Ideas Have Consequences: Free Ebook

IdeasDo ideas ever influence people? If you want to know the definitive answer to the above question, then read how ideas have already turned the Christian world upside down while we were sleeping. Discover why people pay lip-service to the Bible, and then go on to live by the Devil’s Guide To Happy and Indulgent Life!

Dr. Johnson C. Philip, the Founder-President of Trinity and Dr. Saneesh Cherian, the Dean of Trinity, have joined forces to produce this powerful textbook in Christian Apologtics and Moral Relativism to instruct our graduate and postgraduate students. However, for a few days all our friends can download it for free.

You can download our latest Ebook, as a gift of course, by clicking the download link: 




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  1. ijaz says:

    Greetings in the name of Christ,
    Plz send me a hard copy of this book “Ideas and Consequences” as well as the book “What can one person do”

  2. ijaz says:

    Please guide me about the procedure of how can I easily download books which I am interested in reading.

  3. michael says:

    may God bless you dear brothers.I thank God for he has put a mighty spirit of zeal in you.I am totally impressed by the well grounded defensive arguments exposed to light before our eyes.
    when i finshed to read it i realized that it´s right time now to decern what we hear more than ever since in the history of human kind and church aswell

  4. Neil Hiebert says:

    I have continually downloaded these e-books. I find much quality of life and the work you do for us all – and for free – does not go unappreciated.
    I may not be anle to keep up with all you do where you are, but I a m a student for life and my concern and zeal for accuracy in the needs around me resonate in all I do.
    You have done much to contribute to my work and confirm many ideas that I feel so strongly towards.

  5. idea and consequences says:

    i want to book for my study and knowledge

  6. It is interesting coming to learn from your noble school.

  7. Such a well written post.. Thnkx for sharing this post!

  8. kelvin etim says:

    i av bn led by the spirit to search for a bible school of your exmple on line,avn found it,am please to say u ar doing the Master’s biddings n many are on the way to swell ur worf force,am one of such

  9. kelvin etim says:

    i thank God for this vision

  10. Thomas CHILAPALA says:

    The book ‘IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES’made a significant impact on me. I have resoved to make drastic changes to ensure that evil ideas are not passed on to others through me. Every email that i consider inappropriate will not be forwarded by me but deleted.
    As for the book i shared it with friends who have appreaciated it logical teaching and the distribution continues.Thankyou Dr JC Philip.

  11. P S R KANAKAMBARAM says:


  12. John Farr says:

    I thank you for the resources, especially Bounds’ book on prayer. I would like to point out that the paragraph that introduces Ideas and Consequences starts out by stating, “If you want to know the definitive answer to the above question…”. I do not see a question above. I do not point this out to be critical as I understand firsthand how creating and managing a website can be a daunting task. It was simply to offer my “proofreading” skills. Perhaps I am missing something also. 🙂



  13. Benjamin Akorli says:

    Blessed be the Lord God who has started such a wonderful educational institution with free courses in our time. Also for his servants efforts to freely spread the gosple and train others. God bless you and I am very grateful.

  14. audrey elvis bikoudi malela says:

    I want more informations about your theology courses and e books

  15. Jeffrey Appiah - TGSAT says:

    Thanx so much man of God. You are indeed a principality in GOD’S kingdom. You are a threat to satan’s kingdom. Satan is even aware that, right knowledge (information) can bring his kingdom to a hault. The much information you are giving to us free of charge is awesome and we appreciate it. Thank you.
    Dr. Philip and Dr. Saneesh God bless you.


    From day to day my confidence as minister of the Gospel increases,
    thank you for the resources

  17. Thank you so much for this wonderful and free resource.

  18. Gift Tarwa says:

    need to study theology and Bible study on net pliz help

  19. Ms. Leona says:

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I am requesting a hard copy of the book Ideas and Consequences as soon as availably possible. I am so excited to discover your website, and look forward to partnering soon. God bless!
    Ms. Leona

  20. Praise God for all the resources that He is giving to us to know Him more. I do hope that you will share the resources that you have. Thanks.

  21. John Chirwa says:

    I am learning alot of things with Trinity now I can stand as a minister of God without apology

  22. Joseph Owusu Appiah says:

    Please I have still not heard from you. Please I would love to hear from you. Dr Philip

  23. sam kaloki says:

    i badly want to join this college.pliz help me coz have applied online n 72hrs are gone and have not yet received a mail from the college.
    i strongly believe that this college will help me improve my ministry.

  24. hello i wish to join this college for a master In Biblical Studies, am holding a BTh since 1999. My aim is teach in the future.

  25. Aristarico Phiri says:

    I have read the most exciting, most enlightening book. Many books we buy in book shops are no where near to be compared to this great write. I appreciate the work! Thre is a book you mention aboutafter this one, it tto I would like to read. Please would you be so kind as to send it to me? i have also applied for free study in Apologetics, except I have not yet given you six names as you required. But , oh my! am I excited with ths piee of work!

  26. I have read the most excitng, most enlighening book ever written in this century. Many books that we buy in our book stores are no where near to be compared to this ebook. I appreciate the work! There is a book that you also recommend that one reads after this one, would you be so kind as to snd me this one also? Let me also say tha I have also written to your school requesting a degree study in Apoogetics. I have not yet sent yu the six names of people you requested for me to study with you. I a working at it but please don’t shelve me away. I beg!

  27. John M. Chere says:

    I am a student in this Institution and I am very pround to be what the Institution is helping me to be. Thanks to my mentors and am requesting every Christian to join

  28. mensah isaac fiakye says:

    i thank trinity for giving opportunity to learn about the books its quite amazing and it is giving confidence in faith in God.

  29. Dorothy Mulenga says:

    This is a wonderful site and a gift from you to the Christian fraternity. May God continue to Bless you and your work.
    I would like to know if you issue accreditation certificates for the free courses you offer. I have started studying and for my community to accept that I take up leadership role, I need to have accreditation certificate. Please help.

  30. Dr.Zerai Hagos says:

    Dear Dr. I am very much inspired by the e-book,ideas and their consequences

  31. nora says:

    thank you for the ebook, it will be a big help for me god bless you more!

  32. nora says:

    i am so much priveledged by this free ebook ,it help me in my ministry, i hope too you can count me inn , in the free courses! God Bless you so much!

  33. Negash says:

    I wants to say thank you for offering freely these important and inspiring e books.
    God bless you

  34. Krupakar says:

    I am a proud student of Trinity Graduate School.
    You too can join this free online school by visiting

  35. Krupakar says:

    I would like to know if you issue accreditation certificates for the free courses you offer.I need to have accreditation certificate. Please help.

  36. Oh happy to be associated with trinity the dreams i had since childhood,submitted my final application today for MBS and have hopes to be accepted soon to start my studies in Biblical Studies hoping to earn a PHD after this,Trinity God bless you BIG

  37. Thank God for being the same all the time,I am a student of Trinity in the programe MA.Theology, I have read wonderful books all for free,I do not know how to thank God of Heaven for using the men of God to go in for this sacrifiece.May God bless Dr. Philip and his Craw, honestly I have no regrates being a student of this School.

  38. Channdrakumar N says:

    I thank God for he has put a mighty spirit
    May God bless you dear brothers
    Belivers seek God Bec. They accept Jesus
    Friends never mind Bec. they enjoy the world
    Finally. . . Broad way end is . . . ?
    Once a person hate worldly things including gold
    Surely he reach heaven
    otherwise think
    500000 peoples went to cannon
    howmany of them entered
    only two only two only two persons
    why? how?
    We know God Know our internal thoughts
    Jesus coming soon:Jesus coming soon:
    All brotherens were enter His kingdom?
    Never because
    World luxury enterd and governed in our assemblies
    Selfisness and cunningness entered
    Dedication decreased sacrification ask sorry
    They dont want to pay time to God
    They want to earn money with mobile thoughts
    Just you think?
    How they reach peace?
    Please brother Teach dedication and sacrification to our belivers
    thank you

  39. Nathan says:

    This is really an absolute blessing from the Lord. I am a Teacher of the word and a very serious bible scholar. I thank God for this opportunity and I ppan to make the most of it. God Bless. I am currently completing my MBS.

  40. Nathan says:

    I love spending time in the Word of God, and these Ebooks and study material has just taken my studying to another level. Thank You Dr. Philip and Dr. Saneesh for such an amazing piece of work. God Bless you.

  41. Samuel Amponsah says:

    Dear Dr Johnson C Philip,

    Please I would like to hear any information about my MTH Thesis which was submitted to the Trinity on the 7 May 2009.
    I would be very happy to hear from you.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  42. DANIEL ROTICH says:

    aily subcribtion of apologetics

  43. DANIEL ROTICH says:

    Daily subcription of apologetis.


    I’m really immpressed and bless God for your sacrifical good works in educating the people of God online-free through Trinity Theology and the ebooks free on-line. May God bless and prosper you evermore!


    I am really interested to run your Doctorate Degree courses on-line. Please give me the detailed guide-line how to make this dream come true. Thanks with best of reguards!


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