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Bonsai_APostmodernism is a pervasive philosophy that has come to stay. It has its roots in many kinds of deviant philosophies, and picked up steam about half a century ago. The name post-modernism was never used, but the concept was there and those who “knew” about it immediately recognized wherever it was present.

The hippie revolution of the late sixties and seventies, coupled with the anarchical sexual liberation of the seventies, and the moral relativism that came hand in gloves with them created a very favorable situation for postmodernism to spread its tentacles. Initially it spread in academician, but eventually it took the church also in its grip. Church movements like the Emergent Church are the illegitimate offshoots of this philosophy, born out of the wedlock of radical theology and relativism.

We feel that it is high time for us to offer a totally free non degree theology/apologetics course in postmodernism. Thus one of our students took time to analyze this philosophy and produce a 6-lesson course. We are happy to present it here as a free online theology course. We offer these programs in addition to our free theology graduate programs because not everyone needs to go to a graduate level program. Thus this program comes to you strictly as a non degree free theology course that you can download, print, study, or distribute to anyone that you wish. There is no fees for this bible course. Kindly go to the listing of the free courses to get to the postmodernism course.

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