Disciplinary Action, Other Matters

Disciplinary Action: Though CRG students do not study on a localized Campus, they are not immune from disciplinary action. Thus students should be careful to follow the rules, regulation, and policy guidelines set forth in this Handbook. They should also abide by the commonly accepted principles of mutual courtesy. Here is some more information:

  • Electronic communication is fast, cheap, and easy. However, you should never fall into the temptation of sending chain mails to the CRG inbox.
  • Do not forward any kind of emails from others to CRG under any circumstance. If you feel that it is vital for CRG to have a certain piece of information, send the original message in a direct email, and not as a forwarded email mail.
  • Under no circumstance should you send chain mails, multi-level marketing offers, virus scares, emails coming from (purported) people on death bed, etc.
  • Any student found to send SPAM would have to pay a heavy fine before he can continue with us.
  • Of course, if you find a good ebook, manuscript, audio, video, electronic Bible, etc. Send a direct email to your Mentor. Do not simply forward anything.
  • Be courteous. The volunteers and Faculty in all CRG schools work overtime to offer quality education worldwide. They get no financial compensation, yet work overtime as a call and mission.
  • On a rare occasion someone who works with a CRG school may make a mistake. This is not intentional, nor due to carelessness. So be gentle and courteous when you write back about this mistake.
  • Do not send unrealistic demands to the office. And do not lose your temper if an unrealistic request is declined or even if it goes unanswered. For example, do not ask the Office for your degree and transcript before you fulfill the complete protocol.
  • Disciplinary action may range from a small fine up to permanent disqualification for studying with any CRG affiliated school.

Unanswered Questions: If any of your questions remain unanswered, do contact the office for help. Please remember the following:

  • Go through the school website, FAQ, the student Handbook, and the other Handbooks on the website or on the Handbook CD for the possible answer.
  • As many as 80% of the questions the office receives have already been answered in the documents mentioned above. CRG expects the students to be more careful, and send only those questions that have not been answered earlier.
  • Always please indicate the topic as clearly (but as briefly) as possible in the “topic” line of the email.
  • Do not ask the office to call you back. International calls are not cheap, and CRG schools call students only in emergencies.
  • If you do not receive a reply within 3 days do send a gentle reminder.
  • Always include sufficient information about yourself and also about your query in every email
  • Go the the “Forum” and see if the question has been answered there

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