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007Every Christian, if serious about walking with God, will come up against statements like these at some time or another. Every single person outside the family of God has one or more objections to the Gospel. Some objections, like those above, are obvious and easily articulated. Some are deeper within the person – perhaps ignorance to the person of Jesus, or rooted in a hurtful encounter in times past. Either way, it is the duty of the sincere believer to answer any encountered objections with truth, tact, and wisdom. In this self-study course, we will look at principles for dealing with objections that non-believers may have to the Gospel.

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  1. George Pryor says:

    As a prospective student I would like to know if it is necessary to send any paper correspondence of any kind.

    Thank you,

    Rev. George Pryor Th.M.

  2. Jayeola Gabriel says:

    Your teachings are highly revealing & it serves as useful tools in teaching ministry.

  3. Justin Jones says:

    I am really enjoying learning about Apologetics. It has helped me understand how to talk to people who don’t hold the same view as me. This allows me to begin pulling the barriers down that they have up against Christianity.

  4. Juniours Marire says:

    This is incredible work in a world in which another gospel with another spirit and another Jesus is being presented. I feel equipped and empowered by this apologetics work. May the Lord greatly provide for this ministry.

  5. If you need free Bible training , if you need quality theology for free, you are at the right place.
    TGSAT:democratizing theological training for a more Christlike world

  6. Innocent Apoma says:

    Nice content and good to equip an apologist

  7. Simon Magumba says:

    It’s amazing to find these resources to defend the gospel for free. Please enroll today

  8. Lydia Dreyer says:

    The free study materials is highly appreciated!

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