Daniel Tesfamariam, Eritrea

I am currently studying Masters of Theology that encompasses different and very crucial subjects in basic Christian faith and doctrine. The course curriculum and text-lessons are very diverse and comprehensive enough. They touch topics from basic biblical doctrines to complicated life issues like cloning and science. All text-lessons are well prepared and presented, and give detailed analysis of life issues and concerns in relation to the Bible. I have found no confusion and misunderstanding in reading and studying the materials. In addition, the language used in the text lessons is legible and they are written in simple English language that even foreign students (non-English speakers) could follow and comprehend them easily. I have got the text-lessons are very enlightening to my biblical understanding and spiritual thought. They have helped me to see things in broaden way and, think and analyze any life issue critically.

I have received a large number of CDs totally free (most of them in MP3) from the School. There are CDs that hold the text-lessons, which are my major study materials and other CDs that contain MP3 of the lessons that compound my study. I have found the MP3 are being helpful to diverse my biblical understanding and to clarify the text-lessons more. In addition, it is good that every issue of Christian Faith has been taught in the CDs. I use them for further study and prepare lessons in my choir group. The CDs help me to organize and diversify my lesson plans in my group study.

The study materials have been a great help to me to expand my limited biblical knowledge and see things in different ways from different corners. It has enabled me to be a good listener and to talk boldly when I get an opportunity to talk. I see the words I use have authority to convince, correct and enlighten the listeners. The material has given me conducive environment to touch many complicated and difficult issues and disciplines. It has opened me a new way to plan and adjust myself to work and stand for Christ particularly, and involve in the ministry of the gospel in general.

I encourage others to attend (register) in Trinity Graduate School if they want to acquire valuable and credible education on theology and apologetics. The course curriculum is very detailed and target-oriented, and competitive enough with the other renowned universities and colleges. As for me, this course has been very important platform to root deep in my Christian Faith.

The mentors (advisors) like Dr. Johnson, Dr. Cherian, etc. are very knowledgeable in many disciplines and very importantly in theology and apology.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to my mentor, Dr. Johnson, particularly and to the Trinity Graduate School in general.

Best regards,
Daniel Tesfamariam
Student of Masters of Theology (MTh)
Eritrea, Africa

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  1. Dr.Zerai Hagos says:

    Dear friend i am currently studying DRE happy to see an Eritrean studying theology

  2. Dr.Zerai Hagos says:

    The time is a period of trial .i saw and understood that life without the Life is just impossible.

  3. Dear brother,
    You mente are right word. Congratulation for that you are student of Trinity.
    I am understanding that the material which of Trinity graduate school gives are very important and platform to root deep in any whom needs know the Christian Faith, because of I am one of a student who have got a chance to be ataind the Truth God word (Bible).
    I am currently studying Masters of Theology (MTh) and I have got a lot of material free from the Trinity graduate school and the study materials have been a great help to me to expand my limited biblical knowledge and see things in different ways from different corners and different situations. It is not only that,it gives eternal life. I thanksful my advisers also like Dr. Johanson and Dr. Cherian for there knowledgeable advices in many disciplines rules.

    Temesgen Birru

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