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Princeton Theological Seminary is developing the Theological Commons in partnership with the Internet Archive, a nonprofit dedicated to building and maintaining a free and openly accessible online digital library. Princeton Theological Seminary shares in the vision and mission of building a digital library freely accessible to scholars, pastors, and other readers around the globe.

The Theological Commons is a digital initiative of the Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Begun in 2011, its purpose is to improve access to the digital and non-digital material held in the Library and, in particular, to bring Princeton Seminary’s digital collections together in a single more convenient framework, making searching and viewing of those collections easier and quicker.





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  1. Tryford munkombwe says:

    Affirmation to all TGSAT Volunteers- 1 Corinthians 15:58.
    God is faithful not to remember your Labour.

  2. Please take advantage of the Free resources offered. They helped me a lot!

    I am blessed to have graduated from Trinity in August 2014 with a Bachelor Of Ministry. Working on my Master in Divinity.

    Peace in the valley…

    Calvin Dodson (BMin)

  3. Thank you for the listing of these resources. When I first studied with TGSAT I found out about Internet Archives, and I’ve used it plenty for study as well as reading. There are a lot of associated resources, including recovery archives of Google search and webpages that have been discontinued.

    This is yet another sign that Trinity is hoping to provide quality education to the Christian peoples, who must not remain ignorant as if such proves their spiritual superiority. That idea is very ancient and fallacious.

    Be sure to keep studying to show yourself approved, for an empty and undisciplined mind cannot consider God’s self-revelation to Humanity nor offer meaningful praise.

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