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WhatCanOnePersonDoEven the most uninitiated Christians realizes that the Christian life is a battle, and also that there are plenty of casualties around from this battle. They also realize that every child of God is part of the battle whether one wishes to participate or not. All this taken as a whole often looks like a bleak picture to them.

Since one does not usually see an organized and visible spiritual battle except during periods of revival – which, sadly, eludes all of us because they are rare — almost every Christian during any period of church history finds himself left alone to battle the forces of evil. Often there is little encouragement from the Christian community. This is not an encouraging picture in any way because the forces of evil are strong and united while most of the time the believer is all alone to face the enemy.

Trinity Graduate School is happy to offer this ebook free of cost to its graduate theology students and friends as a special gift. Remember, you can do much and this ebook explains how. Click on the link below for your free download:


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  1. Sabir Ali says:

    Sound this book is really going to speak to me so much…. Yes He is ale to do wonders and marvelous things with one Person who is available to Him… repeating the old saying …He is still looking for our availability not ability.

    God bless you.
    Sabir Ali

  2. Billy says:

    This will certainly be a good read, short and packed!

  3. i would love to know more about your bible lessons

  4. Niumaia Mataraki says:

    Thanks again for the great work.For Gods glory.Amen.

  5. Saviour De-Graft Ametefio says:

    This indeed is going to be a life changing book.christians today give a lot of excuses for not availing ourselves for God`s use. one thing we should know is that,God does not call the qualified but qualifies the called.

    God replenish Dr.
    Saviour De-Graft Ametefio

  6. Benjamin D. Yeagar says:

    I read the book and would really need a copy Sir.But i don`t know where to do the download.

  7. Graceson Dangmei says:

    Dear Sir

    The eagerness to read the books keep on pressing in my mind but I have no Idea to get them or to find the means to get them. And seems the book would help me alot.

  8. Wilson Thomas Kavumkal says:

    Dear brother,
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to get it downloaded. I would love to own a copy. Remembering you in Prayers,
    Wilson Thomas, Rep. of Maldives

  9. ebenezer sarfo adjei says:

    God RICHLY bless Dr Johnson C. Philips and Dr Saneesh Cherian

  10. tambe stanley nkongho says:

    HI DR,

  11. This book is one in a million,daddy,may God bless and enlarge your scope.I downloaded on a jet speed.Thanks

  12. Thank you, it is encouraging and reminder of what we alone goes through in our daily and should be in constant watch. Deutronomy 3:22 ” The Lord God himself will fight for you”

    God Bless You Doctor Phillip

  13. zakir khokhar says:

    i m converted and want free higher bible study i canot afford expanses plz help me

  14. Khetwayo Banda says:

    Thanks you for the eBook titled What Can One Person Do? It is an enrichment to my spiritual life as I serve the Lord and study Apologetics and Theology with Trinity. Hallelujah!

  15. Bankole Dasco says:

    Hi Dr Johnson and praise God for an enviable life! I read through this e-book with all attention and passion to grasp new concept. May the Lord replenishes your neurons and neurotransmitters, so that more wisdom and understanding plus knowledge will flow down your nerves with ease and grace. Bless you and keep rolling the ball.

  16. theophilus okoduwa says:

    lovely article u have here,God will always figth the battle for us, as long as we desire him.thanks

  17. theophilus okoduwa says:

    lovely article u have here,God will always fight the battle for us, as long as we desire him.thanks

  18. Channdrakumar N says:

    Article is fine
    Apperaance also nice
    Appriciate you now
    God chosen people
    Govern to the world
    But God search our internal life
    So Avoid satisfication to others
    Submit Jesus feet and cry out your sin
    Surely when you die You enter Heaven
    Thank you Praise the lord.

  19. Zukile Ngqeza says:

    May God bless Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology. This is a good text to read!

  20. Henry Rhoda says:

    As a former Naval Officer,I have done a lot of combat, I faced enemy lines protecting the borders of South Africa, thus I have developed a strong battle mentality, victory is important for me, as well as a strong protection team, I have always wondered how we as Christians leaves each other in battle and sometimes with only feeble words of encouragement and leave them to fight alone, some are scarred, some may even fall and then we call them back sliders, I want to read this book, this is going to be interesting reading material and will equip us to be able to give BUDDY AID to our brothers and sisters on the battlefield. WE FACE THE SAME ENEMY!!!!!

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