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Dr. Rhodes has been Connected for a long time with pastoral ministries and theological education, he has developed some unique theological resources for net-based research.

He obtained his D.R.E. from Golden State School of Theology, and his PhD from Trinity. At present he is a Ph.D. candidate with Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology. He is also a Member of the Conservative Theological Society.

He has developed/edited numerous textbooks for Trinity School. He is the founder and President of Scofield Graduate School of Theology. Trinity School maintains close academic links with Answer Institute, and strongly endorses their theological programs. Scofield and Trinity degree programs are mutually transferable.

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  1. estella harris says:

    Dear Dr. Rhodes,
    I will graduate in may from the Unification Theology School in NYC in May, with a MRE degree. I am interested in obtaining a Ph.D in Theology. I was looking up some material for school project and read about Trinity on line. I am interested in attending trinty. I would like to know how to registar for fall 2010.

  2. estella harris says:

    Dear Dr. Rhodes,
    I will graduate in may from the Unification Theology School in, with a MRE degree. I am interested in obtaining a Ph.D in Theology. I was looking up some material for a school project and read about Trinity on line. I am interested in attending trinty. I would like to know how to registar for fall 2010.

  3. Rev. Zachary Morris says:

    Dr. Rhodes,
    Is there a certain time frame we need to register in, or can we register at any time and then have a year from that date to complete the course?

  4. Qaya says:

    This article very recreative! Keep up the excellent idea!

  5. Bruce Agyenim Boateng says:

    Please Sir, I would love to be enrolled in your noble institution can you help me out?

  6. Dan Moore says:

    I am a student with Trinity now. Touch base with me when you get a chance. I have some questions about this program.

  7. Please note:

    I do not get an email to notify me when someone posts a message. to contact me directly please email:


    I apologize for any trouble this has or may cause. For those who have left me messages so far I have no way of directly responding to you.

    Blessings to all,
    Dr Kenny Rhodes

  8. Jeana M says:

    I was looking to join trinity to take theology. I have a few questions:
    A. do i need to take the masters in theology before i take the doctorate in theology?
    B. or can i take the doctorate which includes the courses for the masters?
    C. do you get an actual degree when you complete the program?

  9. Elmer Welden says:


    Hello,my name is Elmer Welden and I am a Christian that is searching for a seminary school with sound doctrine and cheap education costs. My desire is to learn and educate myself through seminary school so I can become more knowledgable and stronger in the faith. However, my goal is not to make money or get a job from having a degree. Also, as you well no sir here in the United States it’s becoming an issue for many Christians who don’t have a degree. I hate to say it but here in America people want to see credentials. That I believe has it’s good/bad points. I have new evangelists’ that have been doing the Lord’s work for over 20 years without a degree. However, they because they don’t have a degree are sometimes looked down upon as not knowing as much. However, their experience alone would give them a Phd. I believe. Anyways, I am currently attending Roane State Community College in Tennessee. Whether for Nursing/Psychology/Social Work yet is to be determined. I also am still a student at Covington Theological Seminary in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Covington is not accredited by the department of education and they still charge a substantial amount for their seminary but considering it’s in the USA it’s still cheap. They also have got some bad things said about them because the place they claim to have accredidation through has been caught in fraud charges and it’s displayed on the internet. Also, a pastor lied about receiving a Phd. from an accredited school through the department of education and had actually received his Phd. from Covington. This also is displayed all over the internet. I find this embarassing to be honest when I tell people I am attending Covington Theological Seminary because people usually ask if I am a student. However, they do have men of God there because I have met them. I however need a school that is cheaper and I can trust. I’m not doing this for money, that’s why I am attending RSCC. I want to keep the work God is doing with me seperate. I just have a burden on my heart for doing that. Now, to my questions sir. First, how much is the registration fees which i keep reading about when I start thinking about applying for Trinity? Second, does Trinity send out Diplomas once schooling is complete or the degree which one is going for is achieved? Third, is there any hidden fees? I truly am not doing this for money but for the burden/responsibility which God has placed on my heart. Lastly, when submitting work do I have a specific place I login to complete work? How does that process work? Sir I thank you for your time and I hope you have a nice day.

    Elmer Welden

  10. Robert Muli says:

    Trinity is a great place. God bless you Doctor. It only seems to take long for one to get a response after application. One needs to be patient. It may be difficult to wait, but that is the only way. This is only if the delays are reasonable.

  11. James Montesano says:

    Hi Dr
    Is there anyone who’d answer a few questions I have? I’m enrolled at RB seminary and have about 40 credits, they are accredited, can I transfer these credits? I don’t have a college degree. If I finished there, they’d give me a BMin and after 4 yrs of ministry would transfer that to an MDiv.
    I was thinking of trying to enroll in Trinity, I am in the process already, but want to to know will they take my other credits so I can finish sooner.

  12. James Montesano says:

    I forgot to ask, is it required that I am pre-mil? I’m not settled in my mind on that, although leaning in a direction closer to A-mil, but believing a future restoration of the Jewish people with salvation as seen in Romans 11.

  13. Vincent Stephens says:

    I was wondering if the Bachelor of Theology degree would help me become a priest.

  14. Jacqueline Kuchta says:

    Dr. Rhodes

    I am a graduate of Trinity’s Doctoral program in Theology and have also been an honorary faculty member with Trinity for a number of years. I would like to become more active with the faculty and begin teaching. To be clear, I do not request, nor would I expect any remuneration for my teaching, I simply feel that it is something that God has compelled me to do at this time.

    I would like to teach Biblical Law. I have been researching this subject for quite sometime, and I believe that this is a subject that would fit in nicely with Trinity’s current curriculum.

    I can put together a course description and syllabus within the next three months, as well as prepare the reading material. I would of course, send all material to you for your perusal.

    If this is the type of class that you would be interested in, please feel free to contact me at this email address – drjlkuchta@gmail.com.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.


    Dr. Jacqueline Kuchta

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