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Dr. Michael Rudolph: Faculty Liaison
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Dr. Rudolph is a Messianic Jew who serves as a pastor, lawyer, and teacher. He is also Dean, Messianic Life Institute; Faculty Liaison, Trinity School of Apologetics & Theology; Pastoral Counselor & Director, Biblical Counseling Institute; Messianic Rabbi/Pastor, Congregation Ahavat Yeshua; Emissary, Tikkun Ministries International; Judicial Elder, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations; Attorney At Law in private practice (Virginia & D.C.).
Academic Degrees:

B.S. (Applied Mathematics), Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn , June 14, 1961.
J.D. (Doctor of Law), George Washington University , February 22, 1968.
Th.M. (Master of Theology), Messiah Biblical Institute & Graduate School of Theology, May 13, 1989 .
D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry), Trinity School of Apologetics & Theology, November 15, 2003

Other Education:

Graduate Studies (Medicine & Bio-science), New York University, 1961-1964.
Graduate Studies (Educational Psychology), Catholic University of America, 1972-1974.
Group Therapy Practicum (Psychology), Psychiatric Institute and Howard University, Washington, DC, 1972.
Neuropsychology Practicum (Neuropsychology), George Washington University Hospital, Washington, D.C., 1973
Psychology Practicum (Neuropsychology), Veterans Administration Hospital , Washington , D.C., 1974.
Certificate Studies (Biblical Counseling), Christian Training Institute, Washington, D.C., 1977-1978.
Summer Institute of Pastoral Studies (Biblical Counseling), Christian Counseling & Education Foundation, Laverock , Pennsylvania , 1978.
Certificate (Scripture), New Life Bible Institute, Arnold , Maryland , 1981.
Certificate (Astronomical Photometry), Dyer Observatory of Vanderbilt University / IAPPP, Nashville , Tennessee , 2001


Minister (ordained), Full Gospel Assemblies International, Coatesville , PA , 1978.
Pastor (ordained), Shalom Bible Fellowship (Full Gospel Assemblies International), 1979.
Author of standards for certification for the practice of Brit Milah (covenant circumcision), Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, 1980.
The first certified Messianic Jewish covenant surgeon (mohel), Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, 1981.
Elder, Beth Messiah Congregation, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 1979-1983.
Founder, Washington Messianic Fellowship (overseen by Beth Messiah Congregation and precursor of Ahavat Yeshua), 1983-1985.
Founding Pastor and Elder (ordained), Ahavat Yeshua, the Messianic Jewish congregation in Washington , D.C., 1985 to present.
Founder and Online Pastor, The Rabbi’s House, trans-local ministry of Ahavat Yeshua congregation (www.TheRabbi.com), 1998 to present.
Emissary, Tikkun Ministries International, Gaithersburg , Maryland , 1999 to present.
Apostolic Advisor, Beth Messiah Congregation, Gaithersburg , Maryland , 2003 to 2004.
Apostolic Advisor and Elder, Rosh Pina Congregation, Baltimore , Maryland , 2004 to present.
Apostolic Representative to Ohev Yisrael Congregation, Newington , Virginia , 2005 to present.
Founder, Director, and Pastoral Counselor, Community Care Clinic, Washington , D.C. , 2005 to present.


Juvenile Intake Counselor, Juvenile Services Administration, State of Maryland , 1974.
Counselor, Word of God Counseling Ministry (Full Gospel Assemblies International), Coatesville , Pennsylvania , 1978.
Biblical Counseling Instructor, Betzel Shaddai, Chicago , Illinois , 1979.
Founder, Director, and Head Counselor, Shalom Biblical Counseling Center , Rockville, Maryland, 1979-1983.
Founder, Executive Director and Counselor, Biblical Counseling Institute, Silver Spring , Maryland , and Washington , D.C. , 1999 to present.
Pastoral Counselor, Ets Chaiyim Tree of Life School, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 2002 to 2004.
Founder, Director, and Pastoral Counselor, Community Care Clinic, Washington , D.C. , 2005 to present.

Practice of Law:

Attorney and Counselor at Law, General Practice, Virginia & The District of Columbia, 1968 to present.
General Counsel, Paul Lieberman & Associates, Kensington , Maryland , 1981.
General Counsel, Knight Protective Service, Lanham , Maryland , 2002 to present.
Member of the Bar of The District of Columbia, 1968 to present.
Member of the Bar of The Commonwealth of Virginia , 1968 – present.

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  2. I just sent my final application for the Doctor of Theology Program but realized that I should have applied for the Bachelors program. How do I go about correcting this mistake? Your response will be much appreciated.

  3. Scott says:

    Hello DR. Rudolph I want to attend the online college with trinity,but I don’t know where to start I’ve never attended college before.I would like to start classes.I was sent a link with a list of lessons,but i don’t see where to submit the answers to the test questions.also I don’t Know what degree program these lessons are for I would like to start from the beginning and go up to doc.Any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.Thanks and God Bless.

  4. Bill says:

    I am a seminary professor teaching distance learning classes in church finance and administration. I’m interested in offering my class at the Trinity School of Apologetics & Theology. Can you give me direction on how to proceed? Blessings.

  5. Jim Savage says:

    I have applied initially for study for a Doctor of Religious Education. I am a retired attorney and noticed your background along with US location. I worship with the Pleasant Street Baptist Church, Worcester MA and host men’s weekly fellowship studies at my home. I also have a ministry “Gospel Liberty Services” which is listed since 1984 with the Directory of the Ministry, Christian Churches and Churches of Christ”. Although I have several accredited law degrees, I also studied with the North Tennessee Bible Institute and Seminary, Clarksville, TN which was founded in my home church approximately 35 plus years ago. There I have an earned MRE and honorary LLD (I served as counsel, Professor (Biblical Peacemaking) and administrative (VP for Academics and External) and in other roles altho since our founder died last year, the school seems to be struggling and most of my group continued in other ministries. It was our goal to offer the lowest cost Christian education and many of us believed that the study of the Bible should be widely opened to all who are qualified without excess financial obligations. It is the responsibility of the Christian to spread the word throughout the world. I have long desired to host a cohort/ study group for the inner city to teach those who desire to spread Christ’s word and ministry to have an opportunity for some structured program that legitimately offers quality Christian education. It seems that Trinity might serve that purpose. However, most of those whom I target barely survive financially but do significant services to downtown ministries. Having been involved with NTBIS for many years, do you believe that we might be approved to be a cohort group affiliated with Trinity and could offer a nominal registration fee? I believe that such would be in the spirit of Christ. As a sidenote, I was the last Corporate Secretary (and on the Board of Directors)for what was referred to as the World Board of United Church of Christ before it merged with the Disciples of Christ to its Global missions outreach. We were the oldest missionary society/ group in the US and sent the first boat of missionaries to India (Congregational but who converted to Baptist while sailing across the ocean). I find it amusing to be now considering a crossback mission effort from India to the US. India does offer liberal education laws for religious institutions and also does not have the heavy overload that American religious seminaries carry. If you could call me at 508-752-4006, I would appreciate it. Jim Savage

  6. Pamela Berry says:

    Greetings Dr. Michael Rudolph,

    I applied to be enrolled for a masters in theology several months ago and have nor heard back from anyone. Please let me know what I need to do from this point. I am eager to get started. I am associate minister at New Jerusalem Missionary Church, and I want to go further in my ministry that God has birthed inside of me. I can be contacted at 864-329-6405 Nd via email. I thank you in advance for all your help.


    Pamela Berry

    • admin says:

      The “comments” section is not the right forum for communication with Trinity. Contact the office direclty via email.

  7. Troy C pearsall says:

    I wanted to ask a question about accreditation. The most acceptable accreditation in the United States is ATS. however this is not listed anywhere on your site. Would you be able to give me a short overview of the accreditation situation and why or why not you have chosen to go one way over another?

  8. lacatus ionel says:

    Can I work for you-I am from Romania-I know italian,english language,i can send you my C.V.All my respects!

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