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Free Course: Muslim Apologetics 002

Muslim Apologetics Free Course, Lesson 002


The term “father” used in the NT does not refer to God as having human male genitals. It has to be understood that the Bible writers did not have appropriate human language which could be used to define God. This is the very reason many of the words which they used from human arena do not appropriately define God in the Trinity.

The Jehovah Witnesses understand that Jesus was inferior to God the Father. The term Father and the term Son are used literally with the English meanings. In English the Father is old aged or has more years than the Son. We do not expect the son to be of the same age with the father. The Father who had sent the son (John 3:16) is understood to be bigger than the one who is sent. Since Jesus was sent by the father He is believed to be a lesser God. However, such understanding is foreign to the Bible.

Muslims have the same problem to understand the relationship of God the father to Jesus who is called the Son. The major argument to the belief that Jesus who is the Son is a lesser God or prophet is that He has the same divine attributes which the Father has. There is no attribute that the Father has and Jesus does not have. Who can point out the attribute that the father has and Jesus did not have? Even the Qur’an gives Jesus the title of “word” (Surah 4:171; 3:45-48) which it does not give to any other prophet even Muhammad. It acknowledges the virgin birth of Jesus, His sinlessness and His miraculous healings which shows He is superior to any other prophet. Jesus did works which could only be done by a divine being.

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  1. Jesus says,it is done.He dead on a cross for our sins

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