Tuition-free Bachelor of Theology Program

BTh Bachelor of Theology: BTh is an entry level theological diploma course where one learns the basics of Bible and Theology.
Admission Requirements You must be 18 years or older, with preferably 12 years of schooling. However, if you are 18 or older but you do not have the required schooling, you can still apply and we will give you additional course material to take care of the academic deficiency.
Time Available You have 2 years to complete the course at an accelerated pace. In case you fail to complete the course in 2 years, you can renew for up to three years on payment of an annual renewal fees.
Syllabus All the textbooks and reading-materials listed below are given via free downloads. You do not have to buy anything. Each numbered textbook shown below is a “Course Module” worth 1 to 3 credit hours.
Essential Apologetics Essential Apologetics is a set of course modules which every student of Trinity needs to study once. This means that whatever the diploma which you join, you need to study this first and then take other courses. Essential Apologetics is listed at the beginning of every diploma program to indicate that no student is exempt from studying them. You need to study them only once, even if you join multiple diploma programs.Course Modules:

  • M01A1 Introduction
  • M02A1 Presuppositions
  • M03A1 History
  • M04A1 Canon
  • M05A1 Revelation
  • Readings (3 Documents)

  • M10A1 Intro to Tools
  • M10A2 Preparation
  • M10P1 What is Proof
  • M11A1 Errors of Interp
  • M12A1 Bible Difficulties
  • M13A1 Science Difficulties
  • M14A1 Propaganda Analysis
  • M15A1 Manipulation Analysis
  • M16A1 Manipulation Resisting
  • M17A1 Logic & Errors
  • M18A1 Debating Techniques
  • M19A1 Resisting Debate
  • M20A1 Leading Questions
  • M20U1 Using Apologetics
Apologetics Course Modules:

  • BT001 Critical Thinking
  • BT002 Evolution 1
  • BT003 Evolution 2
  • BT004 Evolution 3
  • BT005 Creation
  • BT006 Faith&Reason
  • BT007 Divinity Of Jesus
  • BT008 Evidence For Jesus
  • BT009 NT & External Influences
  • BT010 Dead Sea Scrolls
  • BT011 Biblical Orthodoxy
  • Readings (2 Books)
Bible Study Methods Course Modules:

  • BT020 Bible Study Methods
Bible Course Modules:

  • BT022 Genesis
  • BT023 Exodus
  • BT024 Leviticus
  • BT025 Numbers
  • BT026 Deuteronomy
  • BT027 Matthew
  • BT028 Mark
  • BT029 Luke
  • BT030 John
  • BT031 Acts
Biblical Backgrounds Course Modules:

  • BT035 Jewish Religious Sects
Canon Course Modules:

  • BT036 Origin of New Testament
  • BT037 The Apocrypha
Essential Topics Course Modules:

  • BT040 Doctrine of Hell
  • BT041 Ecumenism
  • BT042 Essentials Of History
  • BT043 Roots of Reformation
  • BT044 Worship in Early Chr
  • BT045 The New Age
  • BT046 Yoga: An Analysis
Foundations Course Modules:

  • BT047 Foundations of Faith
Hermeneutics Course Modules:

  • BT050 Hermeneutics 01
  • BT051 Hermeneutics 02
  • BT052 Hermeneutics 03
  • Readings (2 Books)
Theology Course Modules:

  • BT060 Systematic Theology
  • BT061 Theology Proper
  • Readings (9 Documents)
Church History Course Modules:

  • BT071 The Crusaders
  • BT072 The Apostles
Practical Work The student will have to develop and submit two courses of 6 to 10 lessons, similar to what can be seen at Apologetics Courses or Free Courses. They should choose the subject soon after joining Trinity.



The purpose and plan of the tuition-free BTh program is given at: Bachelor In Theology Program

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  1. jorge martinez says:

    i would like to apply for this program since i need some credits for my bachelor degree

  2. Vernit S. Holder says:

    I am currently ministering to two home study / church groups.
    I am also busy studying Biblical Hebrew with a retired University Professor. I have been ministering as a layman for 24years, preaching, teaching & doing street evangelism. Can you advise me on what courses to enrol for. I want to be of benefit to the flock God entrusted to me.

  3. Madhu says:

    I would like to apply for this program, how can I? can u help me

  4. Isaac Paha says:

    First let me thank you for this opportunity to go through this.

  5. Isaac Paha says:

    course.This had been something I have been waiting for all my life and I do appreciate

  6. Isaac Paha says:

    Thank you

  7. vuyani jongwa says:

    i want to study bachelor of theology with all my heart,but im unemployed please help me

  8. iwant to apply for this course because is good

  9. Niño says:

    I’m a youth pastor with two years of bible school training. I would like to apply for this program since i need for knowledge to enhance my ministry.

  10. antoinette says:

    Now that I have paid for the classes where do I get started

  11. JOSHUA EDISON says:

    Praise the Lord, I have always had the passion and urge to be for the Lord and live for Him, but as I still live in this carnal world with family commitments and still want to learn more about God’s plan and His love and serve the Lord henceforth. Would you please help me grow in this. Suggest me how to join the theology course PLEASE

  12. John T. Beaver II says:

    I am very excited about the program and have already been impressed by the amount of material.

  13. Tracy Ward says:

    I would very much like to study this course. Please could you send details

  14. harish says:

    Praise be to the LORD , i want to go for this please provide me the further details,

  15. Philip Carey says:

    I would like to join in this course. can you heip me?

  16. Ruth Rukshini says:

    I would very much like to study this course. Please could you send details.god bless

  17. S. L. Prince says:

    I would love the take the program, I am a preacher that seeks bibical education

  18. hari.y says:

    i am really interested to do the course.please send me the details

  19. DEVASAGAYAM says:

    would like to join in this course. can you heip me?

  20. argel says:

    how can i apply?

    is the bth for free?

  21. argel says:

    Are courses really for free?

  22. Sandra E. says:

    I have been in wonder of how to accomplish the calling I have to be educated in the Word. I know now that God has truly called me because of the circumstances I had to go through before I found your school. Thank you and may the Lord bless you for your accomodations to many people like myself.

  23. Argel says:

    i am a third year college student here in the philippines…

    which course would you prefer for me to pursue?

    BTh or MBS?

    Thank you!’_’!

  24. Annie Penro says:

    I’m 47 years old, I’m a Pastor’s Wife, I have been called into the ministry,whom God calls he equip.I would very much like to dig deeper into the knowledge of his word. As I seek his will for my life, I want to know and understand the Word that he has spoken to us, whereby we should live, and I want to rightly interpert that word. I hope you will consider me as a canidate for this program. Thank You in Advance.

  25. Ruth Lydia says:

    I praise God for the opportunity given to see this site. I’M LONING TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY SAVIOUR’S LOVE. Can you guide me to do this course. God bless all who labour for this cause!
    with love and prayers,

  26. William Gandy says:

    I am interested in taking your BTH course. Please let me know what I need to do to enroll and what is the monetary cost if any. I owe God a service for curing my cancer. I am extremely motivated to start.

  27. Joe V. Lungu says:

    Iam a Malawian aged 36, and Iam a holder of
    an Honours Diploma in Management&Administration
    from Cambridge International College. But I would like to study Bachelor of Theology. At
    present Iam not in employment but Iam helping
    my local church as a volunteer church manager.
    Please, let me know if I qualify to pursue BTh.

  28. Moses A .Oyebanji says:

    I’m really excited for this opportunity.I want to start as soon as possible.Thank you for the good work.

  29. Kevin Britten says:

    I would like to enroll in your program, please send me the necessary details to make this possible.

  30. I would like to get started can you help me, my email

  31. Jorge Diaz says:

    I have a hunger to learn more about God. I am a leader at my church, I teach the teen’s. I am now studing the Bible at home through Liberty. I would like to extend studys. What do i have to do to sing up.

  32. All those who will like to become students of this wonderful school, you first of all need to open the apply page of the school website and send the first online application. Dr. Philip will send you an email with the next step to take.
    It’s very easy to do this. or send an email to

  33. Paul Shunamon says:

    I would love to get a Bachelor of Ministry degree to enhance my credibility for positions in the Church. I already work as a staff writer for Bible oriented inquiry based Ministry.

  34. I have been ministering to women for three years( Bible Study) . At the age of 46, the Lord has called me from a career in Dentistry to full-time ministry. I feel the need to seek deeper illumination of God’s word in order to accomplish the task set before me.
    My health has caused me to have financial set backs , therefore ,I need to find training in areas that are less costly.

  35. Solomon says:

    I’m really excited for this opportunity. Eagerly waiting for ur reply.

  36. Terry Lee Hovey says:

    I’ve been involved in Prison Ministry for over 13 years and have recently been ordained by my church. I have a Bachelor’s in Bus Admin, and am not sure if I should work toward the BTh or Master’s level. Would the Bachelor’s give me more background to eventually pursue more advanced studies? I would like to start ASAP.

  37. Paul Kilpatrick says:

    I have worked full time in Telecommunications for 36 years and am preparing to retire from one career and begin the most important career of all. Serving our Lord Jesus Christ and ministering to fellow Christians as well as reaching lost souls with the gospel. I have studied the bible at home part time for many years and have always dreamed of earning a seminary degree. To be accepted to study for my Bachelor of Theology degree at Trinity would be such a blessing and an answer to prayer.

  38. Pst. Gideon Mumo Nzaluo says:

    I am glad to have found Trinity and I’ll make this website known to many who are looking for opportunities to study theology at home.


    I am interested in doing B.Th or BD Course thru web. plz send me the details to the above mentioned mail id.

    Thanking you

  40. I will like to join the trinity theology to do BTH. a friend introduced it to me and I like to know and study


  42. Anna B says:

    I am very interested in this . I hope i am able to take these courses and recieve my diploma in ministry. Also my son who is 17 will have his GED can he take one of these that are offered and earn college credits. Or Rather would these credits earned be counted as college credits

  43. Theodore Eugene Hastings says:

    I would like to thank you for providing the opportunity for so many of us unable to break away and attend seminary. God blees

  44. J.ALFORD says:

    I am extremely excited to start this couse. It’s looks interesting and I’m quite positive that it will enhance my knowledge inChrist as I move into my calling that God has on my life

  45. ricky smith says:

    I too am interested in this course I HAVE BEEN SEQARCING FOR SOMETHING AND DIDN’T KNOW WHAT UNTILL i FOUND TRINITY .I am now hopefull.

  46. W.D. Terrell says:

    I got up to answer an incoming phone call that started to path to the answer to my prayer. I turned on the computer and I was lead to this website. The biblical teachings I desire to study and for free! Thank you “Almighty Father for your Grace & Mercy”, and for touching the hearts of all the members who make this kind of teaching possible for all who care to learn.

  47. segun says:

    if i want to enroll for the Diploma course. how would i do?

  48. Sebuava Selikem Akoe says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to study with Trinity theology school. God bless you.

  49. Sebuava Selikem Akoe says:

    In the last days the knowledge of God shall cover the earth as waters cover the sea. this is a good initiative and i support it.

  50. Sydney Maseko says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to study the word of God. indeed this is a great inintiativew to make sure that we have trained man and women of God who can expound the word of God, We need more of these in Africa where the cost of education is out of reach for many

  51. Pastor Emmanuel Nyende says:

    It’s great to hear about this programme you are offering.I’ve a Diploma in Bible and Theology and would like to get a Digree in the same.Could you send me the forms to fill online through my email adress above?God bless you for your great work of equiping the saints for the work in the Lord’s vineyard.The harvest is trully plentyful,so lets make the workers quqlified too.

  52. Pst. Gideon Mumo Nzaluo says:

    I am glad to be a student with Trinity. I have already gone through the first introductory courses. No regreds! Praise be to God.

  53. Thanks to Tinity Theological Seminary.
    This is now my great chance to finish bible course and follow what God tells me to do.
    To follow Him and spread the Gospel. To be fishers of men. Pray for me as I pray Trninty.
    Thanks to God, in Christ Jesus for everything.
    God bless Trinity.

  54. Ralph Olumorin says:

    I have long be wanting this type of programme. I believe this is an opportunity. Thanks to God

  55. Jacob Victor says:

    I am interested in pursuing a degree program. Where do i sign in?

  56. Denis Kamonjo says:

    How do i apply from here? Interested in taking bible course to the next level of where GOD intends me to be and to do. Thanks for this marvelous offer. GOD bless Trinity forever.

  57. want to join courses of bachelor of theolgy

  58. Benjamin Henry says:

    Looking forward to moving to the next level in God
    It is good to see the opportunity to learn , witness
    and excel with the consideration of cost effectiveness.

    Thank You !

  59. Noah Karyango says:

    I have been looking for the course that can be useful in my life. At last I have my ansewr is here in Trinity. P’se help me to complete this course successfuly. Thanks and be Blessed.

  60. Philip T. Stevens says:

    Please visit the Trinity Forum located under Resources on the Home Page.


  61. John Williams says:

    I am very interested in this program, and would like to find out more about it. Thank you.

    John Williams

  62. Janet Booysen says:

    I am interested in your cource and would like to get some more info about the bachelor of theolgy. Please sent ASAP!

    Janet Booysen

  63. Kera LaShawn says:

    I have completed the initial application, but I am a little confused on where to go from that point.

  64. Symon Gama says:

    I want to join courses of Bachelor of Theology.

  65. Ricardo says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I ´m from Brazil and I did 3 years of Bachelor of Theology at Lutheran Church and I want to know if it can be appreciated.

    Blesses of god


  66. Kenneth John KAREGEYA says:

    I have been looking for the course that can be useful in my life and helping me to use my calling as a trained servant of god. At last I have my ansewer in Trinity. P’se help me to complete this course successfuly. Thanks and be Blessed.

  67. Cynthia Faircloth says:

    I have been an ordained and licensed minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for several years. Working as a Christian Chaplain has also been a part of my calling. I need a degree in Theology, can you please help me. Thank you and God Bless You.

  68. I am so thankful for this resouce gift that this part of the Body of Christ is offering. There is no greater need for a Christian than the Knowledge of God, and proper Scriptural thinking about God.
    I am blessed to be able to participate with other believers in this regard.
    Thanks be to God

  69. Mangaliso Njovu says:

    I have a calling but i cant go to school because i don’t hove money ..but i believe theta God will make a pan fro me.. just lake he says in Jeremiah 29 vs 11

    thank.. God be with you

  70. All prophet’s have a attend place to be call for teaching and learning god’s paths for them . May this grace guide us to our attend place.

  71. Erin Smith says:

    This has always been my intrest and passion. I would love more information. How do i go about that??

  72. Chris says:

    Looking for Final application for BTh

  73. Ariela de Waldt says:

    I will be honoured to make use of the opportunity you give to fellow christians to study the works, deity and word of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

  74. marcus locklear says:

    send some info i want to get strated right away

  75. Maria da Penha e Silva says:

    I would like to apply for this course if it is the free one. Thanks.

  76. Matteo Lanata says:

    I’m just browsing the courses programmes, and I didn’t notice any course to introduce to evangelical ancient Greek language, nor to Hebraic or Aramaic language.
    Where should I look for them?
    Thank you for your answer

  77. Neil Wells says:

    I am looking to earn a Assocites Degree in Theoilogy
    so I my go on to earn more as the Lord leads me.
    Have very limited resources.can you help?
    Elder Neil Wells

  78. Ghanaians should please contact REV. PETER WHITE for any information on how to enrol at TRINITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS AND THEOLOGY. I will be happy to share with you whatever information you may need about trinity. You are welcome


  79. Donny Wotulo says:

    I wish i get more grace from Lord to share people the Lord compassion by learning this course

  80. Bright Boateng says:

    Want to study more

  81. Daniel says:

    I thank God for this place where i can earn a bachelor degree in theology! please send me informatiom i want to start rigt now

  82. NicK says:

    Would like more information on this course of study

  83. Ing'utu Njebele Buckmire says:

    How do I enrol in this school? I am so grateful because I have been serving as a missionary and am not working anywhere but I want to do some child evangelism in Africa

  84. lebo says:

    God bless you for this initiative.I have a pastor friend who has a certificate in theolgy but because of lack of funds he hasnt been able to persue further studies.I will introduce him to Trinity and also enrol myself!

  85. BRIGHT says:

    i think is an opening for every person prepared to study Gods word.really wanna enroll

    Am a ghanaian now based in US

  86. Louis says:

    I still don’t know how and to do the final application.
    i did the first and join already the discution group,
    where should i go for the fanal application?

  87. Charlenn says:

    I would like to apply asap, I need assistance with choosing subjects. Please contact me
    Thank you

  88. Jordan Knorr says:

    Thank you for this opportunity guys….God bless

  89. Ghanaians should please contact REV. PETER WHITE for any information on how to enrol at TRINITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS AND THEOLOGY. I will be happy to share with you whatever information you may need about trinity. You are welcome


  90. REV REUBEN OBENG says:

    We are a theological college in Cape Coast,Ghana. We have being in existence for more than six years with a lot of track records.We want to affiliate with your school and also enrol some of our past students and staff for Graduate studies.

  91. RICHARD GILL says:


  92. Jimmy Rivas says:

    I wish to study Theology very much and am looking forward to furthering my knowledge of the Bible so that that I can in turn teach others.


    please can you send me information on Masters and Doctral programmees, particularly, duration and special areas,

  94. kaling says:

    My dear Brother in Christ,
    I am a male from India.I want to do B.Th.correspondence from your college.Please help me.

  95. Vernon Lenior says:

    I am very interested in your program, to help me to be more efficient doing good works all over the world.

  96. phillip says:

    how do i get started seems i cant get any info on how i start is there any form that i need to fill

  97. Rev. Zachary Morris says:

    Please send me information on how to enroll

  98. Emmanuel Boateng says:

    I have completed certificate course in ministry from the Trinity Theological Seminary here in Accra Ghana and has also completed MA in the Study of Religions at University of Ghana-Legon, I would be greatful if you could recommend an appropriate Masters degree in Theology for me, I really want to enter into full time ministerial work

  99. Emmanuel Boateng says:

    Its a great privilage to come across your institution, I hope the lord will use you to give me new insight into the ministry he has called me

  100. Minister Andre' P. Edmonds says:

    I am intrested in applying for membership into the Bth program and wish to get started ASAP!

  101. Bageya Moses says:

    am quite happy for this study method because it gives me the oportunity to remain working while studying

  102. Bageya Moses says:

    Very good method of study for people who are busy working and yet want to study the word of God

  103. Habtamu Wamanuel says:


    I have read and apply for the theological courses which is provided by your institution but I didn’t receive any response. Can you just tell me if I got an admissions ?

    Thanks !!

  104. Raju Baral says:

    I wish to apply for the course

  105. Raju Baral says:

    I m a youth leader besides my other education i want to learn more about the Bible and help my ministry

  106. mathew mehtab says:

    hi sir i like bible study i want to do do bth course

  107. Rossary Fernando says:

    thank you for given this oppurtunity to have a look on this.. i’d like to join the course of study(B.Th) also want to know abt this applications including fee structure… is there any concession for poor..

  108. Musu says:

    this is what i have been looking for, can i have an admission to study this course?

  109. Aten Dita says:

    How can I join this course?

  110. Martin S. K. BONSU says:

    Hi, I’ll like to join the program (B.Th). please what should I do?

  111. udeme f. james says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity,I Would like to
    join the course of study(BTh).

  112. udeme f. james says:

    Thanks so much for this opportuniity, I would like to join the course (BTh), to have more insight in the word of God and also to help my

  113. Okpame Oronsaye says:

    I am interested in the theology course. How do I apply?

  114. VJ says:


    I would like to know if these courses have any content that is against the Catholic faith…?

  115. GOD called me into ministry and I will study to show myself approved!

  116. Jacob says:

    Hi i am interested in bachelor of theology programme.Since i am Indian,can i join this course and complete the programme from India itself

  117. Pauls Sproga says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. How can I enroll in your College to earn a Bachelors degree in theology?

  118. james aguirre says:


  119. Michael Kibisu Ndakala says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. How can I enroll in your College to earn a Bachelors degree in theology? so much interested in this program been serving for a long time without any theological training.

  120. ako elvis says:

    indeed this site really fulfile my desire and i really want to enrole please help me thank

  121. Tina D'souza says:

    I am enrolled for MBS (Diploma) course in trinity. How can I apply for a Bachelors degree in Bible studies?

  122. Luis Carreiro says:

    Hello, I’m interested in bachelor of theology. Since i’m not in the USA, but in Brazil, is it possible to join this course and complete the programme from Brazil? Thank you for your time.

  123. Hi i am Dr.Evangelist Kouame N’goran and i would like to take your free theology bible course,also help other christian to what you offer

  124. kellyn wagoner says:

    What is the difference between a diploma and degree?


    Thank you for your considaration and assistance for this matter of joining MTh on distance learning,Iam happy because i can study during i am steel working.

  126. Luis Carreiro says:

    The peace of Lord my friends! I’ve sent you an e-mail, asking the possibility of taking the bachelor in theology course from Brazil. Is it possible? Can get an informatiom from you?
    Thank you very much for your time.

  127. John Thomas says:

    Thank God, I am in search of an on line bible degree course..pls guide me for admissions soon! Thank You!

  128. Constantino T. Marcos says:

    Trinity is the school I Preferably will want to Study a degree in theology of which i have already applied and am waiting to be sent the material and start immediately working on it as soon as i get the subjects. And this is the school i will recomend anyone that loves to study theology

  129. Constantino T. Marcos says:

    Trinity is the best school of theology in the world, where by students are taught how to think logically as they apply apologetical knowledge,lives are transformed, impacted and false teaching exposed. I cannot wait to start a degree with trinity school of theology and apologetics.

  130. Robson says:

    Hello, i’d ratter to apply this courso, what a need to do? Please help me, thank’s

  131. Levers Mahlaule says:

    I would love to study Theology

  132. Stanley Maishoane says:

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to study the word of God through your initiative should I be accepted.I very much inetrested in in completing this Diploma,please tell me how do i come into the programme.
    God Bless

  133. rajesh says:

    I have never seen such a course with good topic listed, i really wanted to apply for this course,please send me details.

  134. Moses George says:

    I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please, kindly help me fulfill my dream of enrolling at Trinity for the B.Th course. I have already filled and submitted the first application form, but haven’t gotten any response from you yet.I am in Nigeria and this is certainly a wonderful opportunity for me. I am looking forward to start immediately. I thank God for this great opportunity.

  135. Larry Ross says:

    Thank God for this school

  136. douglas idaeho says:

    how can i apply?

  137. Oviawe J says:

    Please how do i get registered and when do your academic session starts.

  138. T.P. Michael says:

    I am an Indian highly motivated by holy spirit in God’s ministry. I have been praying to God for an opportunity to study bible and theology systematically under a proper devine guidance. This is what i have been looking for. Praise Jeasu, for opening a way to your college through Br. James Parambil who introduced this institution to me. I wish to start with B.Th course. Please give me the admision and opportunity to study Word of God.

  139. Samuel Maran says:

    I would like to take BTh program from your seminary as soonest possible. Trust that you can let me know. God Bless.

  140. Molaodi Dikgang says:

    This initiative is truely a welcome development and I would like to express my willingness to take up this program for development and for the benefit of the church in our country as well. i live in Botswana.

  141. kenaope jong says:


  142. Anil Sinku says:

    I joined BTH, Just starting last month but still not progressed as per required, So may I get emails of my colleagues or co-students so that
    I can contact them to ask about their progress ?
    Thanks for allowing me to your course. surely God Lift your org. Anil Sinku,

  143. This is a dream come true. I have just started last month and my Bth program is in itself an answer even to my life.
    I, therefore ask my fellow students to unerstand that when we study we should be listening to the Holy Spirit. This is the word of God that we are studying. As we study ,we must know that God is speaking to our spiritual life.
    Tjanks Trinity Staff.
    Fellow students can contact me to be sharing ideas.

  144. This is a dream come true. I just started studies last month. My Bth program is just fantastic. The texts are readable and well understood. When you read them you discover that they are mostly serving your personal spiritual needs. I, therefore, ask my fellow students to study prayerfully and understand them. Never memorize but understand.
    I would like to share ideas and correspond with other students.
    Thanks to Trinity Shool.

  145. I come from Cameroon West Africa and have a deploma in theology. I much you to help further as much as possible my studies in theology since i now minister in the US and in California. Because of the deferent culture i would like to study more with the help of the Holy Spirit to meet up. I and my wife have started a church in our house and have three families in attendance. Thank God for you. and Remain Blessed.

  146. Philip Obacha says:

    Pastor Philip Obacha is the pastor of Treasure of Calvary Ministry in Gaduwa estate, Abuja.

  147. LORDSON says:

    This has been the ideal moment I have been waiting for: some of us have the utmost desire to have at least a certificate in theology but the finances has not allowed that, yet i find an opportunity right here, please I do want to enroll, how do I? Praise God for such a wonderful gesture from you…indeed you are helping the course of the Gospel.I am elated. God bless You.

  148. Josephine D. F. Tengbeh says:

    I am a Liberian West Africa who had just enrolled in the Baptist Seminary and had to leave for a job in Haiti. I want to enroll and do my course online while am in Haiti. I want a bachelor degree in Theology. What courses do you advice me to do and what is the time frame. I also want to know the entire process of enrollment. I believe God wants me to accomplish that which he has called me to do even when am away from home.

  149. Emmanuel says:

    i am so interested to join you in your distant-learning program… how can i enroll in the bachelor f theology course online?

  150. ANDREW BANDA says:

    This is an answered prayer! I have for long time desired to study Bth and this arrangement suits me miraculously. Praise God!

  151. ANDREW BANDA says:

    This is an answered prayer because I have been longing to do BTh program.I hope to benefit a lot from these studies and pass on the same benefits to others.

  152. Maria T. says:

    I read that you teach in 140 countries.
    Do you also teach in Spanish?.I will like to get more information about your courses.Can you please get in touch with me,I have became a Christian in the last 2 years,and I read the Bible everyday and I read every thing about Christ that comes my way,I will like to study in a more professional way
    Thank you
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Maria T.

  153. nita says:

    send information on cost

  154. Bettina Jackson says:

    I would very much like to do the BTh course, all throughout my life when considering a change in my life I always come back to doing Theology but have not before been able to find the information I needed, I guess this time must be the right time as I found your site with extreme ease

  155. Ashton says:

    Im from Fiji Islands and a borna again christian. Im working full time and have no time to study. I found this a very useful way of increasing my knowledge and sharpen my sword for the battle. Im interested in doing BTh. Thank you for such a great initiative.

  156. Michael says:

    How does one start the BTH program. It sounds exciting but where do I start?

  157. GK aRUL JEYAKUMAR says:

    I am from Tamilnadu.I would like to study Bth through distance education. i would be grateful if i get the details

  158. BENJAMIN AKITA says:


  159. BENJAMIN AKITA says:


  160. amala dass says:

    I would like to take up this course

  161. Micah Njakhar says:

    It has always been my passion to study the word o God, and it is that passion that has led to my discovering this site, Glory Be to God. I will like to start streight away.

  162. Ebelle Peter M. says:

    i have been looking for a well recognised school of theology to continue my theological studied, I believe this is from God. I want to enroll, I have a diploma in theology with more than fourteen years of study and twelve years of ministry, could i have a reduction of courses to get a Bachelors Degree in theology?

  163. Divine Galley says:


  164. Dumbili Joseph Awele says:

    Greetings from Joseph Dumbili and family please I Joseph Dumbili will be grateful to benefit from your institution by enrolling for a bachelor degree in theology. As such I do desire information to enable me register for studies. Remain blessed

  165. I would like to start here and work my way towards a doctorate degree. It is something I have always looked for and finally there is a college I can afford.

    Thanks and God Bless

  166. Dear friends,
    greetings in Jesus’ name.
    Towards the close of last year i applied for a bachelors degree course and you had offered it to me but that i study free since i come from africa,on condition that i introduce 4 friends intrested in doing a course offered by This school. I tried but most people are not interested and not many have access to the net.
    Please, give me chance to study.
    Pastor Geoffrey Kironde
    Bugembe miracle center Jinja-Uganda

  167. I am very interested in applying and look forward to taking your Bachelor of Theology Course…

  168. Jennifer says:

    Hi i am very much interested to join this course . Pl furnish me with details regarding how to join.

  169. Jun Borromeo says:

    I want to learn the BASIC of Theology.I hope I can learn it here.Thanks a lot.

  170. JNETTE says:

    hi,greetings in the name of our King and Savior Jesus Christ! my pastor informed me of your free courses and he also encouraged me to apply and to enroll of your free courses and i would like to take up bachelor in theology. it is a big help for me and to be more useful in the ministry of our church in serving our Savior Jesus. thanks and glory to God! more power and God bless you!

  171. CIZA Bonne says:

    This course is more than crucial to equip christians and any one else who needs to inherit the everlasting life. i hope this will be the response to my dream of studing and upgrading my Bible knowledges which i was waiting from a long time ago as it will help me to help others growing in GOD’s Word. i am looking forward to see my application being accepted.

    May GOD bless you.

  172. Rey lacbayo says:

    May God whom we serve be bless you and inherit your reward in heaven as Jesus our Lord promised, the Lord bless you.
    What a privilege in this course, how can I start this course?
    I’m pastoring the small church here in the province in Cavite City phillipines.. God bless

  173. Pastor Bwembya Mulopa says:

    I am a proud student of theology at trinity. Just started though. Believe it or not since I started I have compared my study contents with some local schools and have discovered that the materials and study contents offered by Trinity are superior and written with clarity and depth. I was suprised to learn for example that most schools here do not teach apologetics in depth and as a seperate study.
    Thanks all to God,My mentors and all faculty members.

    Am a proud student of Trinity.

  174. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to study and giving the opportunity to obtain a degree in theology – Please tell me how I can apply for this course.


    For many years, I have been waiting for this opportunity
    “free courses” is a real blessing for the world.

  176. Chitra says:

    I wish to apply for BAchelor of theology online. I am an mba employed women and 33 years old.


  177. Am so grateful to God and you to put this course online for people who cannot affort school fees for theology like myself,Iam so enthusiastic to study the course.Thank you and God bless.

  178. Joseph Varugees says:

    Praise & Thanks God, I am interested to study B.Th online free since my environment doest not allow me to take admission in a bible school and study, Please help me to study bible in detail please paster….Praise God


    I think this course will go along way to help me gain me degree. And it will also enhance my Christian life as I learn. GOD BLESS YOU

  180. karline Sylvestre says:

    please help me to obtain my BTh only it hard to finance any theological program so therefore am very much interested of this program. Thanks be to God for this program and Ma the Lord continue to bless this program!!!



  182. David says:

    Am very delighted to see this free course online am intresting in doing it.May God expand your coast in this age for His kingdom extention as you shall empower us to the field.

  183. Dear,
    receive my resume below for consideration to take B/Theology course.


    Name:David Kaleebu Bamulanzeeki. Title: Reverend. Sex:Male.

    Date of Birth:22nd March,1962. Place of Birth:Mityana Govt.Hospital,Uganda.
    Baptised:8/06/1969. Confirmed: 15/09/1974
    Ordained Deacon:9/12/1990 Ordained Priest: 16/12/1991
    Home Village:Kkande. Parish:Kitongo. Sub County:Butayunja. County:Busujju. District:Mityana.

    Marital Status:Single. Occupation:Pastor and Teacher.

    Father’s Name:Late Elukaana Sserinnya Kyamaanyi. Father’s Tribe:Muganda.Father’s Clan:Otter Clan.

    Mother’s Name:Peragiya Nnakyejwe. Mother’s Tribe: Muganda. Mother’s Clan:Leopard/Ngo Clan.


    1994—1996.-Diploma in Education of Institute of Teacher Education, Uganda.

    1988—1990.-Provincial Certificate in Theology -Bishop Tucker Theological College, Mukono, Uganda.

    1984—1986.-Grade 111 Teacher’s Certificate -Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo Uganda.

    1978–1981.-Ordinary Level Certificate -Uganda National Examinations Board.

    1969—1977.-Primary Leaving Certificate.

    Delegate-Church of Uganda Provincial Assembly 2006 to Date.
    18-30th November,2008-Bishop’s Commissary.
    September-October,2008-Bishop’s Commissary-Bp’s visit Midland
    & San Angelo, Texas U.S.A.
    May–June,2007.-Member Bishop’s Commissary.
    6th to 14th November,2006.-Care Take Responsibility/Commissary during the Diocesan Bishop’s Visit to Aachen. Germany.
    January-February,2006-Bishop’s Commissary-Bp’s visit Midland Texas, U.S.A

    1st January,2006 to Date-Diocesan Secretary, Mityana Anglican Diocese, Uganda, Africa.

    1977—2000.-HeadTeacher Kaamuseenene Primary School.
    1977—2006.-Parish Priest Kaamuseenene Church of Uganda Parish.

    May,1992—1994.-Parish Priest Kyanamuyonjo Church of Uganda Parish.
    1991—-May,1992.-Curate Bukomero Church of Uganda Parish.

    1986—Jan.1988.-Teacher and Ag.Deputy Headteacher St.Charles Lwanga Kkande Primary School.

    1992—1996.-Secretary to Bukomero Archdeaconry Council and Clergy Staff Meetings.

    2000—20006.-Secretary to Makonzi Archdeaconry Council and Clergy Staff Meetings.

    1985/1986.-Chapel Prefect Namutamba Primary Teachers’ College.
    1980—1981.-Organising Secretary Scripture Union ,Kampala Tutorial College.
    1982—1983.-Organising Secretary Christian Union ,College of Business Studies, Nakasero, Kampala.
    Chairperson School Management Committee of the following Primary Schools:
    Kyannamuyonjo, Katwe, Kagogo(Kiboga District),Kaamuseenene (Mubende District)
    Boshop’s Commissary , January,2006,May 2006,June 2007,Sept/Oct.2008,Nov.2008.
    Member Mityana District Ecumenical Action Committee.2008-
    Delegate Provincial Assembly-Anglican Church of Uganda 2006-Date.
    Caretaker Parish Priest Busunju Parish, Mityana Diocese-September-October,2008

    Senior Clergy Workshop at Ankrah Foundation Mukono ,Uganda Feb.2006.
    Diocesan Secretaries’ &Provincial Heads of Departments Workshop at Lweza Kampala.Dec.2007.
    Ecumenical Joint Action Committee Workshop at Pope Pope Hotel Kampala, Dec.2007.
    Planning Development Workshop, Mityana ,2003.
    PDR Advocacy Workshop at Lweza TCC July,2008.
    PDR Conflict Transformation Workshop at Lweza TCC September,2008.
    Computer Studies.

    Kenya:-2000 &2004-Anglican Renewal Conference.
    Rwanda.-2003.-Epsicopal Tour.
    Tanzania.-December,2006-“Pro-Life Conference.”
    Rome, Italy:- March,2007-“Spirituality of St. Benedict Course.”
    Midland &San Angelo Texas,U.S.A:-June&July,2007-Episcopal Tour.

    Languages I can speak & Write:

    DAVID KALEEBU BAMULANZEEKI(REV) Date: 16th March,2009.

  184. Ansoumana DIEDHIOU says:

    Hello, i need your advice and help to register for starting the course that i want to follow. And a credits for the courses
    God bless

  185. ashish nanda says:

    i would like to apply for the bachelor degree, can you help me for apply?

  186. anil chakravarthy. binkam says:

    i want to study B.Th
    how to apply for that
    please send me the details

  187. James Barth says:

    I wish to enroll in the Bachelor of Theology. I am presently ordained as a Reverend and I work as a Law enforcement Chaplain.
    thank you.

  188. Fabian says:

    I wish to apply for bachelor degree in trinity but i am still considering which one is the best for me, Bth or Bmin since i am only employee and to be honest i dont want to serve in the church. maybe in the marketplace. and can i know the monetery cost if any? thank you



  190. Dumisani Gumbo says:


    I have been trying to get the application forms, but failed to find it on this site. This is a very good program that will impact most of our Christian Leaders.


  191. Dumisani Gumbo says:

    Wow just finished my application.

    This is great.


  192. viji blesson says:


  193. RLHAN ALFON says:


  194. Dr. Cheryl Harris-Chin says:

    How do I apply for the Bachelor of Theology?

  195. ugobo ugobo says:

    the course outline is okay for beginners in the ministry

  196. Hi my fellow friends from Ghana, I wish to inform you that whatever difficulties you are finding with Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology, please forward your worries and questions to me. I will be very glad to help you.

    Trinity has now opened a satellite branch in Ghana which is authorized to run Bachelor of theology (Bth) and Master of Biblical Studies (MBS) courses. All prospective students in Ghana can therefore register with us. Those who are however interested in enrolling in any of the courses run by TGSAT apart from what Trinity Ghana has been authorized to run can still contact us to help them with their registration.

    In trinity Ghana our students are mentored on one on one basis and are also given hard copies of their course materials. We however want to make it clear that our students pay a minimal registration fee to help us take care of our administrative cost.

    Students that enroll with Trinity Ghana would receive their certificates and transcripts from Trinity India at the end of their course.

    For more information, please visit

    Rev. Peter White
    (Ambassador / Rector Trinity Ghana)
    P.O BOX AH 9404
    Ahinsan – Kumasi

    Tel: 00233 – 244 – 420588




  198. T.C. Lawmaster says:

    All who know me know of my faith in Christ — and a few have accepted Christ as a result. I wish to be “more” equipped so that my “end result” may be much greater than a few.

  199. I have always wanted to do this courses but I keep on applying and they are not forthcoming. I am missing on something. Please help I need this courses desperately

  200. Overton Chankhululu says:

    How do I apply for the BTH? Are this course really free of charge? Please help me because I want to purse this course and am ready to start right now. I am working with World Vision Malawi a Christian Organisation.

  201. Eugene Swart says:

    I’ve been running up and down on these pages, filling in apps. etc. How do I actually get started and where do I write exams? I’m on my way to be a pastor. God called me up to do this but there is no specific steps to start the PHg diploma. Please help me asap. Thanks Eugene.

  202. Emmanuel Abhul says:

    This is exciting would you furnish me on how to apply for the bachelor of theology

  203. michael phiri says:

    I would like to start a course ,Bachelor in theology.Please advice how i can go about it. im a ZAMBIAN IN AFRICA.

  204. Reuben Jinega Malomo says:

    Good to learn that, another tremendous help is at my nearest reach. Just let me know to apply. Otherwise it is as if am late and is too late. I want to do BTH. Apart from that, Can I combine with another Bachelor at the same time? Please help and advise me on that.


  205. Daniel Wosley says:

    This course looks fantastic, can you please send me details on how to enrol?

    Kind regards,


  206. Eugene Swart says:

    Joined and happy! I pray that this shall go according to Gods plan.

  207. bill says:

    i wish i could study this

  208. Louis Vermeulen says:

    I’m interested in enrolling for the degree BTh and need assistance to enroll.

  209. Donald Lloyd Williams says:

    Looking forward for the day I will finally start this course. I know that what the Good Lord has started in my life He will surely see me through.

  210. Jerry Dudley says:

    I am ready to begin the free Bachelor Of Theology Course . Please tell me what I need to do to get started.

  211. chaitanya says:

    I am ready to begin the free Bachelor Of Theology Course . Please tell me what I need to do to get started.

  212. Doroteo Mendoza says:

    Thank God for this oppurtunity,Please help me to avail the course,God bless

  213. MN says:

    Pls send info on applying for Bth diploma course.

  214. Reuben Jinega Malomo says:

    It seems to be no any response from the final application I filled in. However, I would like to be informed on the missing requisites if any. I don’t and would not like to miss it.

    Thank you.


  215. N. G. MELGAR says:

    I am interested to apply for a theology course. please advise me how to get started.

  216. Marika Kunavula says:

    I am really interested in this programme. I was brought up in a Christian home and attended an Assemblies of God church in my home country (Fiji). I am currently married and living in Japan.
    I haven`t been able to attend church services or Bible studies for the last 15 months I`ve lived here so this programme would really help me to come closer and be closer to Him in this last days.
    Please help me with my application.

  217. Joanne Hopkins says:

    I would very much like to be considered for the Bachelor of Theology course, please tell me what I need to do to be involved.

  218. Martin Makokha says:

    Am happy to have found this site and the work you are doing. I’ve been longing for something like this for years!

  219. iam from kenya. all my life i have always wanted to be a university professor. i dropped of of law school due to financial constraints. this course apparently offers the perfect avenue for me to realize my dreams. please tell me more on how i can enroll for this course. thanks alot.

  220. Kevin Nicholson says:


    I am looking for a course , to do to continue my study mainly I would like to do a degree course in theology and councelling my main interests with in this is world religions ( apologetics ) also the life of Jesus and how to interperet the bible and also christain councelling .

    God Bless Kevin

  221. Kevin Nicholson says:

    Hi sorry email is not sorry.

    God Bless Kevin

  222. i would want to pursue a course in theology and counselling. i have gone through what you have to offer and am convinced that your college is where i am supposed to be. please tell me more on how i can register and any further advice that you deem would be helpful.

  223. shiva says:

    I would very much like to be considered for the Bachelor of Theology course, please tell me what I need to do to be involved.

  224. Iam very grateful to God for the good work you are doing to train workers for various ministries Iam confident that God will reward your effort. Iam eagerly waiting for my final admission letter soon please accept my regards BTH momoh_azeez@yahocom

  225. Samuel Olusegun Akinola says:

    I wish to apply for Thoelogy course in Bth. I look forward to hear from you. I am a Nigerian

  226. george maina says:

    i wantto transfer my credits from pac university.

  227. Dabney Yerima says:

    I am interested and want to start right now

  228. Tyrone Garcia says:

    The Bachelor of Theology, is this an actual Bachelors degree course? Who do you receive your accreditation from?
    I am interested in this course for my own personal development and understanding of it means to be a Christian and maybe one day work in some capacity in service to God.

    Thanks! Look forwad to hearing from you.


  229. jayneth pardito says:

    Its a great privilage for me to have a chance to take this course. I could not wait to start.
    Thank you and look forward to your response…

  230. Mandlenkosi Ncube says:

    Starting today my studies! Thanks for such a wonderful site.

  231. Ernest Abotsi says:

    Please I really want to start this free Bachelor of theology course. Please tell me where to go and what to do next.I really want to do God’s work and want to have more knowledge about him.THANKYOU AND GOD BLESS YOU

  232. Judite Samuel says:

    I felt God”s call. I did a Three Year Bible

    Course, 2002-2004. I have just done a Four

    Year Theology Diploma degree, 2007-2010. I

    want to carry on my studies. I need your

    help brothers, for a Bachelor degree in

    Theology. God Bless you !

  233. sisay tolera says:

    pleace iwant to learn,help me
    God blese u

  234. Kim says:

    How do I acquire the courses? What are the enrollment procedures? Thanks so much..

  235. Gerald King says:

    please i want to enroll in this course…knowledge is power

  236. PAULVETRIVEL says:

    Father GOD my LORD blesses me to know about him more and more through this bachelor degree in theology to impart the significance of Father,Son and Holysprit.

  237. PAULVETRIVEL says:

    Father GOD my LORD blesses me to know about him more and more through this bachelor degree in theology to impart the significance of Father,Son and Holysprit to gather more blessed to harvest.AMEN

  238. Johnmark Atom says:

    It is worth all of us to be very grateful to God for some people to take upon themselves to do something like this for whoever wish to submit himself/herself as an instrument to God. It is good not because it is free but because some people have thought is wise to take it upon themselves to help others to be up to the great work of our Lord Jesus Christ. A great way to to say Jesus we want to do it like you taught us.

  239. Rev. Peter Nyok Padiet says:

    i am very thankful my God for granting me such a chance to study his word in order to inquire more knowledge and imparted it to the perishing world.
    i am not also irgorance you people who have sacrifice themselves to serve god people freely, may God bless you abundantly.
    as for me it a great previlage to pursue Bachelor Degree in theoloy and bible studies,may God enable me to learn more about Bible.
    Rev. Peter Nyok Padiet

  240. the study is enriching me so much. thank you

  241. Anuj Peter says:


    I want to do this course and fulfill the desire of my heart. I will pray about this and then will take admission for the same.

    In His love and service,
    Anuj Peter

  242. Sharon Blair says:

    I am preparing for the next part of the journey in pointing people toward Jesus.

  243. OLUSEGUN ADESUA says:


  244. JOHN NGUGI says:

    I am grateful for these opportunity,if given the chance because it has been my prayer that God will provide tha chance since he has put it in my heart to study theology.that i may bring many to his saving grace.

  245. John Asoh says:

    To God be the glory for making His precious truth get to those in search of it. May His grace never cease to abound upon your Ministry!

  246. SEKASI FREDRICK says:

    Thanks to all those who initiated the idea. I am a Ugandan and I am a community Psychologist. This course if taken will be very useful to me if I study on line. I think it is in line with my area of study and operation. However i cannot afford the tution fees. I can only pay may be admission fees of sa 25 pounds and i study on line.

  247. SEKASI FREDRICK says:

    I have tried all theological colleges but i have been frustrated because of failure to raise the required fees

  248. Ernesto says:

    I would like to form a Bible school here in my church in the Philippines, Pasig City.
    Can you help me about this using all your program.
    Thank you

  249. Jayneth Pardito says:

    Hello, I’m applied this course a month ago but for unexpected circumstances I delay my response. Can I still apply for the course, as I looking forward to go on and to learn more about Him and mightily serve him. Thank you and Gid bless ….

  250. Leah Allen says:

    Hello my name is Leah Allen. I am a 21 year old veteran and resident to Louisiana. I am very interested in the study of Theology and would very much appreciate an opportunity to study this course.

  251. I realy want a degree in theology, please assist me to register now. i am aminister of the Gospel with the Salvation Army in Kenya west Territoary also my Wife is aminister we realy need this and even further our studies.


  252. Please register me and my wife Violet Kazungu

  253. john Varghese says:

    praise the lord I like to apply for Thoelogy course in Bth please guide me thanks john P.V

  254. Sanju Thomas Abraham says:

    I would like to register for this course.

  255. james walker says:

    thanks would love to register for this degree

  256. Yemi says:

    I have applied twice within May & now but no response.I want to be a partaker of things of the kingdom of my father. Please I want to start now. Thanks. God bless you

  257. Daniel Morrison says:

    I would like to know what the cost(s) are for a Bachelors in Theology Degree. And, what is the fastest amount of time I could earn it?.

    Daniel Morrison

  258. F.C. De Luna says:

    I would like to enroll in your free BTH program, please send me the necessary details to make this possible. I’m a wife of a missionary pastor from Philippines. Thank you and God bless.

  259. Rosaldo Nebres says:

    I am involved in the ministry since 1988 up to the present but i have not had a formal studies except the School of Workers in Saudi Arabia. i’m currently involved in church planting ministry here in my country but i would love to have a formal study about theology. i would love to enroll for this Bachelor of theology course.

  260. daniel jude osiughwu says:

    i am nigeria i want to have baachelor of theology in the trinity i a 21year old pls hepl me to be a good severant of GOD

  261. praveen says:

    I am involved in the ministry since 2005 up to the present but i have not had a formal studies. i’m currently involved in church children’s & youth ministry here in my country but i would love to have a formal study about theology. i would love to enroll for this Bachelor of theology course

  262. Allen Cleirbaut says:

    This is too good to be true. I’ve been looking to complete my bachelor degree for a number of years, but could never light on a particular discipline. Over the past couple years I have become interested in Christian Apologetics. I have recently have been accepted to Dr. Geisler’s masters program, but I could not receive a diploma until I’ve gotten my bachelor’s degree. These courses of study seem to have everything I’m looking for.

  263. Charles J. Guerra says:


    I would like to study for the Bachelor of Theology degree. Would you please send me the application; or, email it to me so I can begin to study. I want to learn as much as I can so I can teach and help others.

    My home address is: 998 Roosa Gap Road, Pine Bush, NY 12566. Thank you,

    Charles J. Guerra

  264. gift nyakasamba says:

    I have been waiting for this opportunity to know more about God through theology and someone introduced me to you. if you will give me an opportunity to study, my dream and my prayer will come to reality.

  265. Esther 'Seun says:

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus,
    I’m very inspired by your at this website. Please, I will like to enroll into your Bachelors of Theology Course. Can you please give me more detials on beginning this course. I feel a strong call of God on my life, I have been praying for the right means to do a christian course, and came across your website. I belief your site is the answered prayer. Thank God for this, please give me more details as I wish to start this course now. Amen

  266. Rev.Issa Sankara says:

    Please am a converted Muslim and it is believe that am the only christian from my Muslim tribe so i own it to them to reach them with the gospel of Christ Jesus our Lord but i need adequate theological training and thank God for me to find Trinity on the internet.
    Please i hold certificate in theology from the Ghana Baptist University College,School of Theology and Ministry.please with this would consider me for your Bachelor of Theology program.Thanks and hope to hear from you for am very much interested.

  267. faisal bhatti says:

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I would like to study for the Bachelor of Theology degree. Would you please send me the application; or, email it to me so I can begin to study. I want to learn as much as I can so I can teach and help others.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Faisal Bhatti.

  268. Pastor Dave says:

    I would like to get a Bachelor of Theology Degree. Could you please e-mail the info or application on how I could go about obtaining this through your school.

  269. Pastor Dave says:

    I’m sorry…I forgot to leave my e-mail address in my last message…’s

  270. TENDAI C MSHALI says:

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, i have seen your course outline for Bachelor of Theology Degree program. i am very much interested to study. May you send me the application form so that i can start and I can further help others with the word of God. I don’t know, is this course free or there is some payment because i need help on fees i can not manage but i am very willing and devoted to take the word of God to other people who don’t know the word of God.
    Please send the responses to my e-mail address, I am waiting.
    Thank you, AMEN!

  271. Apostle David Akinlade says:

    I am very grateful for this opportunity to study Bachelor degree in Theology for free. I have not seen such school before. I have applied already and my admission has been granted or confirmed but i am still looking for 6 or 5 people that will join to seal my admission. I am so much happy. I will go further for Master and doctorate degree in Theology when i am through with the Bachelor. This is a great school. This is by the Spirit of the Lord. God will continue to bless this school and all the staff in Jesus name.

  272. justin says:

    I want to really serve GOD with all my heart, pls help me i want to studies, this theology programm.presently i teaching in a small foreign worker group.G B.

  273. Ayo Fagbe says:

    It was my quest for more knowledge that made me stumble on this site.I read through this course outline and i am keenly interested in starting right away. Please how do i enroll and get started today?

  274. Philip Carey says:

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
    I am very much interest to study more about bible.
    I have to improve in bible theological knowledge.
    Please send me the application for this course.
    Waiting for your mail.

    In HIM,
    Philip Carey

  275. Emmanuel Elisha says:

    I’m already a student….. Thank God it really helps

  276. Rev. Chad G. says:

    No courses in Greek or Hebrew?

    • admin says:

      No, we do not have courses in Greek or Hebrew as it would be difficult to teach them efficiently via distance programs.

  277. Sandra Pickett says:

    I am very interested in this course please send more info on how to get started,thanks… Sandra

  278. Sammy Wambua Nguta says:

    I am applying for MTh but my initial application does not seem to go through. Kindly advice.

  279. Desi brisco says:

    I would like to apply. God bless p.s thank you

  280. Godson Ernest says:

    Please send to me via my email on how to apply i real very interested to study this course

  281. Emmanuel Assisiyar says:

    I would like learn more and more about JESUS,
    Thanks for your free online efforts.
    May the God Jesus be with you always…

  282. Emmanuel says:

    please help me to follow the BTh

  283. Please send to me via my email on how to apply I am interested in Bachelor of Theology. I have been in or apart of ministry for 28 years. Presently I serve as a Deacon in Open Door Church, and Ordained Chaplain in Fox Lake Correctional Inst.under the authority of JDK Ministry,in Wisconsin. I also attended one semester at New Tribes Bible College in Waukesha, WI. Are these courses accredited? Thank you Sincerely.

  284. Additionally, I am now 60, and forcibly retired on a limited income Medical Military Pension.

  285. Babu says:

    I would like to join Bth.
    Hope will learn the best in the name of God

  286. Fabian Nna says:

    Sir, please, i am an evangelist in the western region of Africa. I will be glad if the details of how i can maximize this opportunity given by your school will be communicated to me to enroll in the B.Th program.

  287. I have come to love the Lord so very much and have a desire to learn more about him and teach others what I learn. I would appreciate more information on your Bachelors Degree and how I can enroll in the program

  288. Robin Sohail says:

    i would like to apply for this program since i need some credits for my bachelor degree

  289. stevie nichols says:

    Hello again Dr. Philips. It`s been a long time since I last wrote. I have been looking at several different schools to continue my education, but I keep thinking more and more about your school. I would like to begin my educational journey now as a student at Trinity. How much is the required registration fee, and how can I get an application?
    Stevie Nichols

  290. JACK SONO says:

    I am interested in enrolling for this course, i am a Pastor in RSA, and have been involved in ministry for the past 15 year, i have a NAtinal Diploma in civivl engineering

  291. Craig Radford says:

    Please send me info regarding how to apply for program. Thank you in advance

  292. Rev.Martin Mwambu says:

    Am happy that God has provided an avenue through which one can obtain a degree free from Trinity which is very peculiar indeed.What a blessing for the people of the world particularly those who have always desired to persue biblical studies to higher levels but were unable due to lack of finance .Most theological institutions charge upto the tune of $4000.00 for one to obtain a bachelors degree.What apity? Praise God for TRINITY which has come as ablessing.
    Mwambu Kenya

  293. Vinod kumar says:

    I want to do BTh through distance learning.pls help me with the further procedures.
    My email;
    Jesus bless you all!!

  294. Leonarad Themba Vamba says:

    Greetings in Jesus’s name. I am a teacher of the word of God, living in South Africa. I am interested in furthering my knowledge on the word of God by doing the B.TH with your institution. Please provide information that I may enrol soon.

  295. E higie Theophilus Uwa says:

    Precious greetings to you in the Name of the LORD JESUS
    I thank you and your team very much for your good works
    The LORD is your strength
    Please i would like to enroll for Bachelor of Theology
    thanks again and GOD Bless you all

  296. thank you very much for the good and opportunities you are rendering ti us work of studying the word of God to transform nations with the word of God.but my request is that would you please give me a vacancy in your school,i hold a diploma in biblical studies

  297. REVESAI says:

    i have the zeal to know and learn please can offer mw a place i want to learn more
    thanks in advance

  298. Gilbert Nicholas Otieno says:

    Am excited.

  299. Ngwu nnaemeka says:

    I am grateful to God for this opportunity! I just applied and i am not currenty working, i want to believe that it is free. I am a Nigerian

  300. SAMSON M. KABII says:

    I would like to enroll for BTh program.Kindly send me the necessary details on how to do so.I am a pastor of a growing church and I would to like to study Bible and Theology so that i may be a better pastor.

  301. Njeri says:

    Is this course still avilable and how can i join?

  302. SAMSON M. KABII(pastor) says:

    I would like study for a Bachelor of Theology trough do I enroll? Kindly send me information on how to do so.I am a pastor of a growing church and these studies will make me a better pastor.

  303. lisa says:

    i would like to take this course, i’m over 18 and have the proper amount of school. thank you.

  304. ANDREW C. MUGHOGHO says:

    I would like to enroll for BTh program.Kindly send me the necessary details on how to do so.I am a Local Evangelist currently running Local Deliverance and Healing Ministry but still more a member of a presbytean Church of an established church in Malawi and I would like to study Bible and Theology so that i advance in the knowledge of God and strengthen the foundation of the ministry.

  305. I would like to become a pastor through seminary.To be a leader of teaching the Bible to others.

  306. Christian M. Rustoff (Pastor-Teacher) says:

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I am a teacher of the Word of God and a pastor of a township congregation in South Africa. I would like you to help me to be equiped for the ministry by enrolling me for your Bachelor of Theology program.

    Thanking you in advance for being part of what God is doing in Africa!

    My email is:

  307. Kindly send me information on how to do so.I am a pastor of a growing/living church and these studies will make me a better pastor.

  308. Tariq Ghori says:

    I would like to enroll for BTh program.Kindly send me the necessary details on how to do. I want to do deep study and research. I am working as elder in my church. I want to be a pastor. I am running a organization.I want to equip this organization.

  309. Carlos Alberto Carbajal Constantine says:

    Hi, I’m a Mexican philosophy student who is very interested in taking the BTh program. Can you please send me the necessary details? Thank you very much.

  310. mensah isaac fiakye says:

    Hello my follow christian,
    I want to introduce you to Trinity is for those who wants to send the good new to the world here should your training ground .Dr.Philip is alway ready to help everyone who wants to know the truth.In fact when Jesus came he trained eleven but when the Holy Spirit came,He has given alot of power to train more worker for Christ.May the Lord be with now.Amen!

  311. PETER WHITE says:


    Accreditation in India
    Accreditation of educational institutions in India takes an eclectic approach. A framework for this approach was provided in the Constitution of India that was adopted on 26th January 1950, a decade before the American accreditation system arose.

    The establishment and accreditation of educational institutions in India go along two tracks: institutions in the general category, and institutions in the minority-community category. Of these, the accreditation of institutions in the general category is regulated by the Education Department and other related Government departments. On the other hand, the accreditation of minority-community institutions is regulated by special accrediting agencies. Special agencies can seek Government approval, and are granted such approval directly by the State and Central Government after the mandatory legal and official examination. This is done under the Cultural and Educational rights provided for in the Constitution of India in articles 29 and 30.

    The relevant clauses in the Constitution are:

    29. Protection of interests of minorities.—(1) Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same.

    (2) No citizen shall be denied admission into any educational institution maintained by the State or receiving aid out of State funds on grounds only of religion, race, caste, language or any of them.

    30. Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions. — (1) All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.

    (1A) In making any law providing for the compulsory acquisition of any property of an educational institution established and administered by a minority, referred to in clause (1), the State shall ensure that the amount fixed by or determined under such law for the acquisition of such property is such as would not restrict or abrogate the right guaranteed under that clause.

    (2) The State shall not, in granting aid to educational institutions, discriminate against any educational institution on the ground that it is under the management of a minority, whether based on religion or language.

    The provisions made in the Constitution of India for the minorities-led-institutions was reinforces on 21 December 2005 when a special Bill related to the educational institutions of minority-communities (including Christians) was passed. In effect this Bill once again affirms that inter alia Bible schools, Theological Seminaries, etc in India shall not be regulated or accredited by the Department of Education, but rather by the State and Central Government. It also implies that accreditation councils for such institutions will be approved by the State and Central Government, and not by the Department of Education.
    ICAATE is a private religious Accrediting Agency established under this clause with the approval of the State and Central Government.
    ICAATE was established under this clause of the Constitution of India. It is under this clause that the State Government of Kerala, and the Government of India granted in 2003 the right of theological accreditation to ICAATE.

    The International Council For Alternate And Theological Studies had an informal beginning in 1954 and since then it has been involved as an NGO in informal encouragement of theological studies within India.

    Documents were submitted for Government Approval in 2003, and after the due course of examination such an approval was granted on 15th December according to the laws of the State and Central Government of India.

    Through this approval, ICAATE has been permitted by the Government of India to play a deciding role in the development and accreditation of theological courses which do not come under the preview of University Grants Commission.

    This approval by the Government of India is in accordance with the Constitution of India, which in the 29th and 30th Articles grants special rights to the Minority Groups in India. This includes the right of Christians to establish, run, and accredit without government interference courses devoted to Bible and Christian Theology.

    ICAATE is also authorized to accredit theological studies outside India in keeping with the international character of the Christian community.

    For more information, please visit the website of Indian National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions through the following website address

  312. I currently hold a BA in Church Ministry, and would like to expand my knowledge in this area; I am also interested in Apologetic’s as well as Biblical Archeology. I thank you for this opportunity to further my education

  313. Wow! This is a wonderful program and will give most of us from developing countries an opportunity to access what would be so costly here. Thanks and God bless. Gideon

  314. joseph otiti says:

    I will be delited to be one of your students:the courses sound wonderful to be truely free.God bless Trinity College & all its staff.

  315. Bev Jones says:

    I recently tried to apply to an online college for entry into Religious Theology but between the costs and other issues, I am not able to attend. I most humbly ask for you to submit my name as a candidate for this college. Please send me details as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

  316. wycliffe Ngase Kivudu says:

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to study theology at this awesome institution,just a question, what of the assignments and follow ups?

  317. Hi. I want to join the BTh program. I know that i have to pay a one time fee, but i need to know the detais of this cost ($) before i join the program. Please, can you email me about this? Thanks. (im from Brazil, sorry for my english)

  318. Xendr Solvent says:

    Is this truelly for free and fully accredited?? I mean internationally accredited??? As I am in the UK, and well is it for free and accredited by a known accreditor, as I really wish to study this course, God help me 😉

  319. Xendr Solvent says:

    I was going to ask as well, if it is for free and fully accredited, how do I get my Certificate???Post? Internet? And how do I APPLY??? Thank you verry much God bless.

  320. I am anxiously waiting to be admitted in this course.
    please am waiting.
    also to ask can i register for two degree programmes at once.
    God bless you

  321. I am Kenyan Citizen, born again Christian, eager to learn. I am a graduate from Nairobi International School of Theology with Diploma in Christian Ministries (Leadership Studies). I desire to attain Bachelors in Theology. How can you assist me to attain that I and my wife should serve God better? Your communication will give more encouragement to me. God bless you

  322. I am Kenyan Citizen, born again Christian, eager to learn. I am a graduate from Nairobi International School of Theology with Diploma in Christian Ministries (Leadership Studies). I desire to attain Bachelors in Theology. should serve God better? Your communication will give more encouragement to me. God bless you

  323. dr.stephen siddique says:


  324. Ebelle Peter M. says:

    The teachings of TGSAT are simply awesome.

  325. Do we get a degree after finishing the course?
    If yes ,congratulations for your work for God!
    thanks in advance,
    george allan

  326. Salvatore Orlando says:

    I am lay leader and a volunteer chaplan at one of the local hospitals. I attend weekly bible studies and look forward to learning more. I will shortly be leading a bible study class. Thank you for this opportunity.

  327. Sudarsan Jacob says:

    Hi brother,
    I would like to take the B.Th. course. I am a Dipolma holder in Computer Engg and an elder at the local church. Please send me details regarding the course.

  328. Robert A Edmonds says:

    I would like information on the B.Th. course. I am a High School Graduate with certificates in Computer Programming and Technology, Pastor at the Living Hope Baptist Church Cleveland Ohio (26 years) some Bible College. Really interested in this course. Please send me the details.

  329. Mr. Brown Imeh says:

    I just got my initial application done today but hoping for a urgent and favourable reply from Trinity to enable me commence studying immediate. Greetings from Nigeria and Stay blessed.

  330. haresh says:

    Hello ,fantastic site , thank you for offering these studies free, may god see your hearts and prosper u in every area of your lifr.
    I would like to register for the Bth course .please.

  331. haresh says:

    hello thank u for a bless free site may God almighty provide many sowers into this ministry for the unemployed and those that cannot afford to study the word of God, I would like to study the BTh course. Pls send me the info.

  332. rhodah mhute says:

    I want to become a student og BTh

  333. Cesar Campos says:

    I will graduate from the Bible Institute on next May 2012(2 years), I would like to continue studying. What is recomended next?

    God Bless you



  335. gilbert nicholas otieno says:

    Greeting in the name of JESUS CHRIST!

    In October 2011 I was introduced by a total stranger (& @ atime I was very spiritually low; yearning to champion for THE LORD in a special way),to this course.

    I was wallowing in confusion over the trueness of GOD to the lowly of spirit & hope in lfe.

    On 11/11/2011, my subscription went through!
    That was a MAJOR turning-point in my outlook towards GOD’S will for HIS TRUE SEEKER:I reverted to CHRIST in truth & fulness following just a tentative interaction with part of the course-material…

    I read most comments that yearn for the degree itself prerequisitely,especially owing to the non-payment of fees.
    But it feels so glorious that oneself is so enlightened and uplifted in CHRISTIANITY, much as kith & kin benefit in discernment of the same

  336. I have sent in a request for an initial application. I hope to get the approval and begin my studies ASAP. Once I get accepted for initial application, then what happens?

  337. Jason says:

    Hi, I’ve had a few hard choices in life and want to grow to a possition where I can help and heal people spiritually etc. For people to listen to you they want to see a piece of paper that gives you permission.

    I would really get into the detail and learn more of the word so I can project it better to fellow Christians as well and get that flame burning so bright!!

    Well, I hope that I get a response and if not I know that this is not the right door for me.

    Blessings to all!

  338. Tabutoa Uatioa says:

    I truly want to study further to get a Bachelor of theology within your School of theology. Studying for Gods words has no limits and no ends so please help me. Thanks for providing this opportunity for everyone and I wish to be one of your students online.

    Could I hear more details from you, at any time?

    God Bless

  339. I am so looking forward to this study. It is an honor to me that I have been accepted for it.

  340. Rudzani says:

    I am impressed with the programme. I want to in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. Please send me more information on how to enrol for this Diploma. Stay Blessed

  341. TERESA A.WHITE says:

    I am currently the Youth Pastor at Oakview Church Of God as well as the Young Adult Minister, and a Chaplain. With this broad range of ministry I need a degree in order to further fulfill my calling. It is my sincere desire to all I can for the Lord Jesus Christ and I hope I will be considered to take this course.

    For His Glory,

    Teresa A. White

  342. Eastwood Wisdom Gadabor says:

    Am looking forward to study this course. It will help me to study more about my calling. thank you

  343. Bulelani says:

    Good day

    i am very interested in studing the word, Can i please be enrolled.

    Kind Regards

  344. l want to study more in your school and have my satificate in diplomma l head is free plz l will be happy if u can help from botswana francitown.cell number; 1349.fracistown.botswana.tell;3667215,3667426

  345. Larry Moore says:

    I wish to study in your classes. I asked God to give me a great hungering after His Word. And you guessed it. I am starving, and I can’t seem to get enough. God Bless You All

  346. Larry Moore says:

    I wish to study in your school. I asked God to give me a strong hungering after His Word. I am now starving and can’t seem to get enough.

  347. Charles J says:

    Dear Member, I am interested in the B.Th course and would like to enroll myself to study this course.
    Please help me register for the same.
    Thank You. God Bless.

  348. Paulo Ribeiro says:

    Hi. I want to join the BTh program. I know that i have to pay a one time fee, but i need to know the detais of this cost ($) before i join the program. Where can i have this information? Please, can you email me about this? Thanks.

  349. Larry Moore says:

    Hello, I wish to join the BTh program. Please direct my steps in the right direction. God Bless

  350. wajana david says:

    thank you

  351. wajana david says:

    in my country many pastors have not gone to bible colleges because they are poor how can you help?

  352. Rudolf Nkrumah says:

    please may i know when the admission is coming on and is it going to be online.

  353. Justin Slater says:

    Would like to sign up to take the courses especially the Hermaneutics and appologetics How do I get the application?

  354. BHUKYA MANI says:


  355. Jincy Thomas says:

    I would like to apply for this course. Could you please let me know how do I get an application?

  356. michael says:

    I would like to start with an apologetic course, and then possibly move on to the bachelor program. Is that possible? thanks

  357. babu says:

    praise the lord i would like to do b t h courre thank you

  358. babu says:

    praise the lord thank you

  359. JEANETTE DAVIS says:


  360. I would like to learn more and i would also want to know where to find the textbooks for theology.

  361. Rev. Edmund Benedict Amara says:

    I am a Pastor of a local church in Sierra Leone. I have detailed educational qualification in Accounting – Bsc. hons. and not theology. I strongly desire to pursue a Bth. I would be glad if given the chance.

  362. faisal khan says:

    sir,thanks god i am very glad to see this website for free bth course l am very excited to take an admission in this institution
    bacically i am christian young man want to take a depth knowledge in christinity and what our god jesus said to me and what he want to my life plz reply me to my above email adress thanks

  363. Thomas Assefa says:

    Sir i would like have the bachelor degree of theology,and looking your immediate prompt reply.
    with Regards

  364. Phillip Brown says:

    How do I sign up for the Bachelors In Theology Degree, please show me how. I have been on this site for almost an hour.

  365. Nestor Ornelas says:

    To whom it might concern,

    By this means I want to thank TGSAT since I graduated last year from a Bachelor in Theology.
    I want to certify that Trinity is a serious institution, and the diploma you get is not a “Mill one”.
    Now I am working in and graduate program at TGSAT and the subjects and material the institution offers is of very high quality.


    Nestor E. Ornelas Martinez BTh., MEd., ThD candidate at TGSAT.

  366. Nestor Ornelas says:

    whom it might concern,

    By this means I want to thank TGSAT since I graduated last year from a Bachelor in Theology.
    I want to certify that Trinity is a serious institution, and the diploma you get is not a “Mill one”.
    I am working in an graduate program at TGSAT, and the subjects and material the institution offers are of very high quality.


    Néstor E. Ornelas Martinez BTh., MEd., ThD. candidate at TGSAT.

  367. Mark James says:

    I would like to enrols for this course, please send me admission or application form on my e-mail address. Thank you

  368. Sushil Kumar Nayak says:

    I would like to undergo BTh training. Please help me.

  369. DONG SOLOMON says:

    Do you have a branch in Ghana? Is it an accredited institution? Pls I would like to apply as soon as possible let me know God bless you

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      TGSAT functions as a non accredited institution. Our aim is Bible-training, and we do not want any kind of external involvement in it.

  370. Simbarashe Kandagonah says:

    I am doing the BTH degree. I have found it enriching. I highly recommend it to all who really want to serve the Lord by defending the faith

  371. Daniel Martin msumai says:

    I would like to greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus. I have a disere to join your college for BTH, please I want to know more in details how to study there and if possible to study on line course.

  372. Panetaotapuitea Roberts says:

    I would love to enrol BTh help me how.

  373. Mmapule Ratsoma says:

    I would like to study this course as it will help me and my society a lot

  374. Seth Oklikah says:

    Am an associate pastor in a pentecostal church and have the desire pursue the BTh. Please how can I apply to start the course.

  375. Michele Archer says:

    My goodness, I applied, was accpeted, then was hit with health problems right away. I will re-apply and I’m sorry about the trouble! I Do want to earn my Bachelor in Theology! I can’t wait!

  376. Cliff Ball says:

    I would like to reaquire my and B.Min files ASAP, Please!

  377. Rod Kristoffer Florendo says:

    I am 24 years OLD, currently a pastor in payatas quezon city. and I want to seek more for Gods word. Please help me to join this program

  378. serge thierry says:

    really want to join the program! Pls help.

  379. Johnf6 says:

    I have to agree with your statement with this issue and ccckeddgdfkd

  380. I am interested in studying Theology, but do not have the fundig to support my studies. Therefore, I am seeking a free Biblical university to study. Can your University help me?

  381. Suman Debbarma says:

    I am very much interested in doing BTh course. It’s my zeal to know God’s words more and more as long as I live in this world and want to reach to people who do not know about it. May God bless you all.

  382. Glad to be a TGSAT. Iam admitted and starting off with BTH course, thank you TGSAT family.

  383. Nini says:

    please let me know the registration fee?

  384. I will be glad when my request is considered. but the learning looks interesting and empowering at all stages hence equipping the saints for ministerial work which expand the kingdom of Heaven

  385. Covenant-Adekanye Stephen Olainipekun says:

    I am interested in the studies, how do I register? Thanks.

  386. eliatosha mathias mjema says:

    i lost communication with the college caan i regain it?

  387. Ukwajunor Ekene Raphael says:

    I’d like to know if Trinity School is accredited by the approved regulatory board.

    Thank you!

  388. Jennie says:

    Interested in the program

  389. Samuel Thavaraj says:

    I wish to join B.Th course through distance education.kindly send the particulars regarding admission.Iam 52 years old and volunteer retired teacher.My qualification is,M.Ed,M.phil.Now I want to do the lord and saviour Jesus ministery after B.Th.

  390. Mphumelelo Esau Nzima says:

    My name is Mphumelelo Esau Nzima from Swaziland, I hold a diploma in biblical studies and I wish to pursue my degree in theology. I will love to know about the duration of my degree as I have a diploma already and I’m in ministry.

  391. Greetings in Jesus name, I’m Mphumelelo Nzima from Swaziland, I hold a diploma in biblical studies and I wish to pursue my bachelor’s degree in theology , and I’m already in the ministry . So how can you help me achieve my goal in a very short period of time . Instead of two years , how long will I take as I have covered some of your modules in my diploma ?

  392. Brice Odala Yves says:

    I would like to join you, it’s very interesting program. I have to grow up in God’s knowledge, word, and to serve in His kingdom. But Iam a less privileged person,i cannot afford to pay even the little amount of tuition fees. No one can pay for me, would you please assist me to accomplish my dreams and serve the living God.

  393. Kenric Adam says:

    I would like to enroll for this program, how can I enroll??

  394. francis says:

    i am already a holder of a diploma in theology,want to pursue a bachelor what should i do?

  395. Donatien says:

    Hello Trinity, I want to know how many times it takes to respond to the final application.
    There’s one week ago i’ve sent my final application but there’s no feedback.

  396. Donatien says:

    i’ve applied to trinity for bachelor of theology but i got as response(All sets available for my country(DRC) are full up to 2026. i can apply after that)

    thanks for your response, i will try if possible.

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