Assessment of Submitted Assignments

The Office passes your assessments immediately on its arrival to an examiner who is allowed up to 1 month to communicate the result to the Office.

  • Grades are communicated to you not in the order in which you send in the assessments, but in the order in which they are received from the Faculty members.
  • The examiners assess the assessments on the basis of several points. First of all, they check if you have been able to understand the essence of the lesson, and whether you have been successful to express it in your own words. Since the examiners have done this thousands of times, they can easily come to an authoritative deduction.
  • In the “critique” portion the examiner evaluates how much and how intelligently you have interacted with the course material.
  • Some of the material as scope for improvement, and the “Suggestion for improvement” section tells the examiner whether you have been able to spot those areas.
  • The last section where you tell how a certain course material blessed you and in what manner you might be able to use this material tells the examiner how he can help and mentor you during your studies.
  • A disagreement with the stand taken in the course-material will not lower your grades or disqualify you, provided you are able to disagree courteously and  authoritatively.
  • A reasonable freedom of expression is granted to students within the Conservative theological position. Such disagreement should be done in an academic manner, and dissent should not be emotional in nature.

Other Essential Information

students should always keep the constraints of Distance Education in mind. In a regular school you turn in the assessments in the morning and hope to get the grades next morning. This is not the way a Distance school works. Please remember the following about CRG school.

  • All our Faculty Members work voluntarily for us, and they do not get any remuneration for this work. This is the only way we are able to offer you training without fees.
  • This means that almost all of them work in full-time jobs to sustain themselves, and need to find additional time to work with Trinity School.
  • Consequently, they need a bit of extra time to grade assignments and give them back to the office.
  • Students should therefore allow a margin of time before they get their grades.
  • The Assessments are evaluated by many, but the grades are always communicated to the students by the office.
  • Grades are sent as email-attachments in a grade-chart in the RTF format. All standard word-processors can open RTF [Rich Text Format] and save into RTF format. Since RTF is not dependent upon any proprietary format, almost all word-processors find it easy to handle these files.
  • Comments, if any, on the assessments are entered at the bottom of the Grade Chart. Additional comments, if any, are included in the main body of the email.
  • Students should always study the grade Chart each time they receive it. If there is any error or discrepancy in the entries, they should inform the office promptly.
  • If the student needs to know any thing, such where did he go wrong in a given assignment, this information is sent with the grades. If no such information is included, this means that the work was so good that no major improvement is needed.






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  1. Sampson Lodo says:

    Please help me to locate the site for directions on thesis writing. I can,t find it at this site.



  3. Lameck Mwamukonda says:

    I have been impressed by the way you assess the assignment. It seems the study is intended to make students thinkers and not only reflecting other peoples idess.

  4. Rev. Nettie Jorinda Bullitt says:

    When do next DMin courses start? tks

  5. Michael Adu Brafo says:

    where do I start MTh from

  6. Michael Adu Brafo says:

    how do i begin MTh. program after registration?

  7. Stephen Kinuthia says:

    Greetings in Jesus Name? I was really happy to have come across your website. This is an answered prayer for many ministers of the word of God. However, I applied over a month ago and am yet to get a reply;I have applied again today.I am really looking forward to starting a Degree in Theology,which I have always aspired.

    God bless.

  8. Stephen Kinuthia says:

    Greetings in Jesus Name? I was really happy to have come across your website. Your school is an answered prayer for many ministers of the word of God. I had applied for a Degree in Theology a month ago, but I did not get any reply. I am really looking forward to being a student of the school.

    I am a Kenyan working in Sudan





  11. Splendit,thanks for carrying me along.God bless you so good.

  12. B.Samuel says:

    Thanks for leading me in right path so that i will be able to complete my Assignments Properly.

  13. sharon says:

    i cannot nor do i know where to start or where is my work book to go with courses

  14. Jorge A. Reyes says:

    I cant wait, its almost like a dream come true. Only by the grace of God, and the hard work put in by all the volunteers. I am able to get this high quality education at little to no cost. The great thing about it, is that you never know who is gonna benefit from this experience. I have begun to circulate the ebooks by Dr. JC Phillip, and other writers. I have been studying some of the free courses for a while now. I hope to put atleast 7 assignments and have them sent before I beging my modules for reading, critique, and help. Thanks to all the volunteers worldwide. God bless this site and the people behind them. YHWH bless !!

  15. Kibret says:

    May God bless you with His ample blessings. You are doing so much.

  16. Okot Stephen says:

    Praise the Lord for the love and grace he has given us through Trinity Graduate School Of Apologetic and theology. Truly, TGSAT is not only the first School to offer tuition free courses but also the best, highly quality theological Education relevant for Christianity today. Iam in the middle of my B.Th & B.Min. The course Materials are inspiring, enlightening and equipping! My ministry is doing so well in northern Uganda. The people who sat in darkness for a long time have now seen great light.
    Dear Dr. Johnson Philips, i am praying that God will give you many more years of life to continue impacting the world through this most powerful distance learning!
    Blessings to you in abundance and to all students of TGSAT.
    Okot Stephen,
    Gulu, Uganda

  17. Warren Alimamy Kargbo says:

    Thanks for the great explanation given on assignment. This will definitely help me .God bless Trinity

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