Protocol For Communication

As part of their commitment to Excellence, Ease and Efficiency, all CRG schools give personal attention to every query received from students. To facilitate this, the students should note the following:

  • Email is the primary means of communication CRG users. Students are welcome to call the Office, but they should check that it is between 9 AM to 6PM Indian time.
  • Email has emerged as a fast and informal method of communication. While we appreciate the speed, we want the students to remember that they are not writing to their chum or pal.
  • Thus all letters should contain the appropriate topic in the section for “Topic”. Do not reply with the “topic” with which the email came from the office. Place the correct topic.
  • We receive hundreds of email every day. The first person to receive the mail forwards them to the right person ion the office or on the faculty based upon the topic. Thus the importance of the “topic” in your emails.
  • Automatic filters on our computers also do a sorting.
  • If the topic-line of your email is not clearly identifiable, it will land up on a machine with least priority and you will not get a prompt response.
  • You should always write your full name, degree program, and country in all emails.
  • It is a good idea to create a text fine with the following information, which then be copied to all your emails to CRG: your name, degree, country. Address.
  • All CRG school send a reply with 3 days. You should send a reminder if you do not get a reply within 5 days. [For those who apply for a Tentative Admission, the reminder should be sent only if you fail to get a response in 7 days]
  • always include all your email Ids in the reminder. Often emails sent to students bounce, and this can be the reason why you did not hear from CRG. Thus the Office will need to choose another ID next time.
  • The content of your email should include the topic in clear manner. Do not simply dash an email with the message “what is the decision”.

Contacting The Mentor

Depending upon the degree and also the background of the student, CRG assigns one or two Mentors. This information is sent to them in the Admission Notice.
Students are welcome to contact the Mentor/Mentors for help, but certain restriction do apply:

  • All the Mentors are senior Christians, busy with various ministries. Thus you should not contact them for trivial problems such as to find the meaning of words [which can easily be found in a dictionary or on the Net] or to locate a common resource which is easily available.
  • Contact the Mentors for discussing substantial topics such as your disagreement with the subject, your Thesis, or other academic matters that merit the time and attention of a senior Christian educator or theologian.
  • Do give them a reasonable amount of time, say 3 days. Send them a gentle reminder after that.
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  1. Major Samuel Amponsah says:

    Dear Dr. Philip,

    Please I am one of the current students doing MTH and you are my supervisor but Ihave lost your email address. Kindly send your email address to me so that I can submit the chapters of my Thesis.

    Thank you

    Samuel Amponsah

  2. Donald Karl Stewart says:

    December 19, 2016
    Dear Dr. Philip

    Thanks for the useful information contained. I am a registered DRAPOL student, seeking to make contact with the relevant personnel regarding what led to the delay of my starting the program (in March 2014) and why I am only now able to start, with a commitment to finish by December 2017. Which email address should I use?
    I await your kind and helpful response.
    Donald Karl Stewart
    (Originally from Jamaica, now serving as a Missionary in Zambia)

  3. Ben says:

    Dear brother,I have some other questions to be clarified,those are not mentioned in FAQ.So I need the office contact no and I’m from Andhra Pradesh.Thank you.

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Admissions for Indians are over till the end of 2020 so we are no longer admitting Indian students

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