We will ask you for original copies before your graduation.
  • Two letters of recommendation for admission to the School should be enclosed. Your pastor, Presbyter, Church Elder, or any person who knows you and whom we can contact for inquiry about you can write the Letter of Recommendation.
  • If you have any published work which you wish to bring to the attention of the Academic council, enclose that also.
  • If you have been allowed to pay in installments, or if you have been offered any special facility by the school, or if you are a Work Scholarship candidate, mention all this in a Covering Letter and place it on top of the Print Application [or, Hard copy Application].
  • You can send the Hard copy Application even if some of the documents mentioned above are missing. This will get you started with studies. However, the missing documents should be sent as soon as possible.
  • You will not get your degree and transcripts if your Hard Copy application remains incomplete.
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  1. Paul Herriman says:

    This New website has no application area that I can find, can someone direct me?

  2. James Paet says:

    Where is the application form? Please advise.

  3. Alexandra Elfers says:

    I am not currently living in my home country, so mailing everything on this list might not be possible currently. I plan to return home by next fall. Would this be a problem? Is it better to apply and start once I move home, or is it ok to send the remaining hard copies once I return home?

    Thank you!

    Alexandra Elfers

  4. Hello Registrar, how much is registration fee for each course? We are a group of pastors and Church leaders who have come up with a Theological school which we would like to affiliate to your institution and use your materials and to be guided by yourselves. How best could we help our prospective students here study with your university through distance learning?

    Kind regards.

  5. Vincent Obibuaku says:

    Good morning, I forwarded an application seeking admission to your school for up to two weeks ago and I have been waiting for reply but have not seen any. Please I want to know if you got my application or not.
    Alternative emails,

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