Free Bible Training: The Ultimate Purpose

EncouragementThe academic program and training of  Trinity School is so good that often people ask us why we offer it totally tuition free. They tell us that a Bible school or seminary like TGSAT ought to be charging a hefty fees because of its quality.

Right from it’s inception, Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and theology offered tuition-free Bible, ministry, and theology courses because our aim was to train those people worldwide who are not able to afford a fees, but who yearn for quality theological education. This includes tens of thousands of pastors and lay workers from developing countries, but they are not the only people who need free theological training. Even people from developed countries need totally free bible schools and bible seminaries.

Just because a country is developed, it does not mean the everyone in the country would be able to afford the fees of a seminary. On the contrary, there are a very large number of Christians in developed countries who need to study theology, but who cannot pay fees. They need a totally tuition free or no tuition institution where they can study bible, theology, and apologetics. It is that knowledge and vision that continues to propel us.

Trinity Graduate School will therefore continue to offer its degrees free of tuition. No fees as tuition will ever be charged for any of its programs. People from developed countries can simply a small registration fees [less than the fees of a single credit hour in their countries] and can join Trinity for free. No tuition fees will be demanded. There is nothing to pay till you graduate, when again a small amount is to be paid for your graduation.

People from developing countries do not pay any fees. No registration fees. No tuition fees. Just a small amount for graduation. The ultimate aim is to traing maximum number of people free of cost, or near-free-of-cost.

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    i do i go about, you know the bible have a lot to say in our decay world and generation, and is the most and best sell and read book world wide, but want can share without been thought how to explain it so how do i go about the training program

  2. Maundrey Kock says:

    Hi Dr Johnson, I trust that you are doing well. I would just like to say that I’m proud for being a student at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology and for the quality study material supplied.
    I saw that a PhD is also offer at TGSAT now. Is this correct?

    BTh Student

  3. John Munro says:

    I am wondering what this school teaches? a 6000 year earth? is it corect theology?
    Does it agree wih the bible?

  4. Creetings Dr Johson!
    I really want to appreciate training i have received from this school this far, i will begin Bible study this coming weekend and i welcome your mentoring to make this efford a success.

    Teboho Thokoane Justice

  5. Hi Dr Philips!,

    i have been attempting to chat with you on twiter, but i just can’t get hold of you.

    I need more help from you, i m now in battle with Muslims concerning attacks they make against Bible. Well above all i will like to express my gratitude for basics traning i have obtained from TGSAT.

    God bless you Dr

    Teboho Thokoane Justice
    Bth student

    • DAVID MATHSE says:

      I am excited to know this college.I was actually attracted by your Apologetics materials.I am a pastor and a former practising attorney at law and the subject makes a lot of sense to me. I WOULD BE INTERESTED in studying under your college.

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