The Increasing Need For Free Theological Degrees

It has been estimated that three fourths of the spread of Christian missions is taking place now in poorest among the poor countries. This results in a corresponding rise in the number of missionaries and pastors working in these co countries. They number in millions now.

Unfortunately, the poorest among the poor countries do not have the resources to set up bible schools or seminaries. Even if they set up one, missionaries and pastors do not have the means to pay fees. Thus it is essential that theological education be made free or without fees for them. This is where Trinity School (TGSAT) comes as a great help.

TGSAT (Trinity School) was set up a quarter of a century ago to offer theological education totally free and without fees. The aim was to offer theological degrees on no fees basis. We have succeeded in offering free theological education to tens of thousands of people worldwide in these years and hope to continue doing so.

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  1. Alabi Jeremiah says:

    I was referred to the school by Dr. Julia fortune for a DBA program.

  2. ELIJAH EKPO says:

    I was referred by Dr. Julian fortune for a DBA Program

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