Free Bible Studies Using TGSAT Material

ResourcesA number of potential applicants ask if we have any free Bible Studies using which they can conduct their weekly bible classes. Our answer to them is YES. We do have a vast amount of free material that can be used in every kind of Bible study – neighborhood studies, church bible classes, teens classes, men’s classes and women’s studies.

We say so because Trinity and its allied sites offer a large number of bible school lessons totally free for download. They have been placed in Creative commons copyright, which means that everyone is welcome to download, print, distribute, and reuse them. There is no restriction on their (unedited/unmodified) reuse. We have published a good amount of Bible study and bible school curriculum in various forms on several of our websites because we are totally convinced that it is high time for us to go back to the Bible.

How To Obtain Free Bible Studies: The material for free bible study has been made available on our websites in two forms: free courses and free ebooks. There are a number of free Bible courses on this website and you can easily locate them by looking on the Home Page from top to bottom. Free Bible Study Ebooks have been placed at There you will see a very large number of free theological study books. Those books are also in creative commons copyright and you are welcome to reuse them in any form that you please, the only restriction being that you do not edit or modify any of them.

Come, take advantage of the vast amount of free bibles and free bible study materials on our websites, and you will be blessed.

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