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Parenting Free Course 006

Christian Parenting, Free Course Lesson 006


(a ) Reward and reinforce the behavior.

(b ) Reward him by putting your arm around his back, smile at him, tell him that you are proud of her etc.

(c ) Usually girls receive more hugs and touching as part of rewarding their behavior while as such things do not happen to boys. Parents should not deny boys of hugs, and putting the arm around them.

(d ) Love is the greatest reward that is demonstrated to the child as the positive reinforcement.

(e ) Teach the child how she/he could further improve the behavior.


Tell a child one thing to be done. Follow through to make sure he has done what you had told him to do.

Many of the parents do not follow up what they have commanded their children to do and this behavior has serious consequences on the behavior of the child. The child usually in such circumstances may choose not to do what he has instructed.

The parent should ignore all distractions which the child does or say to escape doing what he has been told to do. Negotiations of any kind should not be allowed until what he has been commanded to do has been done.


Teach the child of the presence of the two major forces that oppose each other in the world. These forces are God who is opposed by the devil. The child’s teaching should help him know demonic forces that endanger human life and how God is able to rescue him from the bondage of the devil. He should develop his relationship with the Lord so that he is able to abide under His protection.

Teach the child of the wrong atheistic beliefs by disapproving them which says there is no God. Children attend schools where such secular teaching is common. This teaching will help your child to remain true to the teaching of the Bible.

The child should be taught moral behavior. The child should be taught of the secular forces that are against the teaching of moral behavior.

Teach your child the evil of engaging in prostitution which is ravaging both the church and the secular world. This should include how they should relate themselves in dating and courtship. Many of the children do not have guidance of how they could date and court the opposite sex.

The Bible should be used to draw a variety of topics in teaching the child. It should become the main textbook of study.

Teach your child how to build his faith, how to identify spiritual gifts and use them for the ministry.

How to choose good Christian friends. Teach her of how bad friends can ruin his life. Tell him of the benefits he could achieve if he has chosen good friends.

How to succeed in life. There are many ways of how people succeed in life such as witchcraft, hard working, corruption etc. after telling him of the many ways that people use; tell him of the Christian way of succeeding in the world.

How to relate to politics of his own country. Propaganda is commonly used by politicians. How should a Christian believer relate himself in the meaning way so that he does not go against Christian principles etc.

Successful Christian parenting should lead the child to have wisdom which is the application of God’s word to daily life situations. God’s fear is the beginning of wisdom (Prov. 9:10). Jesus grew up in wisdom and he demonstrated this by the ability to answer the questions of Rabbis at the age of 12 in the Temple at Jerusalem. Jesus excelled the wisdom of the Rabbis because He spent time with the word. No doubt the love of God’s word was taught to Jesus by His parents.

The second indication is that the child develops the fear with God. He lastly, develops fear with favor with men (Luke 2:52). The favor with men does not develop because he is a pleaser of men.


(a ) The family together should set rules for the family and the children. Many people do not like rules to be set for them. Setting rules for the other people makes them to be rebellious. Allowing them to participate in setting rules makes it easy for them to support the rules. They also think that they are also valued in decision-making.

(b) Rules have been misunderstood by some people that they destroy children rights.

(c ) Rules set limits of what should be done or not done.

(d ) The family should have rules for their children. They should be time for study, watching the Television, praying etc.

(e ) A family which does not have rules experiences much trouble to the children when they are young and when they become adults.


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  1. lucia Harry says:

    I think that rules for children at a tender age also teach them right from wrong
    it also teach them to make good choices

  2. Healthy family is the one which share thinks,love of parents is important and parent should never deny time for their children.From years to year it becomes more stressful for children and young adults.Our society trough out different cultures see something that all kids are been exposed.Stress is today the biggest enemy of children worldwide…

  3. Rev Alfred Walter Afful says:

    I think that when chidren are loved, and thought how to accept and give love, they grow healthier and also grow in confidence

  4. It is good to have a reward,when the children are young you give
    them presents and when they are older you give them money,

  5. Benita Paschel says:

    Amen! Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grow old, he will not depart.

  6. EVANG.Victor ANTHONY says:

    When you give adquete training to your children,neighbours will envy them,using them as an instance to their own children.

  7. EVANG.Victor ANTHONY says:

    When you give adquete rules to your children,neighbours will envy them,using them as an instance to their own children.

  8. Evangelist Rotmi T Odugbesan says:

    Nice course, I enjoy every contributions. Training a child now is preparing them for the future

  9. chewe mulenga says:

    good course. It is important to train a child especialy in a christian way.

  10. Pastor Mbibui clement chiambah says:

    I think rules are a guide to transform children but when let to themselves they do not have any impart; So as parrent thier rule is to implement, ensure that rules are applied just like an exeutive officier does in his organisation:

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