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imageA very highly qualified faculty looks after the programs offered by Trinity School Of Apologetics. These people are divided into the following categories:

Specialists: Men who have done considerable research, have at least one doctorate, have several apologetics or theology-related publications, and who have at least two decades of relevant teaching experience.

Faculty/Teachers: Men who have at least a masters degree in Theology, Apologetics, Polemics, or Hermeneutics. In addition, they ought to be presently teaching one or more of these subjects in an institution in addition to Trinity.

Senior Mentors/Mentors: Highly qualified and experienced individuals worldwide who help Trinity students on a one-to-one basis.

Tutors: Men who have at least a four-year degree in theology, and who have considerable teaching and writing experience in Theology, Apologetics, Polemics, or Hermeneutics.

Resource Persons: These are men with exceptionally high achievement in one or more fields of Christian Apologetics. Most of them head one or more organizations related to their areas of specialization. They are available for consultation on specialized subjects. Also, most of them serve as examiners of the research projects and theses received by Calvin. In addition, their evaluation services are available (even after students graduate) for manuscripts produced by students in the fields of apologetics, polemics, hermeneutics, and theology.

Faculty Members And Resource Persons

You can obtain more detailed information about these faculty members, their affiliations, websites, etc. (where available) by clicking on their names

Dr. Johnson C. Philip [India] MSc, PhD (Quantum-nuclear Physics), ThM, ThD, DSc, DNYS: Apologetics (Director and President)
Dr. Saneesh Cherian [India] MA (Sociology), PhD (Sociology, Cand), BTh, MDiv, DMin, PhD: Evangelism (Academic Dean)
Dr. Richard Gagnon [Canada] MATS, ThD (Head, Trinity French Division, Canada)
Dr. Anil P. Matthew [India] BAMSc, MD, PhD, DNYS, ThD(Cand): Pastoral Care (Registrar)
Dr. Michael Rudolph, [USA] BS, ThM, JD, DMin: Theology (Faculty Liaison in USA)
Dr. Kenny Rhodes [USA] DRE, PhD, ThD(Cand): Theology (Representative in USA)
Drs. Astra Kremane [USA] PGDA, ThM, (ThD): Theology (Student Representative, USA)
Dr. Ronald E. Coleman [USA] AA, BA, BA, BS, MBA, MDiv, DDiv, ThD, PhD: Comparative Religion
Dr. Johnson George [Canada] MSc, PhD: Creationism & Apologetics
Dr. Miguel A Contreras [USA] AAS, AB, MTh, and ThD, DD, PhD: Counseling & Jurisprudence
Dr. Salai Lau Lyan Shan [Malyasia] MMin, MTh, PhD
Dr. Sunny Thekkel [USA] MA, PhD: Church History, Dogamatics
Dr. Stephen Thomas Shardy [USA] BS, MBA, MDiv, MEd, STD Theology
Dr. Max W. Hooper [USA] PhD(Business Administration), PhD (Christian Education & Theology), D.Min (New Testament),  ThD (Old Testament)
Dr. Oommen Philip [Canada] MA, MBA, PhD: Communication And Management
Dr. Varghese P. Sam [USA] MDiv, Th D: Evangelism & Missions
Dr. Benjamin Abraham [India] MBBS, MD, DCH, DCH, DCH: Medical Ethics
Dr. Anand Philip [India] MBBS: Medical and Social Ethics
Dr. Wayne Bottiger [Korea] M.D. (A.M.)
Dr. Andrew Cheuck-Wing TANG [Hongkong] MSc, PhD, MEd
Dr. Gerrit Rademeyer [South Africa] DBS, DD, PhD: Theology and Hermeneutics
Dr. Stephen Ramesh [India] MTh, ThD: Theology

Abraham Thomas [India] DPT, MA(Sociology): Child Evangelism
Scaria Varghese [India] MLIS, MCom Library and MIS: Library
Sabu Varghese [India] MA(Theology), (ThD): Counseling and Evangelism
Thomji Varghese [India] MTA, (MTh): Logistics and Communication
Lambert Dolphin [USA] AB: Creationism

Dr. Tanya K. Johnson [USA] PhD: Education
Dr. Yolanda R. Thomas [USA] MSc, DRE: Media Analysis
Dr. Anu Bevin John [UAE]  MBBS, (MDiv): Counseling
Dr. Nancy L. Egan [USA] MS, MDiv, DMin: Counseling
Jacqueline Kuchta [USA] LLB (Criminal Law), LLM (Federal Taxation), (ThD): Legal Studies

Dr. Anand John [India] ThD: Theology (Head, MP, India Branch)
Dr. Godfrey Harold [South Africa] BA, BTh, MTh, ThD: Theology (Head, South Africa Branch)
Eric Venden [Indonesia]: Theology  (Head, Indonesia Branch)


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  1. Roger Mohrlang says:

    Dear Friends,

    Warm Christian greetings from Whitworth University!

    Would you be so kind as to pass this along to faculty who are teaching courses on Paul or introductory courses on the New Testament?

    Let me introduce you to a new textbook on Paul: Paul and His Life-Transforming Theology: A Concise Introduction. Written primarily for students and serious Christian readers (including pastors), the book focuses on Paul’s theological thinking and the ways it differs from—and challenges—our life and thinking today. Have a look at the flyer below and the Preface on the website to see what makes the book unique.

    The book is intended to be scholarly in its approach, yet evangelical and pastoral in its tone. My hope is that readers will find the book academically stimulating, theologically enriching, practically useful, and personally challenging.

    Examination copies are available from Wipf and Stock ( Please let me know if you have any questions.

    With my best wishes,

    Roger Mohrlang

    Roger Mohrlang, DPhil
    Professor of Biblical Studies
    Department of Theology
    Whitworth University
    Spokane, WA 99251, USA

    tel (509) 777-4598
    fax (509) 777-3274

  2. Ngongmbowoh says:

    Congratulation for your effort of high minded personalities who are ready to fill the empty in search of God’s ward for tomorrow betterment.

  3. I wanna joing in theological study please let me know details about pls mail me at

  4. Kengok John N. says:

    I wish to appreciate you for the steadfastness in the efforts of education to those who deserve it for the propagation of the the Kingdom of God. During my studies with Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology I come to light with many theological facts especially in the area of Apologetic which continues to inspired me daily. God bless the faculty.

    I am indebted to you all.

    Pastor Kengok John N.

  5. Rebecca Ichord says:

    I am blessed to be a student under such trained leadership.

  6. ngongmbowoh says:

    In fact you have enriched the world education wise. May the spirit of God continue hovering.
    One problem since I register and started reading, no information, no examination but I have hope that things will change as I have subscribed the Students private mail.
    Looking forward.
    Sincerely yours

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      If you did not get your examination, that means you did not follow all our instructions — which is very essential in distance education

  7. Ashish Kalas says:

    Dear Sir,

    Me, Ashish Kalas and my wife Mrs Rekha kalas applied online for courses MBibArch, MTH on Nov 29, 2014. We didn’t get any reply so we sent followup mail regarding same. Still we are waiting for updates of our course.

    I appreciate if we will receive any official response about our admission.

  8. Ciza Bonne says:

    Thanks very much for your work so far. You are feeding us with healthier spiritual food that is necessary for everlasting life. God bless you.

  9. Dear sir, in concern.

    I have applied many time for admission. But I receive no information from Trinity.Is this college still functioning or not?

    I really want to study.


    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      We are definitely functioning. Sometimes application from yahoo.mail do not reach us, so kindly use somg other email and we will get it

  10. Lalruotsang Hmar says:

    I submitted my application for D.Min program. I was granted tentative admission for the final application. But I never find the form in the website. I got information for the URL too but I never know how to get it the form. So, can you please send me the final application form


    • Patrick Jonathan Mwale says:

      at least I can respond. just rrad the tentative offer letter catefully and follow what it says. I had the same challenge 4 days ago until I succeded in geting through the form. just rrad carefully and you get the steps correctly.. there should be another web link withing yhe passage on final application. I rrslised their is one link that yalls about courses, tjen anotherone talling about the peocess. that will redirect ypu straight to thw form

  11. D Clarke says:

    Im just excited to be part of this online university

  12. Cindy says:

    I’m considering furthering my education at Trinity. While looking at the list of Intl. Faculty, I realized that “men” was stressed four times. It stood out to me and I was wondering if there was a specific position Trinity takes on this. I have no problem if the teachers are all male, but I just got the idea that perhaps you were trying to make a Biblical point of it only being men who taught.
    Than you,

  13. sudheer says:

    interested in b th . is it associated with any church or denomination ?

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      NO, TGSAT is not associated with any church or denomination

      • Theresia kavati says:

        I am a new student awaiting for admission reply.Please i am not getting the place to register myself so that i can access what has been send as they told me.I am a masters studend

        God bless you
        pastor Terry

  14. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    The more Iam studying the more I’m discovering that the material were gathered by highly professional faculty members.God bless you all for the good work in the Lord.

  15. biplab chandra mondal says:

    Respected Pastor,

    First of all I greet in the matchless name of our savior Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am Biplab Chandra Mondal. I am evangelist. I have been doing ministry independently since 2004. I do ministry in the field through sharing gospel, telling story etc. I have to do door to door ministry.

    Therefore I need have literature like holy Bible, New testament, song books, tracts, sermon books, Bible lessons, Bible study Books, bible correspondence courses. Booklets . Cd, dvd, etc. I will be grateful to you if you provide me books for this purpose.

    Thanking you

    Yours obediently

    Biplab Chandra mondal

    Address: Biplab Chandra mondal

    C/o Dulal Chandra Mondal

    Village&Post: SARISHA( Bosepukur)

    Dist: south 24 parganas

    P.s: Diamond harbor

    PinNo: 743368

    West Bengal


    Mobile: 9932434102

  16. biplab chandra mondal says:

    Respected Pastor,

    With due respected and humble submission, I would like to beg , under your

    kind consideration, Please

    Since there is no pioneering ministry in diamond harbour, Dist

    south 24 parganas, west Bengal ,India.

    I founded my own pioneering ministry in that geographical area wit great

    commitment, determination and perseverance , dedicating full time ministry

    work though I am a theologian under course.

    As my ministry is be coming successful and accelerating . I

    founded 5 House fellowship church, 6 Sunday schools, 39 converts,

    consequently I am in need of christian literature books, so that It will

    empower the faith of those men believers , grow powerful in their

    spirituality and connect themselves with God personality I believe they

    will be the catalist for future progression of christian faith all over our


    The books may be of following genres in english, Bengali, Hindi language.

    1) Holy Bible (Niv)

    2)New Testament(Niv)

    3)Children christian education

    4) Hymps books&sermon books

    5) Texts and Pampets

    On Top of these , prayer supports is expected and in yours grace permits I

    will be happy to receive, simple musical Instruments, that will stimulate

    the worship for my congregation.

    My ministry centre are

    1) Diamond Harbour( Local area& prostitute area).( Matthew21:31-32)

    2) sarisha ( local area)

    3) Roychak

    4) Falta

    5)Khariberia( prostitute centre)

    6) Ramnagar

    Yours most obediently

    Biplab Chandra Mondal

    My address. Biplab chandra Mondal c/o Dulal chandra Mondal Village&Post

    :Sarisha(Bosepukur) P.S.:Diamond harbour Dist.:South24 parganas

    PinNo:743368 West Bengal India Mobile:9932434102. E- mail:

  17. Erich Holmquist says:


    Do you award actual Degrees or Diplomas for the completion of a “Degree” program?

  18. Respect Muleya says:

    where is the headquarters of the institution

  19. Mesfin H,giorgis says:

    I really love the founder for his miracle kind ministry. Let the good Lord bless him more abundantly with more grace and wisdom to reach the un reached.

  20. Jeffrey Appiah (Th. D) says:

    Trinity faculty are the best in the world of theology education. I recommend Trinity to all those who desire leadership, ministry and theology education.

    What I love about Trinity apart from their quality education is the fact that it is free.

  21. Kelvin says:

    Please how can i register? Email me with this address

  22. Premishwar Haripersad says:

    I feel so blessed to be a part of the Trinity family. I am indeed indebted to all the volunteers who make it possible for people like us to be trained in the Word of God to enable us to be better equipped to preach the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    From South Africa with love.

  23. I am so grateful to TGSAT for coming up together with such a great faculty from which we daily learn from. Keep up the good work. Your labors and sacrifices are commendable. They set an example for us to follow. I am a proud student, alumni, and a member of the TGSAT family.

  24. Biniyam Fikadu Geleta says:

    What a wonderful previlage I have got by being a member of this family. I feel like as I’m infant in the apologetics and theological studies. I’m really motivated to study hard and to work more toward my course work. These are a witnesses for me to strengthen and hold my hand in my walk to accomplish some scholarly achievement. Thanks TGSAT for making me the part of such enriched family along with the free education.

  25. Maxwell Unamba says:

    With the quality of men and course material offered by TGSAT I just count myself blessed for the opportunity given to me to study here. God bless TGSAT family.

  26. Simon Magumba says:

    You can not remain the same,i feel privileged to be taught and mentored by highly qualified men of God both spiritually and academically. I have no doubt the best will come out of me for the glorification of God.TSGAT is the best school,join us today

  27. Sang Ngabou says:


    I am intrested so much to further my
    Theological education in your life-changing school (TGSAT). I applied yesterday Fri,Octerber23 and i received an email response saying to wait or a council review but i still did not hear from them still. Please i need your help.

  28. Daniel Addison says:

    Please i sent in my electronic application and got a reply .But after the reply , have sent couple emails inquiring my admission .Am not sure if my emails have been received. I believe this is an open door for me that i have been praying for .God richly bless you for the great work.

    Daniel Addison

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      During covid we are short of manpower. The ore unnecessary inquiries you send, them more will it create load upon the minimum manpower we have.

  29. Hello,I really like this Bible School! Please i would like to apply for the courses of appologetics, Polemic and Theology!

    I am based in Austria. I have no denomination. I believe in the Authority of God’s WORD, I believe in Jesus Christ and want to learn to deffend our Faith.
    0043 676 6068172.
    Do you use WhatsApp? Or how do you communicate with the students?
    God bless you all!
    Daniela Stoianova-Sturm

  30. My name is Zebron Chawaipira and have been struggling to register with your college to do MTh. Iam a first degree holder in Theolody.

    Can you kindly assist in my case to register with you.
    Keen to start with you
    Kindly assist.Amen

  31. Andre says:

    please provide me the email address of USA Committee or its President.

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