Distance education that is offered without any tuition or free

I keep getting questions about distance education in theology. Particularly distance education that is offered without any tuition or free.

Many people ask why such programs are necessary. Others ask whether it is possible to offer distance education in theology free of cost with effectiveness. Actually, we all have traditional Seminary education in our minds. A good number of people have not seen anything other than regular campus-based Seminary education.

We need to understand that regular campus-based Seminary education started several centuries ago when people had plenty of time at hand and when spending 3 to 10 years in a seminary was considered normal. Life was slow and the time had no value and spending multiple years in a campus in a seminary campus was considered something normal. It was also  something practical because of less demand on the time of people.

However in the 21st century time has become the most valuable commodity. People simply don’t have time to spend 3 to 10 years on a seminary campus. Therefore they started looking for distance education in theology and at the same time education that is free.

The arrival of Covid and many other things which has reduced incomes considerably has also caused people to look for theological education that is free. Theological distance education that is free. Trinity understood this problem more than a quarter of a century ago. We were able to realize a quarter of a century ago that financially very difficult times are going to come. We also realized that people who want to get into Ministry want to get into the field as soon as possible.

Spending 3 to 10 years on a seminary campus was impossible for them. It was also non productive for them. The field where they are going to serve the Lord keeps calling them and they have neither the patience nor the time to go for studies away from the field. A quarter of a century ago many people introduced in the field in the ministry kind of education. However, it was very expensive. Then a quarter of a century ago many people who are connected with Trinity realized that we need in the field, but free training or almost free training in theology. That is how Trinity came into existence.

We are happy to report that in over a quarter of a century. We have been able to train thousands upon thousands of people from the poorest among poor countries in the world all free of cost. Yes, theological education should be made available free of cost to those people who are unable to pay the fees of a regular College.

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  1. Pastor BACURANA WILFRED says:

    Hi greetings to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and thank you for what your doing.indeed am pastor BACURANA WILFRED from Bundibugyo district western Uganda africa and am here looking for scholarships and some one recommend trinity bible college for long distance learning and I want to whether it works or it’s possible for me.
    Thanks and God bless you.
    Your’s pastor BACURANA WILFRED

  2. Advent Tripland says:

    I m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩. Wish to enroll in online Bth program.

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