Is Free Theological Education Possible

The more TGSAT speaks about free theological degrees, many agree that this would be a great blessing. They also pause to ask whether such a project is feasible. A superficial look at the whole think would seem to imply that such an offer is not possible. However, for more than 20 years TGSAT has proved that it IS possible.

For offering free theology education one needs to take care of certain things.

1. Ensure that all textbooks are downloadable in electronic format.
2. Ensure to enroll a large number of volunteer faculty worldwide.
3. Network students and faculty members via internet.
4. Run the whole thing in a coordinated manner from one or two center.

This is exactly what TGSAT has been doing. As a result, Trinity offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs via distance education totally without any tuition fees.

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